Wednesday, March 28, 2012

her little glitter necklace, thank you & a link party

wanted to share a few recent images
of little bit
& a super sweet little necklace

it can read:
let it be
& sparkle


over the last few weeks i have read emails & messages from you
sharing your own story
( i LOVE that!!!)
& sending such personal and encouraging
words especially following the pearl event

i still have much to share about that day!

sibi has a link party going on 
over at Pearls & Grace
so if you've blogged about the day
or wish to read a few posts then swing by.

 ps---not to tease you or anything
but i have another fun giveaway tomorrow!


"Here on this Holy ground
You made a way for peace
Laying your body down
You took our rightful place
This freedom song is marching on

We lift the cross
Lift it high"
chris tomlin


slip4 said...

Paige, I didn't comment on the Trust Your Story post because I was too busy ordering a bracelet for me! Your post really spoke to me. Years ago I did an assessment of talents and gifts at church (Network, I think it is called). My talents at the top of the list were hospitality and intercession. At the very bottom of the list was evangelism, and how true that is. Not that I have an excuse not to share the Good News and what God has done in my life, no. But I am really not good at figuring out what to say. I am not good at convincing anyone of anything. I haven't had anything devastating happen in my life, YET (I just got a chill even writing that sentence), but my "story" seems so ordinary that I struggle with what I would share with someone who wants to know how God has worked in my life. I know He is, but it is subtle right now and that is hard to articulate. So, I ordered the Trust Your Story cuff to remind me to continue to try to share and trust Him to give me the words I need .Thanks for all you share on this blog, and don't ever think you aren't making a difference for those of us reading it! :)

traci said...

she is too cute. and getting so grown up. i can't believe how much she has grown since i first started following you. beautiful images of her.

LLH Designs said...

I just might have to get the sparkle one for my little "sparkle and shine" girl! I love it when you share things you like and where to get them! And of course I love it when you share your heart and story!


Between You and Me said...

love these images of little bit with her sparkle necklace.....she has the prettiest eyes!

I am counting down the days until my "trust your story" cuff arrives. :) so grateful for that post that you did....praying each of us continue to trust the story that has been written for us.

Jboo said...

Pretty necklace and even prettier girl wearing it!!

Happy Wednesday!

Tiffany said...

She is so pretty - and she looks like Madison in some of these pictures!

Thank you Paige for being an example of sharing your heart! You post about Your Story and about how your raise your girls - hit home with me in many ways! I agree with you in so many ways! Um, I have a tatoo too - perhaps I can share that story on my blog - i JUST started one!!! Pop over if you have an extra minute - not much there but would love you to sotp by!


Ruth said...

Love these pics of Caroline! So glad I had a chance to meet her in Nashville. She is even sweeter in person :)

Michele said...

Love the pictures of Caroline! She is beautiful! I just received my Trust Your Story bracelet in the mail today - LOVE IT! And I love the teaser for tomorrow - one of my favorite places to shop!!!

Jessica said...

beautiful photos and what a sweet little necklace!

my "trust your story" cuff came today. i took it out of the box and had it on before i walked back into the house from the mailbox. it fits in every way possible...such amazing timing for me and in my life. thank you for bringing it to me!

Wendy @ The Shabby Nest said...

Love that necklace...and love her shirt. Where did it come from?