Wednesday, April 07, 2010

spring break , so far.....

spring in atlanta will take your breath away
but if you blink, you might just miss it
the weather is gorgeous & the flowers are amazing
it seems though, that our springs get shorter each year
i think we hit 90 degrees yesterday

we've had many memory makers this past week~~

first off i'd love to recommend a sweetheart of a movie
caroline & i just watched a precious tender movie this morning
a true story about the loyalty between
a dog & his person
i'm a wreck
if you know me, dogs , especially big dogs tug fiercely on my heartstrings

my birthday was april fools day, which is sorta a waste being that i'm a terrible joker
& can never
remember a punch line
anyways i woke to a gorgeous day, beautiful tulips from my sweetie
probably the most beautiful words a friend has ever spoken to me

{i told you that your love language was the spoken word!--i thank you sweet kristin from the bottom of my blessed me big , today!}

breakfast with one of my favorite friends
lunch with my dad
& dinner at one of my fave outdoor pizza spots

friday night we attended the Good Friday Concert
at a beautiful new outdoor amphitheatre
with 12,000 folks
just shy of $200,000 were raised that night
all going to help different ministry efforts in Haiti

i don't even have the words to describe how this service blew me away
totally touched my heart as we contemplated why we celebrate Easter
& glory of our risen Lord
if that concert sounded anything sorta like Heaven will sound....
we're in for amazing worship my friends!

last week, caroline asked Jesus into her heart!!!!!!!

here she is texting her sunday school teacher minutes later to give her the scoop

Easter Sunday
Dan baptized her
he has baptized each of the girls
i wish i could tell you how much my heart swells
watching this tender man
bless the girls
they truly see the unconditional love of Jesus
walked out , by their own daddy

the day prior
dan & i celebrated our 11 year anniversary
this sweet man loves well
he loves selflessly & endlessly
& with a loyalty that humbles me daily

allofmylove2you dmk

savannah (my oldest) is gone for the week
but left the most heartfelt note for caroline to open up
just before she was baptized
i love to see my girls love on each other like that
we miss you sweet girl but i am so thankful that caroline has such
an awesome big sissy!
sweet emily left for her first mission trip
one of the places she will minister to is a home for unwed teenage mom's
i pray she sees Jesus this week
& that she is drawn even closer to Him

lastly, i'd love to share some glimpses of spring
around our home....
this will be part 1
as i've been photographing everything i can
& playing with textures
but this post has already reached epic proportions....

(my birthday treat to myself, twill shades from jacki--perfection!)

{{i also want to thank you for many of you who continue to ask how caroline is doing....she is still having tests run by the G.I. specialist but seems to be feeling better.

i have been terrible about posting regularly

& even more terrible at touching base with each of you~~please forgive...& i'll be in touch, pinkie promise

thank you are a blessing}}


Katie Jo Jo said...

Oh I bet you are a proud Mommy!

Those pictures are beautiful!

Love Being a Nonny said...

I love everything about this post. From the baptism, to the sweet *sister* note, to the forsythia on your table, to the standing on tiptoes texting. This post speaks love.

Victoria@WhimsybyVictoria said...

Paige, I too am an April b-day...that would be a hard day to have your b-day on! I am not good at jokes either. lol What a busy time you have had! I love the picture of your cute daughter on her tipy sweet! Sounds like you have had wonderful blessings going on in your happy for you! Happy Anniversary to you and many more great years to come!! Thank you for sharing such beautiful photos with us of your them!


Farmgirl Paints said...

Thanks for the update. Boy girl you have lots going on. So happy for little Caroline asking Jesus into her heart. My little chick did the same on Good Friday!!! It was good indeed.

Blessings to you as your enjoy your gorgeous spring weather. Loved all the beautiful pics of the blossoms and your lampshade is just too cute!

Susan said...

Loved the photos, that's always my favorite part. Man! I gotta get me a Rebel (a Canon Rebel that is). Okay, just look at Caroline in that photo. It's sayin' ballerina to me.
We both have April birthdays. I like to just let mine slip away quietly, but thankfully.
Thanks for sending me the photos.....that girl's smile is just amazing.

Sweet Grace Farms said...

What an awesome post. Your pictures - Beautiful! Blessings for Caroline and her beginning faith walk. How great that Dan baptised her. Tear jerker there! And that Emily gets prettier each time I see pictures of her. You are truely blessed my friend.

Kristin said...

Oh I how I love this post and everything about your family {from birthdays, anniversary to love of your life, to baptisms to letters of love to a sister, to spring gorgeous in your home...and well all your pretty faces in images too!) and all that makes this life beautiful for you and for anyone close to you.

Love you friend.

Lissa said...

i'm just laughing again. Our easter outfits were so similar! funny! AND I just cut branches for my sofa table that look a lot like what you did. We're always on the same page! That is so wonderful about Caroline!

Martha said...

Oh this is one great post Paige...absolutely beautiful family and that picture of Caroline texting is ever soooo cute!!! What a big day and how her sis left her a note is something to treasure. I got tears in my eyes that Dan has baptized each of your girls!!!

Happy Belated birthday Paige!!! Your images around your home are GORGEOUS!!! And I was wondering about those shades and was going to look back at Kasey's old post but now i don't have too:)

Restyled Home said...

So glad to hear little Caroline is feeling better. I came here looking for news on her nad got so much more, as usual!

Beautiful family and photos!

Jboo said...

Oh my -- what a wonderful update! Your sweet Caroline -- she and all of your daughters are simply amazing, sweet and so beautiful!

Sounds like you had a fabulous birthday -- yay! And your photos -- wow!! Paige -- how do manage everything and make it all so beautiful?? Hope you're having a great week!

paige said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
paige said...

dear mama,
you have raised me well
i love you tremendisley
as katie jo jo said i bet you are proud(i know so)
as i said in the third line i love you tremendisley


Canadian Cottage said...

Beautiful post, so happy for Caroline! Your home and photos look gorgeous. Hope you have a wonderful week!

Suz said...

So glad your sweet daughter is feeling better. I got tears in my eyes (and I don't even know you!) when I saw the picture of her being baptized. What a sweet, sweet time.

Thanks for leaving a comment on my little tiny blog. You were sweet to take time to do that. And hey...I am an Atlanta girl! I grew up in Tucker. My mom still lives there so I always enjoy going to visit. There is nothing like spring time in Atlanta!

traci said...

Paige...I am so sorry I missed your birthday. Where was I? Glad it was so special for you. I just love your posts. The love and the faith that you and your family share is just amazing. It lifts me up. Have a great day.

Melanie said...

Oh Paige! What a blessing-filled week for your family!

Happy Birthday to You and Many prayers for each of your beautiful daughters as they experience the Love of our Savior!

Much love to you, My Beautiful Friend!


btw.. Your photos and flowers are gorgeous!:-)

Jennnifer said...

How very wonderful that your daughter responded to the Lord. My daughter started following the Lord since she was 5 & has a lovely Christian family now w 3 kids.

You dress so cool...good to stay young! My sis lives in guys are so blessed w the Bible Belt...up North so many could care less.

God will bring us thru all our trials as you can attest! Enjoy spring & all the flowers!

Amanda Lively said...

Hey! I have just recently started following your blog, and I love it! I was so excited to see that you are a Georgia Girl too!! I just wanted to tell you that my husband and I were at the Good Friday concert as well! In fact, we sat right in front of you and your family! I recognized Caroline first! We went for our anniversary(the 3rd). It was our first time away from our children over night in 11 years! We were so excited! I am so glad your family enjoyed the concert as much as we did! It was wonderful!!

Privet and Holly said...

Paige, what a gift to discover your blog! My parents used to live in Dunwoody, GA and your outdoor photos brought back such lovely memories. You have such a beautiful family and the love and grace that surrounds you all just leaps from the screen.

Christina said...

Oh honey, she will see Jesus, and feel Him as well.
What a beautiful love filled post.
Please don't get me started,on that beautiful pillow case. Where oh where did you get it? I'm already drooling over the shades.
happy belated b-day!

tara said...

Wow wee so much goodness flowing through your house! What a fun spring break and your photos are stunning, I love the ones with the purple flowers and that sunflare!! xo, tara

DaShannon said...

haven't you heard? beautiful long posts like this make up for absence! how blessed you must feel to have Caroline make this decision. lots of love to you and yours!!

Raining Pearls said...

What a beautiful post. I shed a few tears when I saw that picture of Caroline... What an amazing moment for her!!! You my dear are a blessing to all, thank you sharing with all of us.

Ellie said...

Congrats Caroline! Very exciting. Your photos are just gorgeous, a nice little treat this morning.

ashleyg said...

You're daughters are just beautiful, inside and out! I'm an April Fools Day birthday as well, and I always fall for pranks:)

julie said...

what a wonderful post! i love that she asked Jesus into her heart and that her sweet daddy was able to baptize her! how special! i cant wait to her how the mission trip went! dont you just love how our cuties just soak up His word! makes me so happy! come over! xo

ps. what type of tree are these?

Shawn Seay said...

Paige, where did you find your dining chair covers????? I have been trying to keep away from the computer lately so I am playing catch up. Congrats on the magazine article. I felt like I was seeing a friend when I saw your article!!! I will be praying for your little one...and of course congrats on her baptism. Such precious jewels, those girls are!! You are a Blessed Soul.

Cassie said...

This post was so beautiful! I'm so happy for Caroline.. I remember when I was saved, it started so much in my life.

Thank you for sharing!

Jennifer said...

Congrats on your sweet baby girl and her baptism. I can't imagine that day as a mother... I bet your heart just jumps out of your chest with joy!

Love your Spring touches and your lamp shades. They are beautiful!


Katie said...

I just came across your blog and I love it! Would love to become a follower, but don't see the button for it..can you help me out? By the way, where did you find that clock face in the first pic~I love those and am not sure where I should look.

Again,love your blog and so happy to have found it :)


Jen Kershner said...

What a wonderful blessed life you are living Miss Paige! Happy belated Birthday to you. I will have to check out that movie as I suffer from the same big dog affliction as you!

Alecia said...

I'm so encouraged by your sweet family. I love your support for missions...not many parents are for that, in fact, have several friends that have come close to being disowned by their families for going...What a blessing for your children to have parents that love the Lord and desire for their children to be instruments of God to reach the kingdom! Blessings as you continue to point them more and more toward Jesus!

hometown girl said...

you are such a doll, i love everything about your post today, you have a beautiful family and home. love all your heartfelt writing and lovely photos! thank you so much for stopping by to see me :) enjoy your weekend! susan

Jacki said...

This post enfolds so many beautiful things. So lovely to read and view. The shades are so perfect for your rooms! The best is your daughters commitment made to the Lord. A mother's answered prayer.
Thanks again!

jacqueline said...

So sweet! My son just accepted Jesus in his heart last week, and he gets baptized Sunday. Watching the new birth of salvation transform a person's life is amazing! Your blog is so inspiring to me. I'm a newbie to blogging who loves to decorate, and loves family and home, and your place here at Simple Thoughts has inspired me to not be afraid to share it all in one place. Thank you for your inspiration.

Michelle said...

Wonderful post! I love the baptism story AND your beautiful spring touches.

Sharla said...

What a great post and love the pics at the end of the beautiful trees/flowers. Happy belated bday!

Jenn said...

Wonderful blessings during a busy Easter week!! Love the texting ballerina picture! Such a special month for you all!

Linz said...

Your home looks so beautiful and refreshing!! Congrats on your daughter making that decision! So sweet! I think I was about her age when I did it too! =) So special!!

oh and I love your outfit!! cute cute!

chasity said...

beautiful flower photos...
but seeing your daughter get baptized was one of the most beautiful photos on earth.

what a happy day.

3 Peanuts said...

Gorgeous photos and how special for Dan to baptize Caroline!!!!

Happy bleated b-day!!!!

If you ever want to e-mail or talk about the health stuff, please do. Harry has been seen by more GI's than you can imagine and has had tummy issues since birth. Praying for Caroline.

Melissa Martin said...

hi paige - I am ashley e's friend, Melissa Martin...can't wait to meet you in a few weeks. after reading a portion of your blog on Ashley's super 10 #2, I was scrolling through your blog...I clicked on January (random, I know) but up came your post about Toms shoes. Small world - the owner, Blake Mycoski is one of my brother's best friends. He started Toms out of the LA house the 2 of them rented together. Now my sister-in-law is working for them! The shoes look funny on my big feet but everyone else in my family wears them :)

Kelly@TearingUpHouses said...

Those lampshades are gorgeous.



Simone said...

Oh Paige, this was a BEAUTIFUL!!

Happy belated birthday to you, sounds like you had a wonderful day....I am an April girl too :)

I loved reading about the baptism....and the sweet note from her your girls!!

And by the way, you look FABULOUS in the photos :)

I had a such a great time seeing Kim again and meeting Kasey who is everything you imagine her to be....and then some more! They took a million or so photos so I will leave it to them to post one of me (maybe).....told them to use their best Photoshop skills too ;)

The world is an amazing place sometimes....I have to tell you that at 1am, very early Saturday morning, 3 girls who couldn't sleep, were sitting and chatting about YOU my strange - and wonderful - is that?! Just wanted to let you know! xo

PS Glad to hear that Caroline is feeling a little better....

Courtney Walsh said...

Oh, Paige, how sweet is this?? I love the baptism and the concert looks wonderful. Yay also for Caroline making such an important decision!! :)

PS Someday I hope we can have coffee together! :)

Kristy said...

how wonderful. how wonderful for you.
great post. sweet girls. how lucky they are to have you for their mommy. your doing good girl!
ps. you look so cute! love your sweater and jewelry, love it!

The Flying Bee said...

Paige...I have missed so much! So, happy b-day, happy anniversary! Yay for the baptism! Such a great pic of her and her Daddy. I love all of your beautiful pics!

Have a wonderful week!


TanyaLea said...

GORGEOUS PHOTOS (as are an amazing photographer!!)

But I was especially touched by the photos of your daughter being baptized. Absolutely priceless. You are so blessed, my friend. God is good!! <><