Friday, April 30, 2010

the heart at thriteenandahalf

i wish i could say i did this list thingy
more frequently when my girls were younger

i love pulling one of them aside
& asking questions
many, i already know the answer to
but we get a little one on one time
i get to capture a mental snapshot of their heart
that day
right where they are

with middle schoolers especially
its fun because the answers might just change
from day to day

but bottom line
a little time spent soaking up their thoughts
brings me great joy
they leave with their love tanks just a little more full

sweet emily is at an age
i barely remember
i think i was gosh awful ugly & certainly quite awkward
she is neither of the two

let me introduce my third daughter
born only weeks prior to loosing her biological daddy
the spittin' image of him & his beloved favorite uncle
always smiling
& loved by everyone

emi has a loyal heart
& more friends than she can count

an easy going, non-judgemental spirit
tender hearted
cries easily
likes things "just so"
cringes at cuss words ( sorry 'bout those sweetie)

best friend to katelyn
keeper of a messy room
lover of pasta
wants to be a school teacher one day

purple painted toes
& a purple ipod
wears a purity ring
great at math
language arts, not so much

lady antebellum fan
smitten with liam hemsworth & channing tatum
estee lauder pleasures
& size 0 at her fave store, american eagle

worships with her entire heart
wears that same heart on her sleeve
chicken nachos, add lettuce, black beans on the side
& drinker of water

hand holder
angered easily by me
obsessed with facebook
& jon and kate plus 8

no longer afraid of the ocean
loves a photoshoot
fabulous hair
& rookie cheerleader
with awesome toe-touches

favorite scripture~ it is the lord who goes before you. he will be with you. he will not fail nor forsake you. do not fear or be dismayed. deut 3.18
when she told me last night this was her fave scripture, i just smiled. i prayed this verse over & over while i was pregnant with her during the most frightening time of my life. i probably never told her that. god's so cool like that.

i'm so proud of you angel baby
i'm proud to be your mama
& watch you continue to blow me away
with your huge heart
& your forgiving spirit

i'm sorry for the things i haven't done well
you know what they are
& i pray these next few years
for you & i
will be the best!

you are loved


Courtney Walsh said...

Oh, Paige, I love this. So sweet for your beautiful girl. :) She's just adorable!

:) Love how you are documenting them like this!!

Susan said...
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Susan said...

I had to remove my previous post because I spelled a bunch of words incorrectly. I hate that. People will end up thinking, "This girl must be a real dope".
Emily is just beautiful and you have an amazing talent with the camera.
How's everyone there?

Jboo said...

Oh my -- what a sweet post to your girl! Beautiful photos!! Hope you all have a great weekend!


Farmgirl Paints said...

I love the bond you have with your girls. I learn from you woman! Anyway your daughter is just precious and those! You just keep getting better and better.

LouBoo said...

Such a heartfelt post - only a mother could write it. I really enjoy how you pick out these little details of personality, quirky or otherwise. LB x

Beth said...

You are a good Mama! I have tears in my eyes!!
So very sweet.
Just a lovely post.


Clare said...

such a beautiful post and beautiful girl!!

Meg said...

This post is so beautiful, just like your daughter! She sounds like such an amazing gal, I can see why you are so proud!

Jo Jo said...

I think your posts about your girls are my favorite! They are blessed to have a mom like you!

rhonda said...

Wow! My daughter and I are going on a photoshoot like this one this evening. Thanks for some extra ideas! Great pics! She is quite pretty too!

Martha said...

Oh wonderful about the verse and how wonderful and truly beautiful from the inside out she is!!!! Oh my goodness...always lovin' your photos of your beautiful family:)

katieb said...

beautiful pictures, words and thoughts! have a great weekend~

Victoria@WhimsybyVictoria said...

She is beautiful and amazing! You can see her spirit radiate with happiness and blessed you are. What a wonderful post!


Suzanne said...

Oh Paige, you did it again! Made me smile and cry with your words and photos. She is beautiful!!!
I am so inspired by this. I think I talk to my girls all the time but do I know their heart??? Probably not. If I could get a sneak peek...maybe I will try this too. If so, it will be thanks to you!

tara said...

Paige she is so very special, and beautiful to boot. The heart of a 13 year old does change so quickly doesn't it. My neice is 12 and I feel mixed emotions for her as she struggles to find who she is, she has had a hard life, for a wee one. I hope your daughter knows how special she is, and how loved she is, there is nothing more speical then the love of parents! Happy weekend!

Kristin said...

beautiful~lovely...oh do tell...who is your photographer? I need her name and number, wink! and you well know I love and adore my emi.

she has amongst your girls always pulled
on my heart to pray over. not sure why
but it is true. i have always found
deep beauty in that soul of hers, her sweet giggle and always have known from the start that
she will be one to make a solid difference
in the lives of the heart of people in this world. watch and see...and i will too as I continue to

So to my sweet Sara Evans..I mean Emi. You are beautiful. Go and make an impact on this world for God will ya so I don't have to eat those words I just spoke in this comment area to your mamma! Deal! :) love you.

The Flying Bee said...

Great post! This is such a great idea to do with my boys. Your daughter is so beautiful Paige!

Fabulous photos, too!


Between You and Me said...

this post brought tears to my great is the love that we hold for these babies of ours.

i don't know your story...but when i read that she was born just weeks prior to losing your husband, my heart broke.

love your blog because your heart shines through and touches mine.

God is big in you.

Lemonade Makin' Mama said...

Okay do you know why I love this post? Because it is EXACTLY what I am talking about on my blog today. SEEING, really seeing our kids, and those in our lives. I love how you really see your daughters. It inspires me!


Tina said...

Paige, the bond you have with your daughters and the incredibly beautiful words you write about them, just makes me cry. You are such a wonderful example and inspiration of the kind of mother I want to be to my girls. Your Emily is just beautiful and such a special sweetie. Your Emily reminds me a lot of my own 14yr old blossom, especially some of the things she likes - I guess teenagers are the same the world over:) Your story never fails to touch my heart and I admire your whole family greatly Paige. Wishing you and your sweet ones a wonderful weekend ~ Tina xx

Melanie said...

You are one incredible mamma! Not because you do everything perfectly.. I admire you most for admitting that you don't!:-)
Your sweet daughters are blessed to have a mom who continues to strive to become a better person for her children. I learn so much from you!;-)

There are somedays when it just hits me out of nowhere just how much my girls have taught me! I am trying to prepare myself for those teen years...I have a feeling I may learn a lot more than I bargain for!:-)))

debra said...

How sweet! And you photos are great. :)

Shelly Powers said...

what beautiful pictures and a beautiful write up and a beautiful girl born to a beautiful mamma! :)

Anonymous said...

just read your article in Artful Blogging while doing leg presses at the gym. It wasn't long before a lump formed in my throat and the words blurred. You get it!

My children grew up so fast. Now I would give anything to kiss my daughter's sweet face while she sleeps but she is teaching on the other side of the world. Your message inspires and readjusts perspective. I am thankful for finding your blog!

Jennifer said...

Your words have touched me once again....your girls are very blessed to have a mama that is so authentic......

Canadian Cottage said...

Hi Paige,
This is beautiful, I love this post. How special for her to be able to read this someday. My favourite part is about the Bible verse, how amazing is that?! And the pictures are just perfect, I love that she is not shy in front of the camera. Have a lovely day

traci said...

what an amazing, heartfelt, bring tears to your eyes and goosebumps to your skin post paige. wow. your daughter is just beautiful - INSIDE AND OUT. i love lady antebellum and chicken nachos too.

Megan said...

Beautiful girl and such a loving mama.
Both of you are so lucky.

LuLu & Co. said...

You always melt my heart when you write about you daughters.... this was so touching! Just beautiful.

Andrea - Faded Plains said...

What a beautiful daughter you have...and love your tribute to her.

Lissa said...

precious words and beautiful pictures. She's just a tiny thing, isn't she? And she certainly DoeS have beautiful hair!

sinnlighet said...






Agneta, a swedish one ;)

edie said...

they are absolutely beautiful! what a wonderful post-hugs,

Pearls and Grace said...

Hi Beautiful!

So much to say and so much to share! Would love to catch up with you in real time if you can....

This post and tribute to your daughter is absolutely precious and your daughter is radiant and beautiful and full of His love......just like her Mama....

p.s. Umm, You are famous over at Darby's blog. I see that she fell in love with you just like the rest of us! Can't wait to hear all about it!!

Miss you!


Bringing Pretty Back said...

absolutely beautiful, the pictutes , and the words.

PS~Erin said...

Precious. Simply precious.

chasity said...

so sweet paige.

you are such a thoughtful mom.

i love the purpose that you show in parenthood~ you are an inspiration.

and your daughter sounds like a lovely girl.

Allison said...

Beautiful! Your girls are all precious:) I need to be better about posting things on my blog that I never want to forget(because I seem to forget ALOT these days;))

Amelia said... you didn't need those photography lessons this past weekend. Absolutely beautiful pictures....How very blessed she is to have you as her mother.

Tracey said...

Hi Paige! Your gorgeous pictures so beautifully capture your sweet girl!!! I LOVE that first're the PS queen these days! :) I have some editing to do myself today...took some pics of the kiddos the other day, but they were not quite as cooperative as your darling girl!

Hugs ~

:) T

Katie said...

She is sooo beautiful, and this was such a sweet post. Very nice to "meet" her! :o) I loved the scripture part. God bless y'all. :o)