Thursday, March 08, 2012

cake & sushi

 friday we celebrated madison turning 17!

being a lover of all things pink & feminine
& somewhat over the top,
i knew she'd love this ombre delicious birthday cake!
( thank you my sweet things~~  it was perfect!!)

after dan's mom passed away, we were cleaning out their attic
& stumbled upon a large, empty Tiffany's box. 
how i wish i knew what she had , that size , from Tiffany & co.!
i warned madi that i had not splurged but had a "little" something in there, not from tiffanys.
plus it looked so pretty beside the cake :)

we usually cook something big at home or head out to eat
depending on what the girls choose.
since dan & i were leaving bright and early on our road trip
we decided to go out. 
savannah had eaten at Park Tavern ( in midtown beside piedmont park) & loved it,
so we decided to head intown for a fun outdoor meal.
huge storm clouds were looming
& a tornado warning made it for quite an exciting drive & evening!

the above images are so funny.
madi is shorter than her sisters but they had on flats
& she had on crazy high wedges, so she looks so tall!
while the next pic was taken with her standing on the down side of a hill, barefoot with emi not barefoot,
it's a little closer to reality.

 the bookends

for my local friends, Park Tavern is going through a little renovation
so i'd call before making reservations
but the ambiance is very fun & looks over Piedmont Park

we ate sushi,

& i took photos in the empty bathroom
because i'm easily impressed by faucets 
& i'm basically a wierdo

happy birthday sweet girl
we sure do love you!


"When I stand before Your throne
Dressed in glory not my own
What a joy I'll sing of on that day
No more tears or broken dreams
Forgotten is the minor key
Everything as it was meant to be"
matt redman


Kerri said...

Happy Birthday Sweet Madison! I love, love, that cake! My favorite picture is of the four girls with Madison towering over her sisters! It is totally frame worthy! XOXO

traci said...

there are those adorable, simple boxes of yours. her cake was amazing. perfect for her.

Debby said...

Such beautiful and fun girls.....and their parents are pretty cute as well.
Got the art course taken care of, thanks again.

Andrea said...

Beautiful Pictures. Happy 17 birthday to your darling!!! I laughed right out loud at the pic of Marie Antoinette.

Jboo said...

Happy Birthday to your sweet girl! Looks like so much fun! I always thought she was the tallest -- just the one that loves high heels! Sweet!


natalie said...

Your blog just makes me happy! Always look forward to the updates!

Melaine Thompson said...

Paige, I just love you! Enough said! xoxo

Anonymous said...

Awww, what a sweet birthday. I absolutely love the is soooo pretty!! :) Love your pictures. :)

Tracey said...

Happy Birthday Madison! So glad that your mom shares her life and in turn yours with us. I have a 5 year old daughter and love to see what she's done to raise such God-fearing, loving children.

And that picture of Dan and Emily is just perfect.

Susan R said...

That cake is a thing of beauty and if I had any guts at all, I would consider making it for my daughter's 18th on the 13th. However, since I'm a coward, I'll copy a photo of it and take it to my baker.
Happy Birthday Madison girl.

Tracey Bower- Bower Studio said...

On my last trip to ATL, I took pics of the bathroom inside JCT Kitchen- not weird at all! LOL

Lemonade Makin' Mama said...

I love it so much!! I have to say that I pinned a photo of a cake very similar to that one for my AVa's upcoming birthday, and it's going to be more of a turquoise color- I hope I can make it as cute as that one!

I dream of a Tiffany's box. I was just talking to my man about that the other day. LOL That one is huge! It must have been something really good!

Anonymous said...

Looks like you always have so much fun together! The cake is gorgeous - to match the girl!

It's funny you mentioned the height b/c my first thought was that Savannah was smaller than the others. My younger daughter is taller than her big sister now!

Please do share what was in those boxes! Always love seeing your girlie's gifts. They have become my style icons!


Amanda said...

I want some of that cake right now!!! Too precious!

Lolo @ The Adventures of Stig and Lolo said...

Oh to be 17 again! What a perfect age :)
How special that you were all together for her bday <3

Oh, and I just have to say that I have that EXACT faucet in my Master Bath! I also have a glass bowl sink - altho mine is not frosted :)


Alecia said...

Love it...that cake is PRESH and how pretty is that cake stand you had it on...gorgeous! Madison is just the cutest little thing...I'm so glad you all had such a great time celebrating her! That Tiffany box is amazing...I too would LOVE to know what came in it!

Kelli said...

First...Happy Birthday Madison!!! That cake is to die for :) I giggled at the pictures where she is taller and then cute. Her eye are absolutely stunning! Glad you all had a great time celebrating such a sweet young lady.

Anonymous said...

Hi Paige, I enjoy lurking around your blog and keeping up with your beautiful family. I want to let you know about a half marathon that will be held in my hometown, Greenwood, MS(home of Viking Range Corp.) on March 31. Greenwood is a quaint little town rich in history and beauty. No beach, but we do have three rivers that meet up here!:)VIKINGHALFMARATHON.COM if you want to check us out. Enjoying Simple Thoughts, Sara Barnes, Greenwood, MS

AndeM1 said...

Madison is sucy a pretty girl......what a wonderful birthday what was in the tiffany box? (had to ask!!!!)

The cake was beautiful too!

I am still searching for our fall beach get way...found a map to help with the locations. Thanks again for your tips.

Jodi said...

what a great birthday! The cake looks so pretty and I am sure it was delish!
Not weird at all about the faucet, so something I would do! :) Or,...maybe I am weird too. ha

take care

Art and Sand said...

I hope a blogger as big as you ( fame, not size) reads your comments because I have a odd question. You seem to love cowboy boots. I am flying ( from CA) to Dallas for a conference and I don't think you can enter Texas without cowboy boots. I already have brown, gray and black boots (not cowboy) so I really want navy blue. In all your shopping, have you ever seen navy? Don't want pink or purple or turquoise. I just want navy and can't eve find them on- line.

Wendy @ The Shabby Nest said...

What a beautiful cake!! Happy birthday to your sweet Madison!!

Lindsey said...

First, that cake is BEAUTIFUL!! Second....LOVE sushi. Sounds like a perfect way to celebrate a special day. Happy Happy Birthday, Miss Madison!!

Tracey said...

Art and Sand-- I found these...

We're in the middle of Houston rodeo time so I'm sure we have some in Houston! I would recommend Cavender's if you wait until you get to Texas.

Lulu and Co. said...

Beautiful family! Happy Birthday Madison!
the cake is fantastic!!!

Anonymous said...

Hope ya had a great birthday Madison and that cake looks DELICIOUS..

Between You and Me said...

love the pictures of your birthday celebration for Madison...she is so beautiful.