Monday, April 12, 2010

deleted scenes

the previous post
was pretty loaded with the good things that happened last week
wonderful blessings that were much fun to celebrate

but in an effort to keep it real
i figured i'd share some of the events
deleted scenes, if you will
that didn't make the cut
for the original post

remember in Steel Magnolias, when Sally Field realizes her hair looks horrid?

& i quote
M'Lynn as she's looking at herself in Truvy's compact mirror

"Oh my God Shelby was right,

my hair does look like a brown football helmet!" & then continues to sob

well that was the same moment for me

when after eating my birthday breakfast with my girlfriend

who i finally had my photo taken with

all in honor of blog post, mind you

( the photo that is)

i realized my hair looked awful

heather? why didn't you tell me? oh dear friend o' mine!

nothing like realizing you actually look worse than you originally thought

so the perfect birthday continues to roll on...

while on the phone chatting with my bestie kristin

& backing out of my driveway

i hear a thud

i'll be dadblasted

i ran over a squirrel!!!!!

& as if that weren't enough

i realized that it wasn't completely dead

oh my word!!!

so i did what any of you would have done

i closed my eyes

& ran over it again!


i killed an friggin animal


for pete's sake

what kinda luck is that?

kristin mind you
is cracking up
cracking up!

so i tell her
maybe i should call & see if dan can come home & move it
i mean
i can't have that poor
squished squirrel
looking at me
all day on my birthday

glory be
i came home from my little errand
& squirrely
was gone!!

i dont' know how or why
but thank goodness

well the highlight of my glorious birthday week

was getting pulled over by a cop

for speeding

"i had to get to kickboxing, mr policeman

especially after seeing that dreadful birthday breakfast photo of myself "

of course i was an easy target

being that everyone else in Atlanta

was enjoying a perfect spring break on the Gulf Coast!!


oh wait, there's more
we head over to one of my favorite homes in the city
for a photoshoot
only to have my rockin zoom lens
freeze up
& begin what i assume is the beginning of a slow death


the AMAZING Good Friday concert we attended...
little bit felt horrible the majority of the evening
with one of her migraines
& spent the majority of the evening feeling completely miserable

for all my facebook friends that remember
the flooded kitchen from a few weeks ago
the fridge
is still leaking

lets end on a up swing

please tell me you saw that tender embrace
when Phil Mickelson won the Masters
then went on to find his wife Amy
who's been battling breast cancer
in the crowd
having been to sick to attend
earlier in the week

i sat there all choked up watching this man
who clearly loves his wife
win the Masters

i love to see the good guy win

not ....the other guy

in the famous words of hannah montana
"everybody has those days"
hope you enjoyed mine!
oh & ps....if any of you are thinking of turning me into the PETA folks....please know part one was all an accident, part two was all about putting the poor guy out of his misery....i do apologize mr. squirrel, but if you'd make up your mind which side of the street you plan to stay on, we wouldn't have had such an unfortunate series of events...


Jo Jo said...

Thanks for brightening my Monday morning! I giggled a little reading about the squirrel. Hope this week is a better one!

Simone said...

Oh do tell a good post!!!

Is it bad that I laughed (and gasped) out loud at the squirrel story.....yikes!!!! And I love animals!

I LOVE the brown helmet comment....brilliant!!

Just look at you and your cute girls in your bikinis.....LOVE IT!!!

You Rock Paige :)

:) xo

Courtney Walsh said...

I was thinking about blogging about Phil Mikelson and his wife. My husband said, "Don't you think it's funny that someone like him won when it was Tiger's first tournament back?" It was such a sweet story about he and his wife...

I think it's hilarious that you killed a squirrel on your birthday. On April Fool's Day! hahahah. You are so funny!!

Farmgirl Paints said...

Oh my gosh Paige...this post had me cracking up! I can so relate to the squirrel thing. I just ran over a cute little rabbit...all soft and furry when I was back home in Illinois. The girls were like mom...What was that noise? I made up somethin'. Didn't need that drama!

So sorry you had one of "those days" on your special day. That just stinks. Nothin' can squish your joy more than getting pulled over by a cop. But on the upside you made my day by telling me all about it!

BTW those pics were all just adorable:)

Love Being a Nonny said...

Funny and great post!!!! Your girls...ADORABLE.

I did a post today on Phil winning!!!

Jboo said...

Oh Paige -- so funny -- sorry that squirrel got in your way on your b-day!! And, I feel your "hair pain!" I had a day last week when I got home from work and wished I'd had a bag over my head all day -- my hair looked that bad! Problem is, my hair looks like that most every day! Love all your photos!


Clare said...

i love your keeping it real post!! the line to the police officer is great, and i cannot believe the squirrel story! hilarious;)

Jen Kershner said...

This post rather reminds me of a similar one I had recently. I was laughing out loud at your squirrel story. That's horrible! I wouldn't have had any idea what to do. I don't think driving over him again would have occurred to me although a rolling pin to the head might have. It all seems so very cartoonish! Any way, thanks for the desperately needed laugh this morning and here's to keeping it real, good haircuts and better days ahead!

Susan said...
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Susan said...

Thank you for the fun photos. They're always my favorite.
Your hair couldn't possibly look like a brown football helmet, it's too long. Hope baby girl is feeling better. What the heck? How come you are all so tan? I can't tan. I can burn like nobodys business, tan for a day and peel like a snake the next. Darn it! I'm jealous.
I so agree with you about Phil. Whatta guy! The other guy needs to get his mug outta golf and everywhere else, I'm tired of looking at him and hearing about him.

Jessica said...

I did tear up when Phil Mikelson held his wife, that was the best part of The Masters.

This post was so much fun to read & the pictures were all beautiful! Poor squirrel - I probably would have done the same thing.

Happy Birthday!

Jetta... said...

Oh my goodness. I am so sorry those things happened on your special day, but I have to say - I was cracking up the whole time. Thank you for sharing your deleted scenes. It's nice to know I am not the only one...

Kristin said...

....and I am still cracking up! Oh MY LAND!
You are h-i-l-a-r-i-o-u-s!!!!!!!!!
Love this post...yes it is real.
But yes, it is funny.
I told you the squirrel was stressed and was trying to end it all! It is a stressful life hunting nuts!

Now may we all bow our heads again for mr. squirrel and have a moment of silence.

...all send you $$$$ to help you pay your ticket! AMEN.

I saw that hug and sighed and smiled for them.
Precious moment. A learning moment you know!
Love his love for his wife and family.

Sending you smiles for your Monday!
Love you friend :)

Kelly said...

Too funny...hope your year is full of laughter that you have brought to your readers today..Happy B-late Birthday...

julie said...

oh my paige! what awful(funny) situations! but i do have to say the squirrel thing made me gag! yuck! you poor thing! atleast you can laugh about it! i sure hope you still had a happy, happy birthday sweet friend! xo

Jo said...

I adore that you're keeping it real ~ what a fabulous post. You have a beautiful family ... inside and out! Helmet? I think not ~ it's lovely. The squirrel story still has me giggling.

Would you mind sharing where you found the slipcovers in your previous post? Thanks.

Kristy said...

i stinkn' love your blog!!!
i am so happy i found it long ago. it makes me laugh, think, giggle, sigh, remember, it inspires me.
your girls are so cute. i love it!

PS~Erin said...

Okay, so I was caught btw giggling, cringing and feeling for you throughout your dear little post.

I got a dang ticket the other day too. They've no sympathy.

Hope your bday month is shaping up!

Jodee Leader said...

I am also cracking up! Your squirrel story is soooo funny!

Great pictures of the girls!

Hope you have a better week!

Christina said...

oh no about the squirrel!!
The pictures are great! Real life is so much better than the stuff you could make up! :)

debra said...

Great post!

Funny you should mention Phil Mickelson - I posted bascially the same thing today regarding his win. Good guy. :)

You did the right thing about the squirrel...

Victoria@WhimsybyVictoria said...

Paige, your girls are just so cute!! I loved seeing those pictures. I am so sorry your b-day day had so many unexpected events happen! It will be a birthday you won't forget. lol Have a great week!


Alison Gibbs said...

Oh Paige such a great fun post.
Oh dear, where did that squirrel get to - surely he never jumped up and ran away after getting squished.
The good guy did win, I think world wide we were crying along with Phil, now that's a real man!

Jerri said...

Oh Paige...sorry your birthday was a bit "unfortunate" although you did make me smile. On a bright note the pics of your girls are lovely...Take care my friend!

Heather H said...

i am DYING.
first of all - you are BEAUTIFUL. i have never seen you look bad ... your hair? didn't even notice ... too concerned of the SWEAT/Grease on mine from the gym that morning!!!!

the squirrel story? are you kidding me? that is so hilarious. either coach k (cause i still can't call him "dan" since 'the incident in 9th grade') came by and swooped that up ... or some big vulture did.

you are hilarious. praying for you as you get ready for your big weekend. i'm hoping you have a new phone by now ... cause i'm gonna need a few texts to keep me updated.


Cole said...

cute photos. Life with girls looks fun. I'm a mom surrounded by boys. lovely blog. :)
Nicole visiting from

Martha said...

Oh Paige...I am dying laughing...on your birthday...I love how you do tell a story...I felt you were telling it to me as I was reading it:) So sorry for what happened but you are right:)

And it is great to see the good guy win! How wonderful is that...

beautiful and fun pictures as always:)

sinnlighet said...

What incredibly beautiful blog you have! My compliments!

A footprint from Agneta & Sweden

LuLu said...

You had me laughing over the squirrel{i would have wanted to call someone too to remove it} so glad it magically disappeared. The outtake pictures are beautiful and FUN!! THanks for sharing your entertaining week ;)

homebody0404 said...

Oh Paige, bummer about the bad birthday hair. Sad about the squirrel but I couldn't help it, I laughed. It was funny. I hope little bit's headaches go away, after all it's spring and summer is just around the corner.

Lissa said...

that was laugh out loud funny about the squirrel! poor thing.

Michelle said...

what a wonderful, life-filled post! your girls and family are priceless.

I e-mailed you and would love to connect if you have a few moments.

short courses said...

Those are funny shots. I love it.