Friday, May 02, 2008


I tell you what, one of the cutest things to me has been when my girls have lost both front teeth at the same time...I love it!
I love how they have a little temporary lisp
I love how their little face even changes shape
Its the quintessential cute kid time Caroline lost her first tooth last week & then the second one yesterday.
OH my, I could just eat her up.
I'm praying those big girl teeth don't drop in before we head to the beach!

Sweet Emi lost her two front teeth during an accident she had when she was only two years old. You talk about cuteness...we saw that toothless grin for years. & yes , she did indeed have a speech impediment that has since resolved. She now ( after the help of orthodontia) has a beautiful full smile.

Madison only had both of them out for a short time. Between those humongous gorgeous blue eyes & the toothless grin .....

Now Savannah happened to loose all four top teeth at the same time.......good grief was that cute.
We had a large charcoal portrait done of her during that time. The artist asked if I would like for her to "draw them in". Was she crazy? of course not!

I know some of you sweet mothers prefer a mouth full of pearly whites...but give me those few precious toothless grin days any day!
Have a wonderfully blessed weekend
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CourtneyB said...

Caroline has such a cute toothless smile! I'm sure she is proud of loosing those first teeth. Thank you for sharing Angie's story. So powerful and touching. I hope your girls enjoy the last 13 days of school. I'm sure you're excited to get to Seaside. My husband and I are going at the end of June, and we can't wait!

jackie carl said...

Adorable !
Those are some really fun pictures !

I love Caroline's apron,too...does she really cook ? :-)

Thanks for sharing.
Jackie Carl

Heather H said...

PRECIOUS! My sweet Tucker lost his 2 on Christmas eve. We had tons of Christmas pics with the toothless grin. Now, the big ones are coming in which has always marked an 'awkward' phase to me :) They are too big for his face! Plus, my family has LARGE teeth - and he got them.

Loved reading Angie's story as well. Thank you for sharing that. Lately, it seems that I am seeing how Jesus brings the Rain - but the glorious picture after the rain - wow. Just be patient and it will be gorgeous.

Just look at your life!


Rita said...

Oh Paige, how sweet! Again, your photography is amazing!!! My Ella just lost her second tooth, but on the bottom! I've yet to capture the two toppers at the same lucky duck you....xo

Jake and Taryn said...

I LOVE this post!! Awesome toothless pictures of all your girls. It is such a milestone and I love the way you captured this point in each of your girls' lives!! :) LOVE IT!

Jodee Leader said...

Love the "toothless" pictures of your girls. I can't wait for this time with my kids! It is soooo cute!

Heidi Ann said...

Hi Paige, I couldn't agree more about our children's "toothless grins"!....those charming smiles are just priceless!....Looking forwad to your next blog!...Heidi :)

missy said...

Hi Paige!

I just came upon your blog and have had such fun scouring over your pictures and stories. You are one amazing photographer...with GORGEOUS little subjects!!! So glad to have found your site!

Southern Sugar said...

They are what I call Cutie Pot Pies in those pics! What a sweet post.

Jboo said...

What a cutie! Oh my -- you have been a great photographer for a long time -- beautiful photos of such beautiful girls!


Kimber said...

My Harry has lost his two front teeth now and it is cute.


CJ, the Purple Diva said...

I've been away for a little while if you haven't read my blog lately, a lot has happened this week.
But, I just love love love love love coming to see your page. Oh what inspiration you are. I just love your passion for life and the wonderful milestones you think about capturing in your girls lives. Your girls are very blessed to have you as their mom. I hope you have a wonderful Mother's Day, as I am so sure you will.

Jeanne said...

Don't you just love toothless grins! How sweet!