Tuesday, April 27, 2010

her first prom & a zillion pictures....

i asked a girlfriend of mine how she was coping
her first born baby girl had left just weeks prior to head off to college
she quickly responded that she felt like during the senior year, there's so much bickering between mom & daughter that you're actually ready for them to head out
that stumped me
i'm not an idealist or some goofy mom that thinks my children & i have flawless relationships
but i certainly could never imagine
one of my girls bugging me so much that i'd be more than ready for them to leave

despite her bleak outlook & warning of where i would soon be headed
this last year has been the best yet for me & savannah
i can't imagine what our home will be like when she does go
the complete change in the dynamics of our home

i know
she's only a junior

her first prom was a couple weeks ago
as a parent i feel like there are those events in our lives
where it feels like we're peeking through the chain link fence
looking over into the next ballfield , figuratively of course
the next playing field that they'll head into
a glimpse of our next phase

that weekend was just that for me

i love this age
16 17 18
i feel like she's this great girl
that i thoroughly enjoy hanging out with
laughing with
listening to her explain the difference between just dating
& becoming facebook official
you know there's a difference , right?

i'm so proud of where she is in her life & the choices she's made
the people she's picked as friends
& those whom she respects
that says alot about her...

her prom date is such a super guy
they've been best of buddies since she switched from private to public school five years ago
he's precious, smart, loads of fun, grounded spiritually & mighty cute
think i'll leave it at that , wink!

{ so, i apologize in advance for the ridiculous amount of photos...i realize i'm the last one to the party, but pioneer woman has free, yep, free photoshop actions over on her site. you probably already knew that. of course, i just 'bout lost my salvation trying to upload them but now those actions & i have a sweet relationship going on! therefore, i've uploaded four thousand trillion billion photos several of which i ran her actions on... }

(maybe the funniest shot of the night--the spotaneous silly friends in the background...couldn't have staged it any cuter)

{ps, last weekend on my girls trip was out of this world amazing. as soon as i can get some of the photos i'll get my post together}


Jo Jo said...

What fun times! Your photos are great!

Sarah said...

WOW! Love the pictures.

Sweet Grace Farms said...

Yikes, I feel old looking at those. I swear it is like looking at you at that age, so lovely. I love the one with the shoe and the one with your precious doggy. Thanks for sharing!

Maria said...

Those photos are just beautiful! The pink of the dress is divine. Lovely.

Amy said...

She is like a breath of fresh air, this child of yours, with a smile that lights up the space around her. I imagine the call on her life will be profound as she ministers with feisty delight to those in need around her. Drink it in Paige, and do keep looking through to the next field. You are going to so appreciate and enjoy watching her blossom into the next phase too. Your photos are exquisite, such tender expression. Thanks for sharing, love journeying with you my sweet friend :)

Michelle said...

Paige... Your first paragraph grabbed my attention today! There is a great book about preparing your children to leave home, Give Them Wings,in the book the author talks about the changes that will occur in your relationship with your child, especially during senior year, as they prepare to leave the nest. I think some of the (mild)friction in the relationship is God's way of helping us let go and give them have the ability to leave home. It is a sweet and precious time, but as they struggle to find their independence, while still under our roofs, it can be trying even with the sweetest of our girls. Knowing this ahead time helped me from losing my perspective on the situation.

My own daughter is graduating from college in a month... it seems like yesterday that she was going to prom. We have experienced many transitions in the last 4 years and I can look back and see that God used all of them to make her the strong, independent, courageous woman she is... heading off to do mission work in Kenya next year!The foundation you have built with your girls will withstand all the changes that need to occur in the next few years for them to build their own lives as adults.

I love your blog and your sweet perspective... it has given me so much encouragement!

Jboo said...

Beautiful photos -- thanks for sharing!! So nice to hear that you and she have such a great relationship -- gives me hope for the future when my girl is older! :)


katieb said...

Great photo's & Good times!

Cori said...

Looks like she had a fabulous time!! I absolutely love the second photo. You can feel her happiness and excitment!! You captured some wonderful candids

LuLu said...

Ahhhh just gorgeous pictures. It's so wonderful to hear a proud mom talking about her child. You've given me a glimpse of what's a head of me with my oldest.... still not ready but it looks like wonderful years to come.
my children are switching from private school to public and i've been so worried....was the transition for you daughter smooth {and are your other daughters also in public school?

melissa said...

Great, great job with those actions, Paige!! :)
I loved reading your first paragraph ... even though I only have boys and 2 away at college (one graduating this Saturday!!), it was SO hard letting them go. And yes, such a change in your home life. I miss my big boys! ;)
Anyway ... enough of my whining.
Savannah is absolutely stunning. Love her dress (my color!), shoes ...everything, so beautiful!!

Lemonade Makin' Mama said...

So pretty!!! Thanks for sharing with us.

Melanie said...

Oh Paige~

I can only imagine the combination of feelings you had at that moment. She is such a beautiful girl...no doubt she gets that from you! ;)


Wendy @ The Shabby Nest said...

Darling!!!! (and yes, I ordered the chair - 2 of them in fact. I'm so excited!!)

kpb said...

I remember those days . . . and don't remember looking quite that grown up, sophisticated, beautiful at prom. and while my daughter is only 4, I can't imagine what her teen years will hold for us. Will she be like me, strong willed, determined, sneaky & honest at the same time and always ready for a good conflict with mom if necessary? I sorta hope she's exactly like me, then maybe I'll know what to do with her. But as for sending her off to college & not have her sweetness near me in the hosue each day, well I'm glad I've still got time to enjoy :) Thanks for the beautiful post.

Ashley Eiler said...

i recognize some of my very very favorite actions....mmmm lovely and etheral and vintage are two!! glad you found them!! the pictures are beautiful as usual...she is beautiful...i had a rough senior year with my mom but that is not going to happen to you...now i can say that i know you and you will be dedicated to letting her learn to be on her own that year....i am certain that will be your best yet!!

Tracey said...

Paige, WOW, your daughter looks absolutely gorgeous!!! Really great photos! And, I hear ya on the sanity loss with trying to get those gosh darn actions into PS...why must it all be so difficult???!!!!

Hugs ~

:) T

Leslie said...

Oh I love prom pictures the more the merrier! I was prom queen my sr. year and I have such a special place in my heart for prom dresses, up-do's coursages, sparkly jewelry etc... I can never see too many prom pictures! She looks stunning! Belle of the Ball!!

Courtney Walsh said...

Love all these pictures! (That was the same color as my prom dress junior year!!) :) Love the actions too (do you know if they work for Elements?)


Anonymous said...

You did a great job with the photos! They are all nicely done.

Kasey said...


tara said...

So sweet Paige, she is just darling, and I love the color of her dress!! aren't those photoshop actions the best! :)

Jen Kershner said...

I didn't think that was too many pictures. They are beautiful! She is beautiful!

About them flying the nest. Paige, there is something you should know. You are one of the lucky ones. I'll be honest, there are times when I'm counting the months. I'm thankful that each child is different because I'm not sure I could survive another teenage experience like this one. So. Hug that girl and be thankful and know that it isn't always like that for everyone. Hugs, Jen

Cstargel said...

Great pics of prom! And I can't wait to hear about the girls weekend...heather filled me in a little bit last night - it sounds AMAZING! Can't wait to hear about it on your blog! Can we please get together over the summer?

Farmgirl Paints said...

Those were beautiful shots. I love the color of your daughter's dress. Really made her stand out!

I can't even begin to imagine my girls at that age...with boobies:o Oh be still my heart!!

Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

Hello there sweet friend.....

Never ever apologize for too many photos.... didn;t you know that there is no such thing??

Savannah is GORGEOUS....oh my, she is just stunning in that pink dress!!

You two have such a fantastic Mother/Daughter relationship..... I only hope that Sarah and I will share the same kind of relationship when she reaches those teenage years.

Hope you are well and I can;t wait to hear about your girls weekend:)



Christina said...

no, no, we need to enjoy these moments, and love love our daughters. i enjoy the times with my baby. : )
sigh, for the beauty of these times.

i love them all BUT~ so adore photo # 4.

Shelly Powers said...

Paige... she is beautiful... just remember these years in about 10 years so you can help me out! LOL! :)

Lindsey said...

Love her dress! Pretty in pink! And those earrings, so gorgeous! Never seen anything like them!

Jacki said...

Can't imagine this stage and age of daughters. They are always smiling...good job mom.

Kristy said...

absolutely beautiful paige. what a proud Mom you must be. i always say, for news of the heart, ask the face. her smile is sweet. she looks so pretty and so happy. how wonderful. and he's cute too :O)

college, holy cow, i can't imagine that time in our life. oh my goodness, i got awhile to go. but, yes, i know it will be here quick. time does seem to fly by.
we live close to a great college, i always tease them and tell them, you guys can ride your bike to college someday. hee-hee
thanks for sharing, beautiful, really!

Tina said...

Oh Paige, you must such a proud Mama! Your gorgeous girl is just beautiful and such a happy smile!! Thank you for sharing, I have gained some inspiration from this post for when my oldest daughter is that age (she is 14 this year) and some days I don't feel like the best Mum, but to hear you say how wonderful your relationship is with your duaghter, just makes me want to try to be that extra bit patient with my sweetie. Wishing you a wonderful weekend Paige ~ Tina xx

traci said...

wow. gorgeous photos and gorgeous daughter. love the photo of her with all the boys. fun shot!! you did an awesome job with the pw actions. they are fun huh.

Katie said...

Such a sweet post! I loved all the pictures...she is gorgeous, gorgeous, GORGEOUS! And...I was so excited to hear about your relationship with your daughter. Oh, I want that when the time comes for my now 3-year-old daughter Amelia. :o)