Friday, October 15, 2010

it's pathetic really

it's pathetic really
but i can't meal plan effectively to save my life

the menu section of my mom agenda
is usually blank

i'm such a disgrace

when it comes to a list
i clearly have a rebellious attitude
i'm all "i'll be a slave to no list" about it

which is obviously a sign that i have problem
because i like to think i'm an organized person
apparantly an organized person who has no organization what so ever in the kitchen

i realize this will be a disappointment to many of you
but let me roll it out for you

the truth is
i stepped inside 3 different grocery stores 5
count 'em
times in 36 hours

oh yes i did

did i have a list?
do i really need to answer this?

however on the final of 5 trips
i came face to face with the obvious
i must become
as much as it pains me
a list maker

for example
even though i have a large family
i obviously do not need this much cheese

what was i thinking?
i bought multiple of the strangest things
& then
apparantly did an even stranger thing...
came home & documented this for you

i hope you still love me


creamer anyone?

i could be in the next episode of fridge hoarders
while i'm disclosing issues
let's discuss my love hate relationship with walmart

it pains me to admit this
but yes
i shop walmart
( and this week i also shopped two different krogers and publix. twice)

i am a reformed hater of wally world
however when the two closest to our home recieved a fabulous face lift
i came back
& yes
i even buy meat there

but with low prices & cute packaging
how can i resist
my ocd needs are met
when my sour cream & cream cheese are all matchy

cute preppy packaging
surely you agree

see how cute everyone is all lined up in matching outfits

since i'll probably drop a few dozen subscribers
after this ridiculous affirmation of my issues
i figured i'd seal the rebel image
& share this little song
in light of my last post
i couldn't resist


The Barker's said...

This made me laugh and the whole time I'm thinking...10 for 10 sale at krogers?!? haha Sadly, to say also, we shop at Walmart as well. It's truly cheaper than Krogers or anywhere else. EXCEPT for milk. Not sure why Walmart's milk is more expensive than Targets...

We do drive a few extra minutes to get to the nicer walmart =) I just wish they had more of an organic section.

Kelli said...

Oh this was funny...not that I'm laughing at you. I am a list girl at heart, maybe you'll join the club. What's also funny is we have a lot of cheese just like that and we're only a family of 4...what can I say, we love our cheese. Hmm, creamer.

melissa said...

This cracks me up ... especially all that cheese! ;) I saw the photos before reading and thought it was about a BOGO sale! ;)
I have huge issues with grocery shopping/ no list/ forgetting have of what I need.. and it only gets worse as I get older :(

Jill said...

Love ya even more now Paige. I am right there with ya on the list thing...wish I was better at meal planning, some weeks I do pretty good but most I just fly by the seat of my pants!

I am not a Walmart shopper however, I live in Minnesota, home to Target - there is one on every corner and I swear it is a way of life here!

Simone said...

This made me laugh so hard...and somehow made me feel better too :)

Fridge hoarders LOL!! XX

Parker said...

I refuse to give up my freedom by writing things down on a list! I think you may have a cheese problem.

Please tell me you didn't pull everthing out of your fridge, take pictures and then put it back in the fridge.

Do not give into the list, stay free!

Biz said...

You are too cute! I use emealz for my menu planning and I will yell from the rooftops that I shop at WALMART! It is the only way I can keep any type of budget most times! You should really check out emealz, then you don't have to make a shopping list, it's already done for you! :) Have a blessed day!

traci said...

you are too funny!!!! i love this. a girl after my own heart. i do however make a list now because i was just like you. but i am a walmart hater. sorry. the one by me is full of ________. you can fill in the blanks. so i go to the super target in the next town or a mom and pop grocery. so thanks for the laugh.

hey, i am still waiting for your call!!

Courtney Walsh said...


I do this even WITH a list. I also omit very important things (like butter and shampoo) without realizing it.

Oh, and I'm out of creamer this morning!! I'm hoping my husband will grab me some on his way to work...unless you want to borrow me some. :)

The Rural Life (aka Cornbread Fed) said...

I just put this song on my blog this morning too! I LOVE this song and love Miranda!

3 Peanuts said...

You are so funny. We make a list of what we plan to cook for the week..then make a list and Dave grocery shops each Sunday. If we don't do it that way we waste too much food.

I WISH I could shop at W-mart. I need so many organic and Gluten free/dairy free foods (like coconut milk yogurt) that they just don't stock but the prices are so good. We go to least 3 different stores to get the various foods our kids need for a week. Unfortunately Whole Foods get too much of our $$$

Have a great weekend and make a list for next week:)

My Vintage Studio said...

How funny!
I love the many coffee creamers...I do the same thing.

We have a Walmart Market near our home. Which has only groceries. They did a great job of the remodeling!

I love visiting your blog. Thank you for sharing such wonderful stories with us.

Wishing you a wonderful weekend with your family!


vintage girl at heart said... had me at the cheese!!
I buy that much all of the time 'cuz we love our cheese!!
I miss Publix!!
Love me some Miranda too..she is a hoot!!
Blessings for a wonderful weekend!!

Lynda said...

*GRINNING*..not laughing....GRINNING!!!!!....what's for dinner today????;)

Swet greetings

Jo Jo said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one not so good at grocery shopping. I usually come home with a lot stuff that sounded really good at the time but doesn't come close to making a meal.

Love the song!

Shannon said...

so funny, you definitely have enough cheese and creamer for quite awhile! I agree on the Walmart shopping, you save so much buying there brands and it's always an extra when you can go and find home decor sometimes as well :)
P.S. Love Miranda Lambert!!!

Peggy said...

That's too funny! I used to do that too when I had a bigger family but now I realize that they make cheese every day and I go to the store every week. I don't keep as much on hand. I have a white board and during the week I write down what I need so there is only one or two days that I go to the store. I find I use up things better that way and there is not as much waste.

Anonymous said...

You're adorable. You are not alone. I live in Mississauga, Ontario (near Toront). Where I have gone to many stores in one day and come home to realize a few items was not needed at all. The items I did need were not purchased. Shopping lists are so vital. If only I could remember to take it with me and put it in my big purse.

Lolo said...

Hahaha....well I am guessing they were "Great Value's" that you just couldnt pass up :D
And, another trick is to NOT go shopping when you are hungry. This has happened to me....I get home and Im like "what the heck was I thinking?!"
Lets see - what can you make with lots of cheese and creamer???
Happy Friday!!

Flower Patch Farmgirl said...

Why does everyone feel so ashamed about shopping at Wal-Mart? Life can't be all Trader Joe's, right? In some cases (ahem, mine!) it can't be any Trader Joe's!

As for the meal planning, I'm a huge fan of it! It took me a while to get into the groove, but I've hit my stride and I'll never go back. Saves me lots of $$ and headaches!

Hmmm...I'm oddly hankering for cheese now...


Tiffany said...

Hi Paige,

Wish you could see the big smile on my face from reading this! I couldn't like you more after THIS post :)

I am a total list maker but I do not meal plan very well at all. I don't like to cook - and tuna sandwiches for dinner don't go over well with my hubby. I always deviate to breakfast for dinner, which my kids LOVE but hubby not so much. Its challenging to make healthy, good tasting meals! I love all the cheese - I see enchiladas in your future! :)

Have a great weekend!!

Bringing Pretty Back said...

I saw all of the great value products and got giddy! what does that say about me?! hahha!!!
Love it!
Have a pretty day!

Team Houston said...

That is great!

Love your blog!

Jodee Leader said...

Paige – I am cracking up! This post is a hoot! I think I can help you with your list problem! Check out my “master” Wal-Mart grocery list here:

You won’t have to create a new list each and every week! I hope it helps!

Jboo said...

Whew -- am not feeling quite so bad that I rarely have a list and rarely "meal plan." I do happen to have 6 blocks of Phila creme cheese right now! If you need to borrow any, let me know. Have a great weekend!


Tammy said...

I think you may actually GAIN alot more followers with this post my dear...LOL!!!
i do not meal plan- never have
i shop at Wally World- what would we do with out it??
& i have multiples of several different items in my fridge and pantry...& it's a normal thing around my house...
i think we are ALL alot alike in more ways than we know!!
loved this are a funny lady!! have a great weekend!!

Tammy :-)

Privet and Holly said...

Okay, while I'm waiting
for Miranda to load,
I just have to say
xx Suzanne
PS: I have good weeks
and bad weeks with the
PPS: Walmart has the
best price on organic
lettuce and it's good.
PPS: I just try to
avoid the stuff made
in China.

PS~Erin said...

Giggling. Looks like a little coffee/brunch might be in order, with very cheesy bites and some creamy coffee. Love it! And you just cant beat Walmart's prices. We used to have a mini-Wal right near us. It was gross, but it was so cheap and convenient. Since it closed my g-store bills have gone up quite a bit. Boo.

Anonymous said...

Too funny. It's scary but we actually do go through that much cheese. If we ever developed an allergy to dairy we would be in huge trouble. Regarding lists, I am a list maker but decided that over the summer I would throw caution to the wind and "lighten up a little" as my husband likes to tell me. I sat my lists aside thinking that I could wing it. My grocery bill doubled so I decided to try the list again. Now because of activities it's hard to plan. Practices for my son are a little random and both my son's practice and daughter's practices are at the most inconvenient time, how dare they, so dinner is either whatever is in the fridge or it's "out to eat." My grocery budget isn't blown with the later but the dinner out budget is. Just trying to figure it all out:)

Susan said...

Now wait a deadgum minute my dear. I beg to differ.....only you could answer whether you need that much cheese and if the question were put to me, the answer would be Yes, I most certianly do need that much cheese.
I HATE HATE HATE going to the grocery and comparing prices from one store to the next because quite frankly I don't care what things cost by the half ounce. I can't speak for y'all, but there are not enough hours in my day to drive around to more than 1 grocery to buy things that are on special.
Now if your current system isn't working for you, then yes, you might need to tweak things here and there.
However, and I know it's
grammatically incorrect to start a sentence with however, I think you are just a little mistaken in the meal planning dept. my dear. I've seen the meals you cook and Marta Stewart has nothing on you. I actually love when you post about what you made for dinner or breakfast because then I know what I'm cooking for dinner that night.
So whether it's working for you or's working for me.
By the way....I copied a picture of a meal you made that had pasta, shrimp, steak, mushrooms-n-onions and smashed potatoes and it is for certain that my family has adopted that meal as our favorite.
So don't even go there.

Rebecca said...

LOL - This is so me!!!! Thanks for this post - I'm not ALONE in this world of "no grocery list" :)

Prudence said...

I have to shop at walmart, I have 5 kids.... I just bought my daughter a wonder woman halloween costume at target for $30, it killed me to pay it but we have been watching wonder woman from netflix so I had to get it. Next sunday in walmarts sunday ad, regular price of the EXACT same wonder woman costume... $19! I got a price adjustment. I do the same thing, will have to visit a store 80 cuz I forgot something, but I DO have a list. and I will get home and see that I already, like you have two pounds of butter so I did not need 3 more. I will admit though I do not buy great value, I feel like it's bad enough to go to walmart at least I should buy name brand, how stupid is that train of thought???

kimberly at mimicharmante said...

totally cracking up here...
you are seriously amusing at every level. i so wish you lived closer!!!
have a magical weekend my friend,

Farmgirl Paints said...

girl we have a thing or two in common that's for sure. it's one of my biggest flaws...i can't meal plan and because of that my cupboards are overflowing and i have multiples of everything too. seriously we are twinkies in this area. ever since we've moved to mn i haven't shopped walmart. target is the thing here and i have one 2 minutes away. but i miss wally world because it's definitely cheaper. you crack me up. didn't know any of that about you.

Tracey @ BellaSkyDesigns said...

i also shop at walmart
it is cheaper
bottom line
I also shop at Harris teeter, Lowes foods and trader joes

I am a list maker for everything
but it does me no good, I forget things even when they are on my list!

This cracked me up, I love that your stuff is matchy matchy!

Debra said...

You're too funny. Don't think the rest of us don't do exactly what you did. We have tons of cheese here, too - and there's only three of us. It freezes nice, I know this from experience. My big thing is eggs, I don't want to run out and sometimes I'll bring a dozen home and we already have 3 dozen. :)

I know how you feel about Walmart. I really dislike the store in general but they do have some great deals. I try to go no more than once a month and just stock up.

Jennifer said...

Thanks for the is cute really....

Lissa said...

this totally cracks me up! Does ANYONE need that much cheese? Well, maybe a mexican restaurant. :)

lila Check said...

really funny...Iam the same,dont feel bad! hahaha

Just Ask Beth said...

too funny!! Ok the creamer has got to go, you will NOT have any room for your 100 bottles of salad dressing! LOL!1 My husband calls me a "Cake Mix" hoarder HAHA I can't help it, you never know when you will need to whip up a batch for school, with homemade Buttercream frosting to disguise the cake mix!! As much as this pains me to say, I am liking Wal-Mart again also, but I don't buy yhe meat there just yet!

Christina said...

i was so out of creamer this morning! ; ) see another reason, i wish we lived closer.
big smile!

Martha said...

Oh Paige...I feel like you just described joke...I feel the exact same...I buy waaaaay too much cheese and have a hard time doing the grocery thing with a list even though I am an organized person...I can't explain that at all...this post made me laugh because meal planning is not my area:)

Shelley said...

Literally laughed until I cried. Why? Due to current financial pains, I bought mac n cheese at the dollar store today. Seriously.25 boxes of Mac and cheese at the dollar store. shopping for 12 million pounds of cheese at Walmart... I feel you!

Clare said...

love this post!! so funny:) i don't shop at walmart often, there isn't one very close that is nice. i do online grocery shopping, so so easy with two little ones!

julie said...

oh my goodness! we could be soul sisters! i too lack the meal planner gene! and we shop everyday! sometimes two or three times a day! whats funny is my mom has always been an awesome list maker for grocery shopping! even labeling each catagory! i love making lists for everything else but i hate going food shopping! its very overwhelming! let me know if you find the secret to meal planning! xo

Wendy @ The Shabby Nest said...

Paige... ha ha ha!! Laughed myself silly because IT IS ME!! I'm exactly the same way. And yes, I shop Walmart as well. Just can't help the fact that the prices are so darn good...especially when you have as many children as we do. You got to fill their bellies somehow, and if I can save lots of $$$, well then I have no choice.

Love the "all lined up in matching outfits" bit... truly you must be as OCD as me. Not an easy feat, that. ;-)

Kat said...

Hey Paige, let me know if you ever want some help with meal planning. I can help you out. :)

Anonymous said...

You have THE most beautiful sense of style. I must confess that I also shop The House Of W due to the low prices, but I have never liked that Great Value packaging! I am also a little OCD about how things look, and the packaging has bothered me!!:) IF, however, YOU, oh stylish, stylish person LIKE IT, then I shall look at it completely differently! Cute and preppy, NOT cheap and tack AT ALL.

I just left a comment on your lessons learned at rock gym post. I haven't read all the comments, but I think for the most part mine is a different take on how to handle things. Bullying is a very serious issue and needs to be confronted, I believe.

fivebees said...

This is the best post EVER! Made me crack up! I am right there with you. I get an F for meal planning no matter how hard I try, what cute things I create to post. It's exhausting! And I hate to throw out food. One day, I can only hope...and pray.
Visiting for the first time and I just had to comment! :)