Tuesday, November 20, 2007


We are switching gears....Savannah's cheer season has ended & we're full swing with Madison's Nutcracker production. I can't wait to see her perform this year. She will be a soilder captian & in the waltz of the flowers~~gorgeous costumes! I'll share those pics soon!
Savannah's competition squad did awesome!! They worked their tails off & won most all of their events. Crazy pressure on those days!
Football games were obviously much less intense & I loved watching them just enjoy theirselves. Too cute!

Well , as much as I'd love to share one of the , hmmm-shall we call it "family issues" that seems to roll around each holiday ( don't worry mom--not you!) and give you all quite a laugh ( insert my rolling eyes & hear my grumble now)....I will choose the higher road & share some images that make me laugh!
I haved saved everyone of these that my girls have made.....love 'em!!
Emi's pilgrim costume & feast from kindergarten Cracks me up---surely you can sing along
"five fat turkeys are we, we slept all night in the tree, when the cook came around we couldn't be found, that's why we're here you see"

My favorite little indian princess!!

One of the main character traits I encourage my girls to have is an attitude of gratitude. I want them to learn to choose to be thankful & focus on those things. Obviously there are times in our lives when things don't seem fair or that our prayers weren't answered the way we had hoped and in those times we struggle with our emotions....wonder if God is there....or feel alone.

But most of our days we are blessed to live days filled with blessed normalcy.
I want to have a spirit that praises God for the little things. I want my girls to realize that He could have allowed the leaves to just go from green to brown and then fall off the trees. But instead, he gave us the pleasure of watching nature & see His glory through the gorgeous reds, oranges & yellows in the leaves. He could have made night simply turn to into day by a heavenly flipped switch. But instead, he gave us the treasured sunrise & gorgeous sunsets. The heavens declare His glory.
My prayer is for this Thanksgiving week which turns quickly into the hustle & bustle of Christmas, that my home will be a place of warmth & love and our hearts be greatful to the Lord for who He is!
I love this song....turn it up!!
Have a blessed Thanksgiving!!


Firefly Hill said...


Happy Thanksgiving to you and your beautiful family!


Cherry's Jubilee said...

Hi Paige! I discovered you yesterday while bloggin away...so happy that I did! I have enjoyed all your beautiful pics of family and home & your walk with the Lord. I see we both have a love of vintage and scrapbooking/paper arts. I have always loved decorating and crafting. Scrapbooking has really become a passion to me though. I too love Jenni Bowlin (our local scrap store carries her now). Anyway thought I would say hi and you are welcome to come visit me when you have a chance! Cherry

Jake and Taryn said...

Very cute pictures!!...and I love your attitude of gratitude!! God is so great! I am so dearly thankful for the Lord and who He is...as you mentioned! :)

Happy Thanksgiving!

Danielle said...

I love these photos and LOVE this post. You spoke so beautifully and reminded me of how blessed we all are. Have a very happy Thanksgiving.


Robyn said...

OH paige those photos are just adoreable! Thanks for making me smile as usual. Have a blessed Thanksgiving dear girly!

Kimber said...


I love your walk down Thanksgiving memory lane! So adorable. I love your attitude of gratitude. I try to be the same way and teach my children too. I think that is what attraccted me to your blog.

So curious about the "issues" The family counselor in me loves to hear that stuff!

Have a blessed Thankgiving!


Anonymous said...

You are so right. We should all be Thankful for the ordinary things that we take for granted.

May you and your family have a Blessed Thanksgiving.


Christine said...

what a beautiful family you have,Paige.
Thank you for coming to visit me and for all your kind words.
gratitude is most important...thank you for reminding us of what is truly important.
A blessed Thanksgiving to you & your dear family,

cjs said...

just discovered your blog...I enjoyed the pics and reading your profile...I have a Savannah, too!

Thanks for the inspiration!


Meg said...

I know I say this every time I stop by your blog, but your children are absolutely beautiful...and I love the pictures you post of them!

Jennifer Paganellli said...

i Paige I love how you tell your story with such compassion and love...Happy Holidays my sweet..Jennifer