Wednesday, March 24, 2010

the grumpy blogger

i'll be honest
this is how i've felt the last several days
its been a doozey around here
i debated , should i post the list of things that have gone wrong?
i was going to even try to rhyme everything
dr seuss style of course
but since i'm in a funk
& a little grumpy
my creative thoughts weren't really flowing

& besides that
who really wants to hear all about
water pouring through my ceiling inches from my white furniture
or that my freezer flooded my fridge
or that my beloved vacuum cleaner died
after cleaning the mess
the sewer guy left on my newly shampooed carpet
who really wants to hear about that?
but the real kicker
is that my little birthday girl has been mighty sick
she was out of it on her birthday
fever 105
so pitiful
she asked me if i would open her presents for her

but in all seriousness
i would love for you to remember her in your prayers
she has chronic headaches
we've been through the neurologist
had an MRI
seen the eye doctor
she has experienced migraine like headaches & has since she was 5
some weeks she might go to the clinic at school everyday
but about 2 months ago
she began to complain that her tummy hurt
usually all day

we saw the doc 2 weeks ago & had a load of tests run
many things ruled out
but one of her labs came back abnormal
we've been referred to a gastroenterologist
thus begins the long wait
waiting to get an appointment
then takes time to schedule tests

i'm just tired of seeing my little one not feeling 100%
i'd rather her be running around flying her new birthday kite
then laying inside not feeling well


on the upside
my older 3 girls all have cheer tryouts
this week & next
so you can imagine all the excitement around here

savannah will be a senior next year
she's done gymnastics & tumbling since the age of 3
she hoping to change things up next year & not go the competition cheer route
so we'll see how that goes...

emily is my rookie cheerleader
she had a fantastic season last fall
& will be trying out for the middle school squad

madison left her 11 years of ballet
& jumped right into cheering
she had a great season cheering for middle school
& this week is running with the big dogs
as she tries out for a spot on one
of the highschool squads

good luck girls!!!
i'm so proud of each of you!!


Katiebee said...

Wishing your little one better health~ Few things pull at your heart like a sick child~
It sounds like you a good reason to be a grumpy blogger! I too had water in places it shouldn't have been! Here's to better days ahead!

Unknown said...

Oh Paige, I hope your littlest girl feels better very soon....and you get to have the further tests done sooner rather than later and that all is well....I am sure it will be.

Sorry to hear about all the things going don't sound grumpy at all though!

And good luck to all your beautiful girls...cheerleading sounds like so much fun.


PS Was just reading back through your recent posts....LOVED the Tory Burch shoes....and the bit about the "4000 day" of marriage....what a special man :)

Farmgirl Paints said...

Oh sweetie so sorry you've hit a rough patch. Thanks for sharing with us...that's what we are here for to lift one another up. Sending some prayers your way.

So sorry about your little one. When I was little I was sick a lot too. Everyday I would get knots in my stomache and spend hours in the nurses station. I ended up being hospitalized and tested...they said it was just a nervous stomach. I don't know. I'll sure be lifting her up. Migraines at such a young age...poor baby.

Martha said...

I am so sorry for such a difficult week. I am so proud of you for writing it because it will help...I am so sorry for Caroline! I will pray for her the way you are not grumpy at all ~ and see you noticed the positive some great upcoming things for your girls...

Clementine said...

Your girls are so beautiful! I sure hope the docs can get to the bottom of the illness - that's so frustrating as a Mommy. Bless your heart, I hope things get better fast. It's been a long winter and summer is coming, with sunshine and happier days ahead! Praying for you,


katie purcell said...

Oh No!
How can that precious angel be so sick. As her mom, anxiety can completely overwhelm you. Praying for peace and wisdom for both the doctors and you and Dan.

You know Bob has struggles with migranes all his life. He will be soooooo sad to hear Caroline does too.

Love you sweet friend.

Lissa said...

i'm so sorry paige. I know exactly what you're going through with caroline. that was me only I was 15 yrs old. i had migraines and then ended up right where she's headed. I pray that God grants wisdom to the doctors so that she can get all better and live headache free from now on! My kids used complain about tummy aches every day and it scared me a little. So I took them off of gluten (because that's what was wrong with their mama) and they stopped complaining after a few days. I hope you find a quick diagnosis. I will be very curious to hear what they find. But I guess I just wrote all this to encourage you because I'm sure as a mom I would be fearing the worst! I was very, very sick like that at 15 and look at me now! (just a little sick in the head- ha!)

Jboo said...

Oh my goodness Paige -- what a week! Hoping things go better with the household thing -- nothing much worse than water coming in!

So sorry to hear sweet Caroline is not feeling well. Will keep her (and you too) in my prayers. I remember very clearly the first migraine I had in 6th grade and actually have one today too. Hope the docs are able to figure out and deal quickly with the tests and the results!

Your cheer girls are so adorable! Good luck to all 3! Take care now -- don't want you to get sick!


Lynda Cantrell said...

Hey sweet girl,
I'm soooooooooo sorry about Caroline. You are the nurse, but could it be food allergies? I've read that allergies can cause all kinds of symptoms. Savannah surprised us a Publix the other day! What a doll! Your girls are as beautiful as their mother. If you need a good Christian roofer I have one, you could have had hale damage and insurance could cover it, we did.
Just finished "the Swan House" and loved it. I gave it to Georgia Lea and she is loving it, too. She's only 11, but loves to read. This is the kind of book that could change a young girl's life and attitudes. Where can I find your "must reads"? Have you ever thought of having a book club? I know, in your spare time. Well, we're praying for Caroline.
Love you, Lynda

melissa said...

Oh Paige - I am SO sorry that caroline is not feeling well. I can't imagine her having to deal with the headaches and now tummy aches too. Poor, sweet girl. My prayers are with you both.
LOVE all your cheerleading pictures! Soooo cute with all 4 girls together. Best of luck to all 3 girlies :)

Love & prayers (big HUGS too!)
xo said...

Paige, I will ABSOLUTELY keep your sweet youngest in my prayers!! AND I will keep YOU in my prayers. I can feel your pain and frustration tied up with this yearning for all to be OK and an insurmountable love!!
And, just so you know, talking about the bad things that go on kinda help the heart flush it out so if you have stuff you need to complain about, this is your space and know that we'll all be here lifting you up with prayer and a dose of empathy or sympathy accordingly!!

Jen Kershner said...

When it rains it pours, huh? Although I'm sure we'd all prefer it didn't pour in our house. I hope you are over the worst of it and good things are headed your way. And poor little bit! I hope she is feeling 100% very, very soon. Good luck to your gorgeous cheerleaders!

1 Funky Woman said...

Oh, I so hope you figure out what is going on with your little one! Sorry about all the things going on in your house too, that stinks to say the least.

The girls look amazing all in their cheerleading outfits. Good luck to all of them!

Molly said...

I'll definitely be sending out some prayers for 'lil Caroline. She's such a cutie, and she certainly deserves to feel better. I also hope all will go well with her doctor's appointments.

Susan R said...

What the heck? 105? I'm sure they tested for H1N1 yeah? My little Paige had 104 and terrible headaches and it turned out to be
H1N1. Actually 3 of them had it at one time.
I used to get terrible migraines when I was in grade school. I ended up having to change my diet around and it helped tremendously. Well, that and some very expensive sunglasses. I still need the sunglasses and should follow the diet restrictions.
We will keep Caroline and your family in our prayers. Good luck to your older girls.
Email me with your address, we have a get well pkg. for Caroline.

Prudence said...

Poor sweetie.. I have migraines, and I can't imagine a child going through that. I would love to hear an update on your little girl. My 8 year old has frequent headaches and tummy aches, very frequent. Not migraine pain, but still I wonder what is wrong? She is not so bad that they will do any tests. I hope you find the answers your looking for.

Kristin said...

Ugh! All day yesterday as I worked you were on my mind. I thought call her. Then work would call in. Again, Ugh! Know that ALL these details matter to me. Know that I AM here for you. Here to pray. Here to give you my vacuum. Here to help clean up water. Here to hold a cold cloth on Caroline's head. I just AM here girly to listen and be there for whatever you need!

So for now while I work, I send you big SUNSHINE! Oh and I am sooo calling you.

Love you my friend,

Melanie said...

Oh, Paige! Life has a way of throwing it at us sometimes doesn't it? Just keep waiting for that sunshine. IT IS COMING!:-)

I am praying for your family! I hope you get the answers you need for your sweet little girl. I also wish your girls much love and success at tryouts!! I was also a competitive cheerleader...years and years ago. I loved it!!

I hope your days get brighter very soon!!!


PS~Erin said...

Hang in there, momma! It does always seem that things come in groups like that, doesn't it? Maybe it's a way of getting all the cruddy stuff out of the way. Hopefully. Prayers for your little gal... I hope they are able to figure out how to relieve her pain and swiftly. Good luck to you other 3 girls too.

Lemonade Makin' Mama said...

I hope you get some good answers. My little girl had some very similar issues with tummy hurting all the time and we've had tons of issues over the years. I finally had to take her off of all processed or chemically enhanced foods and that eliminates nearly everything we eat- Oh it was fun.

Sending up a prayer for your sweet girl right now.

Much love,

tara said...

oh I am so sorry about your wee one, that is just awful. I hope everything turns out ok and together you can figure this out...I hope your other three girls do well in cheerleading this year, they sure do look like they are having fun!!
one last thing, could she be allergic to gluten? Just a thought!

3 Peanuts said...

So sorry...I have been down this road with my kiddos before...I wonder if she has food allergies (gluten or dairy) or even sensitivities --which are harder to diagnose. There is a GREAT magnesium powder called Kids Calm that helps my guy with is migraines immensely. If you are not absorbing enough magnesium, you get frequent headaches and migraines. I cannot say enough about how great this supplement is. fell free to e-mail me if yo want to talk more about it. Hoping thing look up for you all.


Jennifer said...

Love and prayers, Jennifer aka Gigi

Sharla said...

Hoping things turn around for you and your little one.

Marci @All Things Wonderful said...

So sorry to hear that your little girl is so sick. I will remember her in my prayers. May God lead the doctors and bring peace and strength.
Good luck to your girls! I hope the tryouts go well. Can't wait to hear.

ellieshine said...

I'd be grumpy too. actually I am grumpy too :)

praying for Caroline, that is tough to have to see her like that. poor thing :(

Good luck to your 3 cheerleaders! I love the photos of all 4 of them in cheer outfits!

Sweet Grace Farms said...

Had no idea you dealt with such health issues with Caroline. I hope the tests lead to an easy fix. You are on my heart.

Love Being A Nonny said...

I just stopped and prayed for your baby girl. So hard to watch them be sick. So So hard.

YOUR GIRLS ARE BEAUTIFUL! I look at your girls and see wed$ings $$$$...and I can't wait to see them when they get married!

Courtney Walsh said...

oh, I am praying for your girl. :( How sad that she was sick for her birthday...and sad not to open her own presents! :( I pray you find answers. Feel like I am praying for answers a lot these days... and I've been so grumpy too!

Feel better! And good luck to your cheer girls! How fun! :)

southernjoy said...

praying for answers and peace of mine!

Jeanne Oliver said...

I am so sorry Paige. I will be praying for your sweet girl. So many good suggestions listed here too. I hope it is something simple like food allergies etc...wouldn't that be nice!!!

Debra said...

I hope Caroline feels better soon. It's so hard to see your kids hurting knowing there's not alot to do other than love them and try to comfort them. :)

Elle Jay Bee said...

Of course I will pray for your sweet Caroline. Poor little pet...

I love you and your sweet family and I hope things look brighter all around very soon.

Much lvoe,

Jackie said...

First...I can't imagine you ever being grumpy. You are too sweet.

Second...I am so sorry to hear about your little Caroline & her tummy issues. I am praying for good results.

Third...good luck to your 3 older girls on their try-outs. They will do just fine, I am sure !

HUGS to you !

Dreamy Whites said...

Sweet Paige,
I will be praying for you and your little girl! I have had to deal with migraines, and I know how painful they are. I can't believe she has to deal with those at such a young age! I will be praying for you and your family!
You have beautiful girls!
Take Care,

Anonymous said...

Stumbled on your beautiful blog today!

We had similar issues with one of our children. I saw that several people mentioned gluten/food sensitivities. I know that is an issue for lots of people.

After years of trying to get to the bottom of our child's troubles we finally saw a naturopathic physicial who put her on a regimen of super doses of probiotics and even some homeopathic supplements. Besides eliminating offending foods, it's the first thing we've tried that is working. Exciting!

Hope your girl feels better soon.


traci said...

your girls are amazing. the smiles on their faces are just stunning. plus, man can they fly through the air. wow!!