Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Recently I have been very moved by a young family & the loss of their baby sweet baby girl.
Their testimony has touched my heart ~~
touched me because they are so precious --so transparent.
touched me because as I've read Angie's blog, I feel that I can just hear her tears fall as she so eloquently writes each entry.

But it has also challenged me~~
challenged me because their faith in the Lord is raw, its real, & it has been stretched in ways some of us may never experience.
challenged me because I have listened as they try to make sense of their experience...
as they come to understand a deeper faith in the Lord....
a faith this isn't made strong because "everything turned out ok"
a faith that wasn't based on "just believing happy thoughts will change the outcome".

When Angie found out their baby would not survive outside the womb, she began to ( as she so beautifully describes) delicately balance preparing for a loss yet hoping for a miracle.
I love that.
I believe that is so profound.
In my life, both in my professional life as a pediatric oncology nurse & in my own life experiences, I have seen those who chose this same path. Walking through the realities--facing their challenges head on, whatever they maybe yet at the same time, never loosing hope.
Hope in the fact that miracles do occur.

I know that God allows things to happen, sad things happen to good people everyday.
Does it make sense to me--absolutely not.
Does it change the fact that I still trust Him--not for a moment.
There is a scripture in Romans that talks about all things working together for good. I believe that "good" is not necessarily what we define as good....good for our life-plan, good for our perfect happy healthy wealthy life.
But rather good to His glory. Yes , that's hard to understand, hard to wrap my mind around some days...hard to accept, but I know we have a loving God that can be trusted.
& the good I believe that scripture defines is for His good, for His glory.

We don't know the final chapter.
We don't know, yet, all the lives that are touched & drawn to him because of whatever the "sad story" is.....but one day we will.
In Todd & Angie's case, they believe that one day they will see in Heaven all those that came to know the Lord because this one life,
this precious little 3 lb baby girl that came into this world & only stayed for 2 1/2 hours.

Angie's blog is amazing ....her words are so beautiful & bittersweet. I'm sure my words have not done her justice. You will fall in love with her.
If you have the time, I strongly encourage you to listen ( for 20 minutes) to their testimony here...I promise you too ,will be touched & challenged.


Southern Sugar said...

Thank you for sharing this. I didn't know what your specialty in nursing was. That must be a blessing and yet take alot out of you emotionally at times. What a blessing you must be to those children.

southernjoy said...

I have friends who lost a baby unexpectedly at 9 days old. You are right - surviving something so catastrophic allows us to view and experience a completely different type of faith.

Enjoying your blog.. I'll be back!

Amy said...

Hi Paige,
Thank you so much for sharing Angie's blog with us. I sat in front of the computer, reading her story and just sobbing. Her story is incredible. Her faith in the Lord is amazing. It makes me realize how blessed I am to have ordinary days filled with laundry, dishes and carpooling. As I drove in my van today, listening to my favorite Selah CD, I wept again for thier pain and so grateful to the Lord for my 3 healthy children. I sent an e-mail to many of my friends to share it with them because it has deeply touched me. I love your blog...thanks for sharing you life with us.

Kristin said...

Your most beautiful entry to date! I want you to know that when you walked with Gregg through his sickness, you displayed the same kind of faith and other personal challenges, well you are the one that taught me about grace. I pray your day wonderful and full of sunshine!

Kimber said...

I have been following Angie's blog too and her faith had strengthened my faith. Audrey Caroline has changed lives in her very short life here on earth. Simply Amazing isn't it?


cambria said...

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Sandra Evertson said...

A lovely post and sending out good thoughts and wishes.
Sandra Evertson

Rachel said...

I too have been reading Angie's blog for the past few months and have been so moved by her testimony. her strength and her trust in the Lord just amaze me.

DebbieCalif said...

I just came by your blog, absolutely beautiful entry. I will read Angie's blog. Love how you worded her situation. Gives us a true picture of God's love and our sorrow walking hand in hand. I will tell my three children how much I love them today! thank you.

Georgia's blog said...

I too ran across Angie's blog since the death of our 15 year old daughter. Tragically she chose to take her own life and we are left wondering??? She was happy, loved and an awesome Christian young woman, why???? We will probably never know. It has been 3 weeks and we are still RAW. Initially I was able to blog and now there are no words... I'll get there. Angie's blog has blessed me so, I am just praying for a smidge of her faith and I too will then be able to blog my feelings, for now they are on paper. God will and is getting the Glory in this tragic time in our lives!!! I am hanging on to that second by second... Thank you for your awesome blog!!! Go to www.easysite.com/fulenwiderfamily you may meet our precious Rachel there...