Tuesday, January 19, 2010

some blog housekeeping

i love it when ya'll post random things about yourselves.
i love to learn all sorts of fun things that you might not share otherwise....
however truth be told,
i think i tell ya'll far more than you wish to know about me already.

but a few of you sweeties sent over some blog awards last week
& since i need to do some blog housekeeping
what better way than to do in random facts format!

since i'm not all that interesting , a few of these are reruns! :)

~~Felicia is the winner from our giveaway.
thank you melissa!
True Random Number Generator Min: Max: Result: 34 Powered by RANDOM.ORG

~~ 3 years ago today i joined the gym
let me explain
i am a former fitness fanatic-distance runner- aerobics instructor
who after the joy of a new marriage and the heartbreak of two miscarriages
promptly put on some weight following the birth of my 4th child
& never lost it
i dragged my tail ( albeit larger than in years past)
to the gym & signed on the dotted line
that year i lost 30 lbs
i pumped to tell ya
that 3 years later...
i've kept it off!!
that little post is ~ right here~

~~ i tear up every time i hear my georgia boys sing "cry out to jesus"

~~ i'm probably going to blow the speakers in my suburban playing this song

~~ My most precious patient ( as an oncology nurse) was a little girl named Grace who spoke of seeing angels before she passed away. a few weeks later i gave birth to my second daughter & named her Madison Grace, in her honor.
oh , & truly believe she saw those angels.
her tender heart has forever changed how i view the spiritual world

~~Purple Rain, the Prince movie. you probably are too young.
it pains me to tell you
but in the 80's i saw it atleast a dozen times
3 of which were in a 24 hour period
on 3 different dates
with 3 different guys
who says i can't manage my time well?

~~I'm terrible about shaving my legs
& no i don't mean that the actual technique
it means i don't shave them as frequently as i should
i'm certain you're glad i've shared that with you

~~ i'm an animal lover
& i hate the cliches
" kill 2 birds with one stone" &
" don't beat a dead horse"
yuck-i hated even writing those

~~i've never watched an episode of
desperate housewives
or sex in the city

~~i love setting a pretty table
which explains why i have about 35-40 different sets of dishes!

~~ admit these photos have nothing to do with this post

but she's such a cute cheerleader that i couldn't resist

~~apparently my correlation of expensive dog to potterybarn furniture

and rescue dog to ikea

was poorly executed & thus confused you

i don't have Lucy

but i do have Brinkley

we adopted this most sweet golden 2 years ago

after 15 years with 2 big dogs, we are now indeed a one dog family!

the sofas are new....the dog is not

ps-thank you amy, martha, marci, gina, & megan. you are all so sweet & made my day! blessings to each of you xo


Simone said...

Paige......"24" is THE best TV programme in the history of the world.....what are you thinking??!! ;)

I loved reading this post - as always.....laughed at your Purple Rain fact (multitasking at its best I would say!).....I have seen EVERY single episode of SATC and "24" but not seen DH at all...funnily enough, my husband loves it and has watched every season!! I tell myself it's educational for him :)

Well done on keeping those 30lbs off, that is fabulous.

And those pics of your daughter are A-MAZ-ING......oh, to be able to do that!! You have beautiful girls Paige.

Have a great day honey xo

Kristy said...

just watched 24 for the first time last night. must say, it was good. but probably won't watch it again. its my hubby's show. i like things that don't make me feel like i am sitting on the edge of my seat.
love reading this post. not only is your daughter beautiful, her jumps are amazing!
oh and purple rain, watched it over and over. that was my very first concert i ever went to. loved it.

the wild raspberry said...

don't feel alone....i've never seen those shows either (but i never miss an episode of the office) :)

wish i could hire you as my personal trainer! great job!!


Kasey said...

i guess when i head down to good ole Atlanta...
that we will be up all night watching Sex & the city!
while we gorge ourselves on Artichoke blue cheese bisque on white slip covered bliss and talk about the fact that i used to run also...but i hate it.

Heather H said...

i smile when i read your posts :)
this one especially made me smile.

cannot BELIEVE you don't watch 24 though .... you would be in LOVE with Jack Bauer.

i am ;)


Martha said...

I always love reading about you!!! I've never seen 24 either or Sex and the City...how funny...those pictures are wonderful of your daughter!!!!

Seeing purple rain 3 times made me laugh for sure...especially with 3 different people...that is so great!

How awesome with your goals by the way ~ you always look radiant and beautiful when you show pictures!

Jeanneoli said...

Do you really have 30-40 sets of dishes??? You are awesome then...I barely have room for three. It is so amazing that you have kept the 30 lbs off. That is truly an incredible accomplishment. I love all these little facts about you. My favorite is why you picked the precious name for your daughter. Every time I learn more about you I adore you even more.

Farmgirl Paints said...

My daughter's middle name is Grace too. I just love it.

I live within a 10 mile radius of Prince and Purple rain was filmed within minutes of my house. How cool is that?

Good for you losing that weight and keeping it off. That's a HUGE feat.

Love that Third Day song too, but I have to admit I watch all of Desperate Housewives. They've got their well manicured nails in me:)

Oh and can you do a tutorial someday on setting a fab table? That is my weakest decorating area. I'm clueless.

Megan said...

I love dishes too.

30 lbs! Great job, how ever did you do it?

The pictures of your daughter are great. With 3 daughters of my own, I imagine that one day I'll have a cheerleader on my hands too.

Fun getting to know more about you.......

Southern Sugar said...

Love this post. You are so precious. As always I come away feeling I've had a little visit with you. Maybe one day I actually will up close and in person, I hope so :)

Julie said...

thanks for sharing, cute pix too. Your daughter does make a super cute cheerleader. :)

Jennifer said...

I've never watched 24 either. I'm being pressured to watch it, but just don't feel the need to add another tv show to my already too long list. Your daughter is beautiful and your dog is adorable.
I have to admit to hating the saying, "sticks and stones will break my bones, but names will never hurt me." Whoever came up with that is a liar. I think name calling is some of the very worst thing.
Love reading your little facts.

Shannon said...

Congratulations on keeping the 30 lbs. off that is great. It is so fun reading about other people on these blogs, thanks for sharing. Oh and I hate shaving my legs so don't feel alone! :)

Felicia said...

You are so funny....between the shaving your legs and these pics aren't related to the post comments....I seriously could read what you have to write all day long. And, I'm impressed with your multi-tasking or multi-dating should I say? ;-)

Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

OMG.... I still cannot get over the Purple Rain paragraph....LOL...you go girl!! I do remember that movie well.... I think it was the first R rated movie I ever saw!!

I am glad you posted the pictures of your sweet girl.......she is beautiful...and OH WOW can she jump!!

Luv Ya,


PS...Go rent the Sex in the City series on dvd.....or order them on netflix.....I LOVED that show!

melissa said...

Paige - love this 'blog housekeeping' post!
Way to go with the 30lbs loss ( I remember reading about your story) and most importanly, keeping it off! ... I need another 1 1/12 to catch up to you ;).
Fabulous photos of your beautiful daughter!! .. and your sweet pooch :)
**A package is on its way to you!!

3 Peanuts said...

35-40 different sets of dishes!!!! And my husband thought I had a problem with 5-7 sets???? Love you Paige---let me know about the skirt..I will buy.
Also...where is that gorgeous angelic outfit miss carloine is wearing below from? She looks like a dream.

Jboo said...

So sweet to learn more about you! Wow -- I have 3 sets of dishes and I thought that was alot! Love the photos of your sweet cute cheerleader. Way to go on keeping the 30 pounds off!


Michelle said...

Paige -
You are an inspiration. I love reading about your enjoyment of fashion and home AND such a treat to hear from your heart. . . congrats on keeping the weight off. Love the pictures of your daughter.

traci said...

we have a few things in common. in fact, i could braid the hair on my legs right now. i know - yuk. i have never watched 24 either. sorry, but can't join you on the Purple Rain thing. I think I just saw in once and not really the whole thing. thanks for sharing random things. i too think those are so fun to read.

Tracey said...

Well now that was fun! I LOVED reading your list!! Every time you mention that sweet little girl seeing angels before she died I tear up...I too believe she saw those angels...

BTW, that girl of yours can jump!!! And I know that's not easy...incredible!

:) T

Jackie said...

Love this post. Love learning more about you.
Happy New Year to you & your family.
Warmly, Jackie Carl
Marion, IN

Jo said...

Love the fact that you own that many sets of dishes! Sadly, I am old enough to know of and have seen Purple Rain ~ even had the record!


LuLu said...

i just love reading all these wonderful facts about you. they made me giggle and i too saw Purple Rain... but not as lucky to have all those dates :)

farmhouse wares said...

Paige-I love this post. It's so real, funny and inspiring. thank you much.

Teresa said...

Oh you make me laugh. And smile! Fun post. Love Purple Rain!! I taught a fab aerobics work out to lots of the tunes in Purple Rain in college!

Pony Girl said...

Cute post, your daughter is an amazing athlete!
Never saw Purple Rain, how sad, I am a child of the 80's and love Prince. Gotta put that one in my Netflix que.
I am hooked back into 24 this season...it's a little violent, but truly suspenseful and unpredictable! And Keifer Sutherland hit on me in a bar in Whistler around 10 years ago, LOL! ;)

Rachel said...

Oh, I know what you mean about shaving your legs. My legs look awful!

I love your blog, Paige :)

tara said...

you are just too cute for words!!
muwahhh! Tara

Marci @ All Things Wonderful said...

I love.love.love this post. I couldn't even read about Grace without crying. What a precious honor that you named your daughter after her. I am always so blessed by your writings.

Courtney Walsh said...

ummm... you seriously need to watch some 24. This is not optional. It's a must in order to really know what GREAT TV is! lol :)

I like your list How fun!

PS~Erin said...

I love when you do these sort of posts. There so much to you!

Anonymous said...

I love this post, sweet Paige! Do you REALLY have so many dish sets? LOL! I love all your honesty! And yes TMI, but don't change! You are perfect!


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