Thursday, January 14, 2010


i laid my head down last night on the shoulder of my sweet tender man
my rock
he is who steadies me
he is my anchor that is ever true & loyal

i shared with him all the events of the day that had left my heart burdened

i had woke up yesterday and spent much time listening to the stories from Haiti
& the mass devastation
devastation that i simply can't wrap my mind around

one of the reporters spoke of seeing these two women
waiting for "care" in a hotel lobby
one with an obvious broken leg
the other
her foot had been severed
sometime close to 24 hours earlier at that point

severed off?

her foot was severed off & she was still waiting for care
& in a hotel for crying out loud
not a hospital
no pain meds
no crisp white sheets
no iv with sedatives
& possibly
no, probably
no surgery to repair her

i just cried
i can't imagine the pain
is she even still alive now?

we live in country full of abundance
where many can have a spa pedi on any given day
& yet there is an entire country
probably the poorest in our hemisphere
where these people may not even receive the medical attention they need
to survive

i just can't comprehend

my heart broke

as i opened my google reader this morning i was so grateful
to see many of the bloggers with etsy shops
sending all their profits to Haiti
angela is just one of them
she has several listed on her blog who are doing the same
{update* as is melissa}
i urge you to find a way to give~

the day continued
i had confrontations
one fairly heated
with two of my girls
we've been smooth sailing for quite sometime
that was tough

on wednesday nights
i'm blessed beyond measure
to work with, mentor, lead a group of 6th grade girls
along with my eldest daughter , savannah & her bff
plus one of my best friends
we lead this amazing group of sweet girls
who love the Lord

we had asked them to spend some time over their Christmas break
while we were apart
& come back ready to share a scripture that meant something special to them
most of them shared
scriptures from their heart
i cried

each time they shared i cried
i was trying to get a grip
so i wouldn't be a distraction

then one of the girls began to share
she had actually been adopted by a wonderful family a few years ago
her biological parents are in & out of jail
as she shared last night
about wondering if they truly loved her
if she was to blame for their bad choices
but that Jesus was her rescuer
He had rescued her from the world she had lived in

are you kidding me?

tears just falling down my cheeks
i'm listening to an adorable blonde headed pig tailed 12 year old
speak of the tender heart of the Lord
12 years old
who receives letters from her biological dad who sits in prison
& yet
she's placing her broken heart into the hands of The Healer

when we were done
i pulled her aside
she & i both completely a wreck by this time
i took her sweet face in my hands
& tried to explain that sometimes people we love will hurt us
but that its never her fault
& that they did love her
Jesus sees each of her tears
& was indeed her Rescuer
i told her He was going to do great things with her life!

i brushed her hair from her face
reminded her she was loved
& wondered if instead of the Lord sending me to love on her
maybe He sent her ....
to me

~~~saturday morning quick update~~~
i'm happy to announce that through random generator via melissa
that Felicia is our winner!!


Kristin said...
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Kristin said...

Oh my! I heard on the radio as I drove that well over 100,000 plus were dead in Haiti. I heard it in the Starbucks line. I was wordless, brokenhearted with the same sentiments as you. I could not wrap my mind around it. I talked to the Starbucks guy...his words..."Oh well I guess there is a line at the pearly gates." "What!!!!!!" I say? I became so lost for words I was beside myself! We have so much to be grateful for!!!!! So very much and yes, I will find a way to give, to help, to hold the face of another in care to show them that Jesus loves perfectly still. Thank you for your words that have become so very profound over the last two posts my kindred life friend. All your words mean so very much.

Stylestance said...

Beautifully said. You are an inspiration. Thank you.

Megan said...

Such incredible loss,

Your words touch my heart.....

Shawn Seay said...

Now there are tears streaming down my face. Thank you, friend.

Simone said...

Paige....what an incredible woman you truly write the most amazing posts.....

I am heading over to your friend's blog right now....


Jboo said...

Oh Paige -- you touched my heart with this post. The destruction in Haiti is heartbreaking.


Mitchell Fab Four said...

And God sent you--sent this particular post -- to me. I have been struggling in recent days with a similar story--an 11 year old girl and 10 year old boy--siblings whose mother is in jail for a poor and selfish decision--they do have the love of their dear father who has custody and the love of our dear Heavenly Father, but the internal struggle they are facing is much the same. Thank you, Paige--and thank GOD!!

Angela Harris said...

Thank you so much for linking my blog for this purpose! I REALLY appreciate your help in this.
I know what we are doing is being a vessel for hope from God to them.
Beautiful post!
~Angela Harris

Southern Sugar said...

What a beautiful post Paige. Thank you so much for sharing. I have felt a calling to work with the children's home and be a mentor there. This post is a huge encouragement to me to get registered and get going with that.

Kate said...

I hope so much I get to meet you someday while we are still walking around this earth. You continue to amaze and inspire me. Beautiful!!

1 Funky Woman said...

I cannot believe it either, I had to do a post on Haiti also. I am at a loss for words. I am so touched by the little girl in your group, she seems like such a bright girl for her age. She has such wisdom about God. I do believe she was there for you too!


maria said...

I'm so thankful we have Christ to lean on. We know He's coming again. We know He is near to the brokenhearted, we know HE KNOWS our hurt, our sickness, our desires. I'm so thankful to rest on the solid rock. What would I do without it? Whew, that's a sad thought. So, until He comes again, I will continue to be encouraged by people like you, Paige:) xoxo

Kristy said...

oh girl. your post truly are wonderful. you write from your heart right into ours.
a beautiful post.

*The Beautiful Life* said...

No words. Speechless. In so many ways.

Sometimes it CAN feel like the world is closing in.

Thanks for this post -- it gives hope and it shows that God IS still at work -- everywhere. You see it where you least expect to.

Love ya,


kpb said...

I'm sobbing

Amy said...


Martha said...

I am completely sobbing...such beautiful words are a dear, so sweet, and always an inspiration to me.

I love your link...boy do I love Angela too...she is a sweetheart!

Your photos are just gorgeous by the way too...of course your daugther is too since it is of her!:)

melissa said...

Thank you dear Paige for writing this beautiful, touching post. I have contacted Angela and I am donating my etsy shop proceeds to the Haiti fund.

You are so incredibly caring, loving and such a faithful sister of Christ ... doing God's work here on earth. What a blessing you are, my friend!!


TanyaLea said...

My heart is aching and the tears are falling right along with yours. Thank you for bringing such light to this situation through your post. Thank you to ALL of the Etsy shop owners who are donating their profits to help those suffering from this disaster! Oh, my heart is just heavy for the loss and devistation. I cannot begin to wrap my mind around all that suffering. We all need to be in prayer...REAL, crying out to God prayer, for these people. The least of these. They are hurting so deeply, and the NEED help, they need our prayers, they NEED the Lord!

And that little twelve year old girl whose parents are in heart about stopped as I read that. I think God sent you BOTH to be a help to eachother AND to touch all of us, as well! <><


Gina said...

It is so easy to forget, or even put aside the tragic happenings elsewhere in the world, but we are so blessed and Paige you reminded me again of how wonderful all of our lives are. I don't usually comment on your blog, but I truely enjoy reading them. You give me inspiration to be a better person. I look up to you and would strive to be more like you. You are a tremendous women. Thank you for the gentle reminder. This one made me cry. :)

Auntie Cake said...

So sweet, we have so much to be thankful for here, don't we? But yet it's so easy for us to forget... Having been to countries that have been devastated by hurricanes/earthquakes before, it's hard to get those sounds, images, and the sheer devastation out of my mind. I am thankful for this as it reminds me to be happy each time I can turn on my faucet and clean water runs out.

Raining Pearls said...

Oh Paige, what an amazing little girl! So wonderful that she has you and so many other God fearing people in her life now. You are blessing to all, thanks for this beautiful post.

Praying for Haiti.

AshleyR said...

Beautiful Paige. I love your heart!!

Farmgirl Paints said...

Well this whole post just tore at my heart. The whole Haiti thing is just too much and then the little girl with the parents in prison...oh my goodness.

What a beautiful post Paige...very tender indeed. Thinking of Jesus as my rescuer is one of my favorite ways to envision him. I actually have a tattered old t-shirt that says Jesus rescue me.

What an incredible thought. He will rescue that little girl, those poor Haitian people and me in my nice home surrounded by goodness. We are all the same in His eyes.

Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

Oh yes, He did send her to you..... what a beautiful and touching post on so many levels. You inspire me daily.... just wanted you to know that!



Jennifer said...

Isn't that how it often works? We plan to do something to help or bless others and we end up on the receiving end of things. Such a beautiful post. Thank you for sharing.

the wild raspberry said...

oh dear paige
i'm so glad for you and your lovely heart
i've been so sad for those poor people that are suffering
god bless you~

Jerri said...

beautifully stated...aww teenage girls(and boys!)...we love them so deeply and they just don't understand at that point...but they will and its all worth it!!
I have no words for the Haiti situation...we are so blessed!!...praying for relief for those people!

Amor said...

Paige, Thanks for posting your thoughts. The story about the girl who was adopted made my worries and frustrations seem so inconsequential. Your blog put my sadness in perspective. Thanks!

Marci @ All Things Wonderful said...

Wow! What a wonderful experience with a sweet 6th grade girl. I attempt to minister to teenagers, each Wednesday night-and it always seems as though I am the one who is ministered to. I love how the Lord blesses us. Keep lovin' on those precious girls. I know they must adore you!

Nina Diane said...

a very touching post...thank you for that

Lissa said...

I love the story about the sweet girl. My sister works in young life and it's so alarming how many girls have hard pasts at such a young age. I'm still trying to wrap my mind around the disaster in Haiti. It's really huge! and sad! I just love that picture of caroline. LOVE! It's a new favorite for sure! I love seeing it on my sidebar so you may not make a new post~ ever. sorry. ;)

homebody0404 said...


I'm crying. Isn't it wonderful when God uses you in some way!!

Tracey said...

Oh Paige, you're always making me cry! You have a gift...with words...both in how you write your posts and convey the inspiring love you have for the Lord, and in the heartfelt and loving comments you leave for others! Thank you for your wonderful heart...

May God bless all of those people suffering in Haiti...and may He bless you and your sweet self as well...

:) T

Gina said...

What a beautiful blog! Thank you for your sweet comments. I am excited to visit your blog. I, to have had a hard time this year understanding everything that has happened to our loved one's and those around the world that live in poverty and despair such as Haiti. Thank you for writing about it. You have a beautiful family and a beautiful way to express your thoughts.

Ellie said...

you are incredibly gifted with the ability to touch hearts with your words, and photos.

praying for Haiti. and girls like the one you mentioned. . . .

we are so blessed, may we use our blessings to bless others!

hugs :)

The Flying Bee said...

Such a beautiful post, it brought tears to my eyes.


all that i am said...

tears down my face too
what you share in your blog is amazing
dear and near
and not so far and away

Christ is very near, and very present

and I'm sure your words bring Him glory

and why do you have beautiful white sofas and some have nothing and then loose a foot?
if it breaks our hearts...imagine how the one who made all of our hearts, our emotions, our very life and must He feel?!?

and yet life goes on...
how then shall we live?!?

I do believe in you He is well pleased.....

thank you for sharing your pain, your insight, your faith, your real life...
and in the only way I can be inspired and touched by this blog world

Felicia said...

That is one of the most beautiful posts I have ever read. God's grace is abundant. I think God meant for you to be blessed by each other :)

Per your update at the bottom...thanks again for your sweet giveaway.

Kasey said...

hello dear paige.
You are MY inspiration.

Breathing Beside Us said...

Beautiful. Thank you.

Gina said...

I just nominated you for an award on my site! Your blog is lovely and I would love to know more about you through a "fun random" post. Check it out.

traci said...

such devastation. it is horrible. you are such a gift paige!! i honestly believe you were meant to help that beautiful little blonde haired girl. God bless you sweetie.

Lemonade Makin' Mama said...

You have such a precious tender heart. I feel so devastated by all this, and know that it's actual lives just changed forever in ways I can not imagine. Heartbreaking.

catherine said...

paige, your posts are so precious, so tender, so open. thank you for sharing your heart. all that is going on in Haiti, sure makes things here look small. i am proud to call such a sweet, tender hearted, loving lady my friend. :) you are precious.

luciwallis said...

I think that was the most well written post, wonderfully said. Thanks for inspiring my day~

Heather H said...

your heart is so tender and that is one of the most amazing attributes that i have grown to love about you.

love to you today.

Courtney Walsh said...

This is an absolutely beautiful sentiment in such a difficult time. How do we process? It's too much to handle. I heard someone say that the people in Haiti are accustomed to suffering so they aren't complaining... they are making the best of this. In spite of their devastation.

Beautiful thoughts. God bless you.

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