Monday, October 18, 2010

some of october around here

the original title of my entry was going to be 'october around here'
however i am experiencing major issues with my internet/server/blogger
or something
& can't get all my images uploaded
so the title will now be
"some of october around here"

after losing the last hour & a half
to this issue
i now feel this will be a completely scattered entry
i apologize in advance


the other day savannah texted me stating that a ginormous box had arrived
i told her it must be the frame i ordered for her senior photo
mom, if the frame is as large as the box it shipped in, you will never miss me while i'm away at college!

well, the frame was not as large as the box
but it is grand & i can't wait to figure out where to place it
place it, because i'm all into placing verses hanging on the wall these days

but , isn't it great?

each morning i sit here & check emails
cruise around facebook
& read your blogs
however today i am unable to comment on any of them
thank you blogger/internet/dell laptop

i  need to be careful how far i open my window
as we have a birdbath right out side
& it's not unusual for a sweet little wren to perch on the windowsill
wrens are cute outside
but it creeps me out to have a birdie flying around inside my house

i can finally carry the smokin bag my girlfriend gave me for my birthday back in the spring
& i will try to not be bothered that a male friend of mine
whose name shall not be mentioned
totally slammed it
& called it a word i probably shouldn't use on the family friendly blog

i figure guys just don't get it

whether it be funky purses
photography over- achievement
or taking images of fridge inventory

 i'm betting i'll get a facebook comment
about my latest thing~
branch decor

yep, i just added an urn of maple tree branches
which i spray painted goldish silverish
in the kitchen

there might just be one in the living room

& maybe in the bedroom

found these little cuties in the dollar section at micheals
i think i've seen them several places for around 4 bucks a pop

most of the paintings i did while taking lessons
are all propped up in my closet
this week i pulled out this little fella

i love the paintings by N.A. Noel
her use of color is like none other
so i "practice" with many of hers
this little guy is one i did a couple years ago

thankfully brinkley has recovered from his unfortunate
sprain a few weeks ago

he ran his first 5k since being injured the other day
& honestly 
i think he was quite proud of himself

the first string all lined up & ready to play

my new TOMS
are getting some action too

this is the part where i was repeatedly booted out of blogger
while trying to upload cheer photos

so i'll go place my call to dell now
wish me luck
hopefully i'll be back in the saddle with a less random post very soon


traci said...

good luck with your computer/internet issues. that is never fun. i love your bits of october. especially the pumpkins in the fireplace. that looks gorgeous. have a great day sweetie!!

Susanne said...

Your home is like a breath of fresh air Paige ! Have a great monday and lots of luck with the computer , love the bag .

thank you for having me back said...

cute boots.
toms huh?
Love that lamp that from ms Jackie?
love it!!
Good luck with your puter;-)..
and i LOVE that purse. so Autumn!!

Simone said...

Blogger & photos has been causing me lots of hassle and cross words too.....argh!!

Your home is so gorgeous - and peaceful and calming - that I could just cry! I love it!

I feel sure that beautiful frame in the very large box was meant for me....I LOVE frames :)

Fab Halloween decorations too :)

And yay for Brinkley!!

Happy Monday Paige xx

Jackie said...

As always....LOVE your posts.
Love your decorating. Wish I had your ideas for the cute little touches.
LOVE your bag.
LOVE your boots!!! OH.MY...WISH I HAD THEM. I have 4 pair of cowboy boots & 2 pair of Brighton boots...will that count? :-)
Have a glorious day. Hope you get things settled with Dell. We've been there...done that.
Love ya, Jackie

Tammy said...

Mornin Paige!
I love the frame- beautiful!
and I had a bird to make a nest in a wreath on my front door once- when I opened the door she flew in the house and I thought I would never get that bird I can relate with birds in the house...
Love the bag!!!Love the boots the most...I gotta get mine out too!
Cool idea on the spray painted branches and love all the fall decor touches!!
Brinkley looks happy and healthy!!YAH!
Have a great Monday...hope the computer stuff gets all worked out... with out too many headaches...I have a love/hate relationship with mine too!!
Tammy :-)

Tricia - A Rosy Note said...

Hi Paige! I love it all...the frame, bag, decorating, and boots. But what I liked looking at the most was your cute dog and your beautiful cow painting! I have never heard of N.A. Noel, I'll have to search for her so I can see more of her style. Best wishes :)

Lori Lucas said...

Your home is lovely. Very unpretentious and wonderful. I love it. I also have been having major blogger issues the past few days. Rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. Have a wonderful week. Lori L.

Just Ask Beth said...

can I come over with a cup of coffee!!

Jo Jo said...

The dollar spot at Michael's, I MUST check that out!
Love that your dog's name is Brinkley and those cute Happy Halloween Plates! They looks so much less creepy than the typical halloween decore.

Jboo said...

Love all your sweet Oct touches and that frame for your girl's senior pic is absolutely stunning! Am sure her picture will make it even more beautiful!


Eric and Hannah Avery said...

I just want to say that I LOVE your purse and your boots! Happy Fall!


Shannon said...

Your new frame is so pretty, I love the colors! I always love photos of your beautiful home. Oh and love the boot collection(I'm so mad I never bought those ones on the right!) :)

Wendy @ The Shabby Nest said...

Paige...I just love coming to your blog. Lovin' pretty much everything you shared today! What a fabulous frame...where did you find it?

Also, love the purse, love the pumpkins all piled in the fireplace (wich I could do that...darn gas insert), LOVE the branches (I used to weave them through a chandelier at my old house), LOVE the get the idea!

Thanks for sharing!

Flower Patch Farmgirl said...

Girl - you are talented!! That cow is smashing. My mom is a huge fan of N.A. Noel.

Also, you've given me a case of boot envy. And ruffled lamp shade envy. And flowery bag envy.

But I'll survive. I think I will.

melissa said...

TALENT GALORE!! Your painting is fabulous!! Love your boot 'collection' and the frame and all your fall decorating is lovely!
So sorry about the 'puter issuse :(

Anonymous said...

hi paige,

sorry for the computer issues - whetever they are, they are not fun! love the photos of your home - so pretty! I also love old vintage bottles - have them in several places around my home!!

You have also inspired to set a nice table -- I told myself to do something cute/festive at least once a week!!

have a great day!

Privet and Holly said...

Sometimes I SWEAR
{darn it, of course}
that there is a PIXIE
in my computer and
it comes out to wreak
havoc exactly when I'm
posting in a HURRY ~
always! Love all of
your sweet fall touches
and Brinkley's recovery
and don't even get me
started on the boots ~
love 'em!!
Happy day, Miz K!
xx Suzanne

hometown girl said...

computer can be so frustrating, i hope they all get worked out soon! i love all your pictures! those branches are great and that purse is gorgeous, not to mention the ruffled boots! have a great week! susan

Biz said...

Hey I'm wearing my gray TOMS today too! So awesome!
I love the way you decorate and your blogging style! I look forward to all your posts.
P.S. That cow painting is fantastic!

Christina said...

umm... love those boot and those toms, girlfriend.
hey, i have been having a horrible time with blogger and loading pics.
love you!

slip4 said...

Well, I love your purse. and those boots!! oo la la. Drooled over the house photos. Love your style. Thanks for sharing!

Lemonade Makin' Mama said...

I love EVerYthiNG! You are doing the verse thing too???? WE would have so much fun if we knew each other in REaL life! :)

Love the pumpkins and the purse.

LouBoo said...

Restful, restful, restful - although clearly a hive of activity, your house always looks so serene. Love the bottles. Love the boots ;-) Lou x

Rachel said...

Cute frame!
Cute pumpkins!
CUTE purse!!

Mommabelle said...

I am so lazy with commenting, sorry about that. I do love to read your blog!
But, I had to say today, that I do love that smokin handbag from your friend! It is awesome!!!

Farmgirl Paints said...

Love love love posts packed with random thoughts and pics. Love the purse and that frame is beau-ti-ful. I can't even believe you painted that cow. YOU ARE GOOD GIRL! Seriously beyond impressed. Have a great night girlie.

Debra said...

I always love looking at your pictures. Your fireplace looks great with all the pumpkins.

And that bag is gorgeous. What do guys know??? :)

tara said...

Girl that cow is gorgeous, she should never be stuck in the closet! and I love your purse, shame on that man for not recognizing its beauty! your home is looking yummie with all its fall goodness! hope you are well and your computer is back to normal soon~ xo

LuLu & Co. said...

How i wish i could skip right over and land on your doorstep. I love all the images around your home... dreamy, soothing, a great place to call home! Now can we discuss your amazing boots!!!! swoon!!!! hope the computer is up and running smoothly.

Tracy is ... Loving Pretty Things said...

So precious, Paige - love your Autumn at your house - and that picture frame!? Perfectly fit for a beautiful daughter of yours.

Hugs ~ Tracy.

Blessed Names said...

you need to know how cool you are....really without delay, accept it fully !! there is a concern on my end that you just don't know the secret that we all do....i want to be like you!! xo many more sleeps my friend!?!

Amy R. said...

I feel like I always have internet issues. For some reason I am not getting all my blog comments sent to my email. I am not very technical, but I know I didn't change anything. Good luck with that! I love your golden retriever. We have two goldens and a chiahuahua. So darn cute!

Amy R.

julie said...

i hate when computer thingys happen! it does waste your precious time! i do hope it starts working again soon! i love the pictures of your home! and i just saw those same letter balls at my michaels and you know i will be scooping some up now that you showed them off! keep the pictures of your home coming! xo

Clare said...

your purse is adorable, and i love all of the pumpkins, especially the white one!! xoxo, c

Jodee Leader said...

I love, love, love the new frame and your Halloween decorations!

P.S. You recently inspired me so I am giving you a big shout out tomorrow. Thanks for kicking my rosy red Cornhusker a$$ in the right direction! The kids and I volunteered last weekend and we had a blast!

Lissa said...

I totally laughed about the title change. Love your boot lineup! and how you fill your fireplace with pumpkins!

and I'm pretty impressed with your cow! geez! what don't you do???

Suzann said...

Well, I'm loving the photos!!!

Lyss said...

Oh Paige I love it when you post pictures of your house and your style!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Everything is always so divine! thanks for sharing!!!

edie said...

Mmmmm, love it all. 'Specially the middle pair of boots. I looked high and low all over Nashville for similar boots to no avail. Any chance you bought 'em recently?
Thanks for inspiring!

Kristy said...

can i come visit. your home is simply delightful.
love the boots. love them.
brinkley is so stinking cute. what a beauty.
the purse, love that too!
what can i say, i love it all :O)

Jen Kershner said...

Love your fireplace full of pumpkins. Love your frame (Where is it from?). Love your Brinkley. Millie is not that particular about boys, and probably wouldn't care that he burbs. She does after all, lick her own rear.

Shannan for a visit and today we went in NA Noel's gallery and then went to Anthro. Does that pretty much seem like a dream day to you? Come visit me and we'll do it together. By the way, I'm still totally coveting each and every pair of Anthro boots you have and I'm not afraid to admit I was talking smack about you last night when I first saw that picture. I do love you anyway but it takes a little more effort when I look at those boots. Also, what kind of painting classes did you take? I'm considering some one day in my future. I hope you enjoyed this comment that never ends. I'm pretty sure it is the longest I've ever left any where.

sugar said...

My house is such a mess, and I lost all my Halloween and Christmas decor....long story. So getting to take a little peak into your fresh fall home was soooo much fun!

MeckMom said...

Wow, I want to come right over! Gorgeous. I love the ruffled boots and the slouchy gray pumpkin. Thanks for posting.

MeckMom said...

Wow, what a charming home! I love the ruffled boots and the slouchy gray pumpkin in your fireplace. I can't wait to share it with my readers. Thanks for posting.

Martha said...

everything is just gorgeous!!! your home is always beautiful!
the frame and fireplace and that the those boots to the far right...actually all of them but I really heart the ones on the far right

Julie said...

love this! I was wondering if I had somehow missed all the fall decor in blogland. Glad to find it here. :) xo