Monday, March 15, 2010


i have many random things to catch up with so i'm gonna knock 'em all out of the park with one giant swing!

~1. so thrilled that i was able to zoom over for Kathryn Stockett's book signing.
i would have loved to have shown my southern born & bred solidarity by showing up in a lilly pulitzer frock or atleast a talbots cardigan and pearls but it was one of those days. so i blew in sporting my uniform ( aka yoga pants & black fleece). i did however refrain from going all gaga about my infatuation with "The Help", how i really didn't want that wonderful book to end, loved the characters, could honestly hear them in my head, that we had a Minnie in our family, that i'm pumped about the whole MOVIE gig , and thank her for such a fabulous choice she made in the hardback colors.
if she only knew all that, she might have smiled as ginormous as me.
& good grief, do i have the roundest face in the world or what?

~2. Saving CeeCee is another excellent read!

~3. dan & i went to brunch saturday. when we arrived home, my sweet madison had made a chocolate cake, FROM SCRATCH and left the kitchen spotless. talking my love language sweet girl!

~4. i have quite the crush on these little ballet flats, just not their sassy price tag.

~5. and these too, even though i think i'd look ridiculous in them

~6. thinking these are more my speed ( forgive the pun) & yellow, of course!

~7. would love to give a shout out to CSN stores. CSN sent over this gorgeous Calphalon 3 quart casserole dish & i LOVE it. CSN has excellent customer service. Excellent! their shipping was timely & i am very very pleased with the product. it was an all around pleasure working iwth this company! Thank you CSN!!

~8. saw Alice in Wonderland in 3~D
loved Alice in Wonderland in 3~D.
could have lived without the whole dragon slaying scene , but otherwise great little movie.
there is a scene at the beginning where alice arrives at an english manor.....the colors are amazing...muted yet saturated. i think i did an outloud gasp....

~9. if you are looking to save a few pennies, suave has a rosemary & mint line that is comparable to Aveeda...& smells divine!

~10. woke this morning to a card from my honey saying "happy 4,000 days of marriage"!
turns out he did the math months ago & made a note in his planner to send me a special note today.
no i don't deserve him
& yes, i've asked if he'll host a speaking engagement on how to effectively make your wife feel incredibly loved.
currently he has declined

~11. are you still with me?
i tried to copy & paste that darn widget thingy from but for crying out loud, it only copied the text portion. was scared if i ran it again it would read 2 findings vs 1-so i quit while i was ahead...what a dork i am. i really wanted to appear all professional & legit
BIG congrats to tracey of french larkspur on winning the gorgeous fly free lisa leonard necklace ( i'm working through my jealousy -wink)
tracey has hosted several generous giveaways on her own blog, so i was tickled when i realized she was the winner. so glad she has a turn to receive!
hope you enjoy!!

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1 Funky Woman said...

Oh I am so jealous of you. I read the book right after you recommended it and I adored it. I continue to think of all the characters and its been a while since I read it. I have told everyone to read it. Your husband is so sweet that he counted how many days you've been married, that is truly the sweetest!

Whats our next book, lol!

Jboo said...

Just got that book on your recommendation and am sharing it with my Mom, who gets to read it first. How cool that you got to meet the author!

And your daughter -- amazing -- yummy looking cake; and your hub --even more amazing! Let me know when he decides to give that lecture! :)

Courtney Walsh said...

I really need to read that book. How fun you got to meet the author!! And I love those running shoes! Fun!

Tracey said...

Just finished reading The Postmistress and The Help and came back to re-read that post to get some more book suggestions and lo and behold you got to meet the author. How awesome!! Loved both books but couldn't put The Help down. I just want to know more about all the characters!

Love the flats and running shoes. When I buy heels like #2 I look at them and think they're pretty but can never wear them that long.

Sweet, sweet man you're married to. I'm lucky to have a good man too!

Lissa said...

bought the book and plan to start it next week! had to stop reading mid post and go take the protective cover off of it to see what you were talking about. ha! fun post!
can my 6 and 8 yr old see alice? xoxo

Jen Kershner said...

Still haven't read The Help but is is definitely on my to do list. Don't hate me! Your hubs is awesome. Will for sure try that Suave line. I think you have a gorgeous face. Love those Nike's. So sad I didn't win the necklace. Would slap my momma for a piece of that chocolate cake. Maybe you could bring me a piece this summer?

Sweet Grace Farms said...

I have yet to read "The Help". It is next on my list. Love the gold wedges. They might be cute with your uniform:) Loved to a thousand "Alice". Could have seen it again immediately. I loved the way Alice became the champion. As we say - Alice was a cold mountain girl - my kind of girl! You gotta love that husband of your. He's one in a million.

Sharla said...

Thanks for the tip on Suave - bet it smells wonderful! And hubby and I have been trying to decide if our boys (age 4 & 6 and not easily scared) should watch Alice & Wonderful. What's your thought? And yes, you do have a mighty nice hubby there :)

Unknown said...

Howdy! I just got home from my grandmother's funeral, and what an amazing way to pick up my spirits...there your little email was sitting in my inbox...and I pop over here to see what the mystery is all fun...and how cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A big hug to you my friend and a HUGE thank you...eeeek...I'm so excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

:) T

p.s. your husband is just too are blessed sweet Paige...and rightfully so!

pps. there's too many tracey's in blogland :)

Farmgirl Paints said...

Don't know how I missed this one. I can't believe your honey sent you a card for 4,000 days! That is so beyond sweet! What a wonderful man.

My daughter saw the Alice movie over the weekend. She had a b-day party...she said the dragon scene was the worst, but other than that it was okay.

I'm still thinking about your church. I so long for my kids to have those feelings and to experience that. Have a great evening Paige:)

Jerri said...

Paige I am currently reading "The Help" per your recommendation and yes the cover is sooo pretty...and all I have to say is DAN IS THE MAN! :)

Clare said...

loved all of your randomness!! need to read the help, everyone says it is so good. your hubby is amazing!

Anne Marie said... are hilarious! this post was so fun.....I'm totally going to try that shampoo, haven't seen Alice in wonderland yet, i want that chocolate cake in a bad way, and your husband is THE most romantic man!!
your heart just must explode with joy!!

Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

You my dear friend would look beautiful in a brown paper bag....I love that picture of you!

Your husband is so super sweet....Happy 4000 Days of Married Life!

My hubby did the grocery shopping this weekend and came back with that very shampoo and conditioner for me to try. He knows that I love Rosemary and Mint combo...... I used it this morning and it is very much like the Aveda product....minus the hefty price tag of course!

Love the shoes....OH SO CUTE!

Enjoy the rest of your week!



Henley on the Horn said...

I can't believe you were able to meet Kathryn Stockett! How fun and I think you look adorable! My poor hubby just had to hear how thoughtful your man is. I have a great hubby but neither of us knows how many days we've been married. Good for him!

Kasey said...

I was going to send you a card myself for something like 400 days of friendship...does that ring a bell?
that lucky tracey...she wins everything.
not that i'm jealous...
p.s. how'd the mac turn out?

The Flying Bee said...

congrats to happy for her!

oh, and that is so absolutely romantic...a card for 4000 days of marriage! *sigh* you are blessed girl!

can't wait to see Alice in 3-D!


Ramona said...

Great, great post. I'm~a gonna read that book...have my 13 year old bake a chocolate cake...definitely see that movie and shampoo my curls!

Yep...this was a great post!

Smiles ~ Ramona

traci said...

how exciting that you went to her book signing. i just finished that saturday night. loved it. did not want it to end. it's going to be a movie you say? fun running shoes! not sure if they would get me moving or not. congrats to Tracey!!!!

melissa said...

SO exciting Paige that you were able to meet Katheryn Stockett!! You know The Help is an all time fav of mine ... and Cee Cee is right up there too!
Brunch with your thoughtful husband (much less the card!!), cake by Madison, and the clean up :) ... and yes, you need those TB revas ;)

Wendy said...

Sweetest thing...that card from your hubby...he's a keeper!!! But, so are you...and I think he knows that. ;-)

Alecia said...

How sweet is your husband?!?! I pray for one like that one day :-)

Kristin said...

Dan is just the gentleman and well he ROCKS. So glad he is your guy. Tell him thank you from me for being good to you.

Oh and to giggle. A year ago I got wedge shoes like what was on your blog. I wore them and met Mom/Suz for dinner. She just giggled at me. Just sayin.

Donna said...

Paige, that is so awesome you were able to meet Kathryn! I finished The Help and Saving CeeCee per your recommendations. I loved them! You and I must like the same kind of thigs. I am going to try your next book. I love reading! It takes you into a whole other world. I am anxious to see Alice too! Your husband sounds adorable. Such a treasure! Hugs!

Jill said...

new reader and (and commenter!) via Melissa's (MCC) blog...long time friend of her's. Oh! And fellow ATL girl. Love your heart and your sweet blog!

Lemonade Makin' Mama said...

okay funny story about the rosemary mint shampoo.

I have been treated to a certain spa exactly four times in my entire life and they have the MOST amazing rosemary mint shampoo. I have been known to stand in the shower lathering up my entire body while at this spa.

Luckily for me, they never kicked me out for using half a bottle.

Also, I'm going to be reading The Help for bookclub b/c Lissa recommended it via your recommendation! Can't wait!

Jenn said...

I am going to the nearest 24 hour store to buy that Suave!! I love Aveda... can't afford it anymore... sniff... sob, sob... ;)

Love the 4,000 days of marriage thing... gotta get a calculator and see how many days I have been married! ha ha!

christina said...

i am still reading the postmistress. i want to grab "the help" so many people have told me, how wonderful it is.
: )

Susan R said...

I love the Tory Burch Revas too, but who can afford them? I can probably swing them used from eBay, but even then they are selling into the 100s for (used shoes!) I'm not that stupid. I do love the tennis shoes though. I'm a flip flop girl. I can wear my jeans, turtleneck sweater, down vest and a pair of flip flops. I think it's the years of living in Hawaii that does it for me.

DaShannon said...

ridiculous is a state of mind... have no fear shoes are never ridiculous!