Tuesday, April 01, 2008

a happy day for me

Okay, so this should wrap up my birthday/holiday entries for a while.... but today is my birthday! always thought an april fools day birthday was wasted on me. i am not a good joke teller ( i have a terrible memory ) nor am i a practical joker. i just don't see myself as a funny person. but none the less, i do enjoy having a spring birthday. today has been a great day & i feel blessed beyond measure.
(ps--thank you sweet friend for the birthday blog love!)
Thursday Dan & i will celebrate our 9th anniversary. I wanted to share some of "our story". this may get a little long so feel free to just skip on over & i'll see you next time in my next non-personal non birthday entry. hopefully one filled with lovely blooming atlanta flowers & maybe a craft of two...wink!

Gregg & I were married 17 years ago . At that time Dan & Gregg were roommates. We all went to the same church & that's how we all came to know each other. Gregg was a total flirt~ we hit it off well & began running together , fell head over heals in love & married about 2 years after dating. Dan was actually one of the groomsmen in my first wedding! Dan was much older (wink!) & much more intellectual than I . I don't think we had much in common back then. Even though we knew each other, we all spent little to no time together. Despite the fact that Gregg & Dan were best of friends, the two were very different. I don't think I would have appreciated many of Dan's qualities when I was in my 20's.

When Gregg was diagnosed with cancer, I was pregnant with our third child. He needed 8 hour infusions 5 days a week--i tried to limit my exposure to the chemo so Gregg had many many friends come & take turns sitting with him. Dan was one of those guys. We had seen very little of Dan until that time as he lived over seas and or was working on the other side of Atlanta. Gregg passed away 9 months after he was diagnosed .

A few years passed --Dan was hired into administration at the school savannah attended. We began playing tennis & spending time together. It was instant love for me....it seemed like this guy who i had known for many years was suddenly a different person to me. & honestly , i believe he was different. He was amazing with the girls. always playing with them & telling them stories about their daddy. it was just a perfect fit. dan was so protective of me. he always looked at me with this sweet tender look, i can't explain it , but it was almost like he was going to protect me from ever being hurt again. i have always felt so safe & cherished by him.

having a young healthy husband die a horrible death from a horrible disease has really shaped who i am today. one of my "over the top fun friends" refers to me as her homebody friend. years ago i loved being into everything at all times, busy, wide open & very social. but something changed in me when i experienced gregg's loss. i am much more content, i love being in my home, actually business makes me somewhat nervous. i am much more quiet & just enjoy 'being' . maybe i'm just getting too old!ha!

i never prayed for a new husband. honestly i think i figured i would never marry again. seriously, a 30 year widow with 3 girls under the age of 3 isn't high on most men's "i want to marry list". however, i believe the lord completely orchestrated our relationship. dan had never been a big 'player'& he tells me he's never told another women that he loved her. imagine what a gift that was to me. he is amazingly romantic--he sends me cards....in the mail! he tells me he loves me dozens of times everyday. he is loyal. i know he will never leave me. he always walks in the door, drops his bags, kisses each of us & is ready to give any of us 100% of his undivided attention , at any time. years ago, i know i wouldn't have appreciated those characteristics. i would have taken him completely for granted. there is not a day that goes by that i am not completely aware of how blessed i am to have this man. we never argue, we never go to bed angry & we try to have date nights at least weekly. i feel like he is my true soul mate.

Dan is an amazing daddy to the girls. having adopted them after we were married, you would never suspect he wasn't their biological daddy. he loves them each unconditionally. they are not his step daughters, they are his girls. we were blessed with little caroline a couple years after being married.

i'm certain gregg must look down from heaven & smile. he loved dan & he obviously loves me and his girls. when i told gregg's mom that i was engaged to dan, she was thrilled. she told me she had always loved him & that he would be just perfect for us. perfect he is!

happy anniversary sweet man---i love you immensely & i'm so proud to be your wife.



Rita Weiss said...

oh (((paige))) what a wonderful post. my heart gets bigger when I read your blog. really. i love how grateful you are. always. such an inspiration. happy anniversary to you and your wonderful man. xo

Kristin said...

Birthday girl,
I teared up to this! And by the way, you are soooooo funny. I don't think a phone conversation between us goes without laughter.

That is just the sweetest tribute to your Dan.

Happy Paigica to you...smile!
Happy Anniversary to you and Dan!

love to you my friend.

Heather H said...

Happy Birthday Paige! Happy Anniversary!

So neat to think (way) back to my DCA days and seeing Gregg in the hallways ... then, thinking of talking to "Coach K" in the same place ... then, remembering all the times at Prov. Remembering hearing my mom (Susan) telling me that y'all were dating!!! How exciting! I have watched you both, from afar ... and just thought what a totally cool God that we serve that would bring you 2 together ... a perfect match.

Tommy and I celebrate 10 years on Friday ... hard to believe.

Please tell "Coach K" hello!


Yes, Minister... said...

OMG - Paige - Happy Birthday and what a wonderful story. That was so inspirational and moving - Happy Anniversary.

Ladybug hugs,

Lisa said...

Wow... I am speachless. Happy birthday and Happy anniversary! That was such a beautiful post and an amazing story. Thank you so much for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing that story. You strike me as so amazing. Happy Birthday and Anniversary. Whew, you are busy with birthdays stacked all together!! I thought my Fall was crazy with my and my little boy's birthday and anniversary, but I think you show me up on this.

Kacee Hogg said...

You are such a beautiful family. Evertime I read your blog I leave so touched. You have the most wonderful way of expressing your love for your family....and I always love your pictures too. Thank you for sharing with us.

Happy Birthday & Happy Anniversary!

Jboo said...

Happy birthday and anniversary! What a lovely post -- so inspiring. Have a great week.


She's So There.... said...

Happy Happy Belated Birthday and Anniversary. Your Dan sounds a tremendous amount like my Les....a tremendously kind second husband who makes my world feel like the fairy tale we dreamed of as children....

Many prayers for a blessed week and life for your entire crew!

Purple CJ Diva Duckie said...

Even though you have never met me in person or even talked to me, this was so inspiring and moving. I love coming here to see what's new in your life and world.
I hate I didn't read this yesterday to wish you HAPPY BIRTHDAY on your birthday, so happy BELATED birthday is all I can say.
I am so happy though to be wishing you Happy Anniversary beforehand!
I too have a similar situation. One day I will post about it.
Thanks for the uplifting and loving stories. Dan is a lucky lucky man to have you and you are so indeed blessed to have him. A match made in heaven!
Blessings to you all!

Tesha said...

Happy Birthday & Happy Anniversary Dear Friend!!! Congratulations on both- your cup truly runs over. What joy you are and joy you have! God Bless-hugs to you!!

Rox said...

Happy Birthday and Happy Anniversary! What a wonderful week for you : ) I love this blog. Your words inspire me and make my heart full. Your pictures are always a treat for my eyes. I do hope that "my neighbor I have never met" has a most wonderful celebration week : )

Jen said...

Thanks for the special peak into your life. A beautiful story!

jackie said...

Happy Birthday to you !

You are just so sweet. I can just tell by the way you write, that you are full of compassion & your heart just exudes softness and tenderness.

Thank you for your story about Gregg & Dan. It sounds as if you have been incredibly blessed by 2 amazing men.

I have noticed that you have been reading Angie's blog about her unborn daughter, Audrey Caroline.
I would like to also invite you to check out this blog: http://thestanfieldjourney.blogspot.com/

This young mother just recently gave birth, prematurely, to a precious son who was born with Spina Bifida and Trisomy 18. He did not live much more than an hour. She can use prayers and encouragement from everyone that can offer them up for her.
Perhaps, others will feel led to add her to their blog list.

I pray you have a blessed birthday.

Jackie Carl
Marion, IN

Cstargel said...

WOW!!!! What an amazing, amazing story! When I told my small group about you(most of whom know Dan from DCA & Providence) they only had Wonderful things to say about both of you! i LOVE your blog - it always inspires, encourages and uplifts me. Thank you so much for this entry and sharing a little bit about you. I always think of you as a person I'd love to grab a cup of coffee with and ask you questions! You seem so real and most mornings, I feel like I am having coffee with you as I read your blog with my cup in hand! Happy Birthday to you!

Karen said...

Happy Birthday and Happy Anniversary! What a beautiful story, thank you for sharing.


Meg said...


What a beautiful, beautiful story. I so enjoyed reading this and getting such a personal look into your life. What a blessing you have found in Dan, and he in you. It seems that you two really are soulmates.

Happy Anniversary to you both, and a very Happy Birthday to you.


Hillcrest Acres said...

Happy Birthday!!! What a great story. The more into the reading of your post, chills ran through my body. What's amazing is that you have been blessed with two wonderful husbands. It's like God had a plan and was saving Dan for you when you needed him most. Happy Anniversary to you both. Enjoy your night out.


Bari said...

What a beautiful post from a beautiful person. Happy birthday and happy anniversary to you both!

Danielle said...

Happy Birthday to you and happy anniversary to you and Dan.

I loved reading this post. It is so incredibly moving. You are such an inspiration and have such a beautiful heart.

Wishing you a lifetime of happiness together!

Jodee Leader said...

Happy Birthday and Happy Anniversary. Wishing you lots of love and happiness together! You have an amazing story!

purpleflowerfairy said...

wow... i'm all teary eyed. you are one VERY LUCKY woman =) debbie

Dawn said...

Happy Everything to you and Dan. I love your story, I love your grateful and thankful heart, and I love your inspiring posts...I wish you many years of happiness together.

shabby chic said...

Hi just wanted to drop in and say hello!. Just read your post and oh what a lovely post, tinged with sadness at your loss and then happiness with your gain of someone special to share your life with along with your girls. A very beautifull family.
Can you give me tips how to not argue!with my husband?!

Kimber said...

Oh my goodness Paige...I am sitting here crying on the laptop. What beautiful story! I 100% agree that God orhcestrated Dan being in your life at the right time. Do you relaize how lucky you are to have loved two wonderful men so deeply who also loved each other? Actually i know you do. you appreciate everything in your life and that is what draws me here.

Happy Birthday and happy anniversary. I feel sorry for those that skipped that beautiful love story. I will come back and read it again.

Thank you for the BEAUTIFUL quilt sqaure. We LOVE it!


restyled home said...

I am so happy that, despite your horrible loss, you were again able to find happiness. I think your first husband indeed does look down upon you all with a smile.

God bless and happy anniversary,

restyled home said...

Oops!! And Happy Birthday to you, Paige!!! It's rather belated, however...


becky said...

happy belated birthday paige! and anniversary too :)

Heidi (http://journals.aol.com/hwoodred/everyday-cookies/) said...

Happy Birthday! and Happy Anniversary! May God continue to bless your precious family.

Anonymous said...

That is a beautiful story - twice blessed in love.

My aunt (who passed away last year) went through a similar situation. She had been married five years and had two young children when her husband was diagnosed with brain cancer and died within the year. She too ended up marrying one of her husband's close friends and they were very happy together for over forty years.

Jeanne said...

What a wonderful story and an amazing tribute. You both are so lucky to have found each other. Wishing you both a lifetime of happiness!

sara said...

Happy Birthday!! Happy Anniversary!

What a beautiful testimony of the life that God had planned for you before you were even born! Your family is so very beautiful & blessed!

cammyk said...

This is such a beautiful story. Happiest belated birthday and anniversary wishes.

Have a wonderful weekend.

Sheree said...

Happy Birthday, and Happy Anniversary. What an amazing LOVE story--You have blessed with 2 great men. :)

Enjoy Spring!

Anonymous said...

How lucky you are. And, he's cute too!


Jennifer Paganelli said...

Happy Birthday I love how you write about your life...such blessed soul and you walk it so gracefully