Wednesday, December 21, 2011

peppermint stick cocoa & such

 i have a cutie patootie treat if you need any last minute gift ideas.
mix this up & add a couple cute mugs and you have a precious gift.

Peppermint Stick Cocoa

1 c dry milk
1 c cocoa
1 c sugar
1/2 tsp salt
1/2 c mini chocolate chips
1/2 c crushed peppermints

layer ingredients in a quart size jar
on your gift tag the directions read:
mix all ingredients in a large bowl.
for each 1 serving mix 1/3 c mix with 1 c boiling water
& enjoy

( thank you pinterest)

you know it's funny, 
i'm sorta embarassed to tell ya'll this
but as much as i LOVE decorating our home at Christmas,
usually by Christmas day, dare i say after lunch
i'm ready for it all to be gone.
this year i am really enjoying our home.
maybe it's because i was a couple weeks later than usual getting things up
maybe it's because each year i simplify a little bit more
maybe, just maybe i'm a little more content.
either way
as i came downstairs this morning
& the wonderful smell of the chubby tree
& the twinkling white lights against the windows on a dreary day
& the christmas cookies i had for breakfast
& the packages are all waiting to be opened by happy people...
i soaked it all in
& i love it.
i don't want it to be over....

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christina said...

reading how you feel, made me smile.
so beautiful.

Rebecca said...

Your home is absolutely beautiful, Paige, all decked out for the holidays. Peace, Joy, and Love to you this holiday season.

Shannon said...

Love those adorable little gifts!
Your home is beautiful I couldn't imagine wanting to take down those lovely Christmas decorations but I often feel the same way. Ours all comes down the day after Christmas and it's kind of refreshing redecorating everything for the New Year ahead!

Jeannine said...

You have such lovely ideas, and I feel like my house looks better this year because of little ideas I've gleaned from your pictures, so thank you for the inspiration.

Taking a moment to soak it all in is so important; I totally agree that we have to stop the constant motion for a second and enjoy the beauty of our surroundings.

Annette said...

Beautiful pictures and ideas, as usual. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Jboo said...

Love your photos of your beautiful home and all your special touches!


Kelli said...

So cozy!

Jacqueline said...

Everything looks beautiful. And I am glad I'm not the only one who eats Christmas cookies for breakfast!

Kat said...

Paige, your house should be on a tour of holiday tour of homes. Seriously! I love homemade food gifts, they are so fun to make, give and receive! Love all your special touches that bless your family in so many ways. Love you, sweet friend!

Lemonade Makin' Mama said...

I know the feeling! :)

Anonymous said...

Your home looks so welcoming..Just beautiful..I have scaled down considerably for the last couple of years..It does make it more enjoyable..And as for the cookie..I had a few this morning myself..Peanut butter blossom and rolo pretzels to be exact..LOL
Merry Christmas..

Between You and Me said...

LOVE your gift idea.....the bright colors made me happy tonight!

And, love that you are enjoying your home during the holidays.

I am, too, but by Christmas night, I'll be ready for it to be gone. :}

okay....was at the library yesterday with the kids and saw a book that had an author with your last name....KNUDSEN isn't a common name so I thought I'd ask you if you know anyone who has written a book. :}

Judy said...

I love the gift idea, I made some homemade body scrub last night using those cute little jars!

I usually take my stuff down on the 26th but this year I didn't even put up a tree! I went very minimal since we have been out of town a lot.

I want to wish you and your sweet family a very Merry Christmas.


Jodi said...

I am usually the same way, we'll see how this year goes, if the tree is taken down right away or not! I went very simple this year and I really love it too!

Take care!
ps....i love that wooden tree, so cute and what did we do before pinterest!

Auntie Cake said...

Loved seeing your house all dressed up for Christmas! It looks beautiful!

May you and your family enjoy this blessed time of the year,

melissa said...

As always .. your home is so pretty Paige!! I have the same Bob's peppermint balls in the same jar .. but I am so weird, I unwrapped every single one before putting them in the jar. Like I have the time for such stuff!! ;)

A Vintage Vine said...

Girl, you inspire me everyday, have a wonderful Holiday!

Unknown said...

Absolutely beautiful Paige, I'm in love with those pink baubles!! X

Anonymous said...

Love it all, Paige! But where did you get that "Marie Christmas" print? I must have it! :)


3 Peanuts said...

I am with you about the decorations but this year...I am enjoying them too and I think I will keep them up longer. I have not had a ton of time to just relax around the tree I think I will try to relax the week between Christmas and NY and soak it all in. I am sure by NY I will be ding to get them away:)

Bravehearted Beauty {formerly LLH Designs} said...

Your home looks like such a happy, joy-filled place to be. Maybe you'll have to let your decor linger this year!


Angela said...

Just found your blog. Love your decorations! Where did you find the great wire basket that holds all the ornaments? Love it!