Friday, March 16, 2012

Sparrow & Blossom giveaway and a Noonday winner

 my sweet & oh so talented friend Jen Rizzo
has just released her new spring line
appropriately titled
( i love saying that....sparrow & blossom)

i think for an artist, each time they introduce their art
it's like debuting their heart & soul
for all to see.
jen has done just that
& has created a beautiful line
wrapped together and packaged 
in all the loveliness of spring.

jen would love to give one of you a well-traveled aviary pillow
& she's also doing her own
so leave me a comment to enter for the aviary pillow.

& then you might just want to scoot on over to jen's
& put your name in the hat for her generous offer too!

i have so many things to share with ya'll
not the least of which is the new spring line from Noonday
soon to release
& several other super great offers and giveaways so
i'll be writing much more about the event
inbetween some fun introductions too.

i'm super tickled to announce that #41, 3 peanuts
my sweet friend Kim won my Noonday giveaway!
Kim was one of the very first blogs i began reading years ago.
her heart for adoption has been an inspiration to me and so many others.
raising awareness of the orphan crisis is the heartbeat of Noonday.
so kim,
i have a voucher for $50 for you!!


"No more tears, no more shame
No more sin and sorrow ever known again
No more fears, no more pain
We will see You face to face
See You face to face

And we will worship, worship
Forever in Your presence we will sing
We will worship, worship You
An endless hallelujah to the King"
matt redman


slip4 said...

That pillow is the epitome of spring! Please count me in. Looking forward to seeing the spring Noonday line.

Hillcrest Acres said...

Congratulations to Kim!!! Such a great win for her.

Just the other day, I saw the new line of Sparrow and Blossom and immediately fell in love with it. The pillow is gorgeous and would look so nice in my family room.

Have a great weekend!!

Jessica said...

I love the Sparrow & Blossom line and how pretty it all is! What a sweet giveaway.

I am looking forward to a beautiful spring weekend, and some perfect weather. I may just have to spend a little bit of time looking through all of those Noonday peices!

Irene said...

It's all so beautiful! Lovely phtography, too. Sings of Spring.

Deborah said...

Love the pillow. It completely gives you the feeling of spring. Thanks for the opportunity.

melissa said...

What a sweet pillow! I have a thing for birds and vintage so this is right up my alley. Can't wait to see the new offerings from Noonday.

3 Peanuts said...

Oh thank you Paige and Noonday! I am so excited!!! I simply love their jewelry and cannot wait to pick something out!!! WHAT A GREAT surprise:)


Polly said...

Spring is here, atleast in that collection, such beautiful colors
! Enter me please and thanks!!

Tara Waldrop said...

That is an incredible pillow- please enter me!

Sara said...

The perfect pillow for the bird lover in me. Happy Spring, Sara(

Sara said...

The perfect pillow for the bird lover in me. Happy Spring, Sara(

Jboo said...

Pillow is beautiful! Count me in! Happy weekend!

Nicole said...

I would love that pillow!!

Lolo @ The Adventures of Stig and Lolo said...

Congrats to Kim! Yay :)

Jen is amazing....doesnt Sparrow & Blossom sound like a cute lil boutique name?! Love it :)

Have a wonderful weekend sweetie!

mbb said...
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mbb said...

I follow Jennifer Rizzo's Blog and love her collections--this pillow idgorgeous--would look amazing on my porch!!

Anonymous said...

Sweet pillow, sweet blog!

Pam McDonald said...

Beautiful pillow! Thanks Jen and Paige!

susan said...

Hello, Paige! Love Jen's blog and it was so interesting to read about the photoshoot for her new collection. Thanks for a chance to win the pillow. Have a great weekend!

Between You and Me said...

love what you said about each artist displaying their hearts and souls in their true. :)

congrats to your winner!

Deb said...

Gorgeous pillow!
LOVE anything Sparrow ♥

HeavenlyBliss said...

I love that cute pillow! I've had spring fever all week, & have been looking forward to decorating my house this weekend! The canvas floral pic, & that little bird by the books is adorable too! Lastly, Paige I'm so happy the Pearl event exceeded your expectations! I wish someone would do that in my area. Sounds like it was awe inspiring!

vermonter said...

It is the middle of March here in New England and I am ready to do my spring cleaning .It is supposed to be in the 70's(unheard of) in Vermont this time of the year. What an amazing give away to win. Would love to add to my couch to really bring in spring.

Michelle said...

What a lovely pillow. Would love to win it and have a sparrow and blossom item for sping.

Ellie said...

Cute pillow- i have just the spot for it!

See Jamie blog said...

How beautiful!!! I'll definitely visit to see more of her lovely work.

Anonymous said...

Off to look at her blog. On a side note I have to CONCENTRATE when I say Sparrow and Blossom (I have a slight lisp):)

Would love to win the pillow.

brockey said...

Beautiful pillow ...... Sparrow & Blossom has some beautiful things !

Maggie said...

sooo pretty

Alecia said...

That pillow is ADORABLE!!! Can't WAIT to see the spring line from Noonday!

Elisabeth said...

What a lovely pillow! I would love to win! :)