Wednesday, September 08, 2010


i flipped open my laptop yesterday to find this charming image as my desktop wallpaper
the resident 17 year old had replaced my very calming seashore image
with her own special shot

that's exactly how i felt today

here's a redemptive
non crossed eyed shot..

btw, her tshirt says quidditch (aka harry potter game) just in case ....
much cuter

woke up today & felt honestly as if i'd been run over

yesterday was one of those days where i coulda used a few more hours in my day 

parenting teenagers
multiple teenagers
female teenagers
is a glorious rewarding humorous painful humbling experience

since i uploaded my pics out of order
i'll pause here & give a shout out to a precious friend
who sent a  little mailbox love yesterday
& no lie
that made my day
and of course since i'm still practicing with iso and aperture
i took a pic
i'm such a dork

but seriously
check it out....a lipstick brand named l'paige
& yes i have been known to wear some bright pink lipstick

but a little love reminder from a woman
who i respect
who has been there done that
really cheered me up

so today i figured i'd fire up the blender
& make a healthy blueberry, spinach, strawberry, pineapple
protein powder, acai berry, flax seed, agave nectar smoothie

i needed some energy of course

after giving ya'll a recipe that included gag me now processed cheese
& butter
i felt i needed to redeem myself

perhaps i made a little too much?

 two fisted drinker today
caffeine in one hand & serious super fruit goodness in the other

speaking of redemption
i want to introduce you to someone
you might already know her
if not
her name is rahab
& she's a prostitute

that's right
a prostitute
a prostitute that God chose to change the course of history somewhere around 1400 BC

moses has died & now joshua is leading the isrealites into the promised land
joshua sends spies to scope out the land
they ended up shacking up at rahab's place
not likely to be found there , right?

rahab's heart was sensitive to God
she saw a God who had protected His people
in miraculous ways
her town, the town of jericho was mighty afraid of this god & his people

she ends up believing in Him more than she fears for herself

she hides the spies
risking her own life
but asks that they show kindness on her family

she drops a scarlet cord for the spies to escape
which would be the symbol to keep that home safe when the spies and their armies came back to attack
a foreshadowing the blood shed by christ

when joshua's troops came
rahabs entire family was saved
her life was forever changed that day
& so was history

the former prostitue
....i love this part....
later bears a son, boaz ( kinsmen redeemer) husband of ruth
the ruth
the where you go i will go ruth
your people will be my people ruth
ruth & boaz have a son named obed
who fathers a son jesse
jesse had many sons
one of which was king david
did you catch that?
KING david
prostitute rahab ,now redeemed, is a key player in a royal lineage
that turns out to be the royal lineage

great great grandmother of kind david
love it!!

fast forward several generations this is my fave part...
"and jacob the father of joseph, the husband of mary
father of jesus"
KING jesus

i am blown away
our God can take any one
their past, their sins, their whatever
to accomplish His will

i looked up redeem in the dictionary
it means =buy back, pay off, make up for


this is one of my mother in law's bibles
full of notes
full of prayers
full of a legacy of a woman who also loved her lord
& i was reminded of her today
as i read in her bible these words about rahab...

"she did not let fear
affect her faith
in God's ability to deliver"

feeling overwhelmed today
& feeling slap wore out today
i pray that i know in my own heart
& i effectively teach my teenage daughters
that no sin, no past, no failure
will ever keep them from the love of God
ever can follow that story about my awesome hero rahab in joshua chapter 2.
the lineage of Christ is in matthew chapter 1

may you be blessed today
oh pss...for some weirdo reason, i think blogger is acting up and adding an occasional comment a couple of times, hence the deleted comments.  :)


katieb said...


such a beautiful post~

thank you~

Dana said...

Beautiful post. Great verses to remember. Especially for teenagers AND their sometimes stressed, tired and frustrated parents :-)

Julie said...

Love this post. I can look back on my own life and see how He's redeemed me. Hope life gets better soon. Praying for you. xo

p.s. Surprise mailbox goodies are the best aren't they! So glad your day was brightened.

Teresa said...

What an inspiration!
And I do believe...I am finding that PINK lipstick NOW and ordering!
I need me some bright PINK lips up here in the Northwest!
I never did comment and let you know how much I LOVE Patchouli's in Rosemary Beach!
I wear their China Lily scent!
I have for years!
I gave all of my bridesmaids Chinal Lily to wear in my wedding!
And it's my hubs favorite scent!
Loved all of your pics from Seaside and Rosemary Beach this summer!
Made me miss the South Walton Beaches so much!
I haven't had a day at the pool all summer! :o(

jenniferjohnson said...

mine is nine! 4 more years... I can't wait... well maybe I can. I will hold back the years, slowly...holding them longer.

Kristin said...

So to you my Awesome Life Long BFF and the person I have watched be an amazing Mamma to her your thoughts I say this....

God has not given you Paige,a spirit of fear, but of power and love and a sound mind. You my precious Paige have the right to think with the mind of Christ. To cast your smallest of worries, heartaches, fears or just thoughts concerning your girls hearts, family, things said, unsaid or needing to be said, everything to me, Christ and I will make all things new and better than before!

God's redemption is beautiful!
With a humble heart that falls daily, I need it I know!
Love you my friend and hope the rest of your day has had bright moments and big smiles!

I love this post. It is real and has a beautiful ending. LOVE IT!


3 Peanuts said...

Beautiful. I studied this story earlier this year. How lovely to have your MIL's Bible and her notes.

Love your mailbox goodie too. Hope your day today is better:)

Courtney Walsh said...

She did not let her fear affect her faith in God's ability to deliver.

Wow. Just wow. I'm writing that one down, Paige. I needed that today.

Lyss said...

Love this post! Well, I love all your post, but I really love this one!
You are amazing...I bought the stuff for your broc-chs-cass today and I cant wait to try it!
I am closer to your eldest daughter's age than yours, but you touch my heart in a big way.
Thank you for always sharing yourself so beautifully and openly :)

Jennifer said...

Thank you for a beautiful post! I REALLY needed that today! I found your blog many, many months ago either through Darby who I know from Dothan or through Ashley's. You are truly a gifted writer =)

Anonymous said...

do you have a recipe for the protein drink? it looks and sounds delish.

Christina said...

now i have more reasons to love you- for the introduction to rahab.i immediately love her.
thank you friend.
: )
with God all things are possible.
a big~ XO

sheri said...

i stumbled here and just fell in love with this post. Thank you for this. So very much.

Becky said...

I love this. Would you mind me sharing your post with a friend? The way you told the story of Rahab is just what my friend needs to hear. The timing of this is perfect, after a conversation we shared together, along with some tears. I love your transparency.
Love, Becky

Between You and Me said...

loved this.
rahab is a favorite of mine.
proof that God redeems everyone.
even girls like me.
boy, did I give him a lot to redeem.

i don't have teens yet that live under my roof, but i can already tell you that i'm gonna need a lot of reminding to be gracious to them as God has been gracious to me.

they're gonna mess up.
they're gonna sin.
Lord, please let me extend grace.
not shame.
not guilt.
not anything other than grace.

Lord, help me to trust you with them.

whew~ okay..had a little moment with you and them moved straight into a moment with Jesus.
thanks paige!!!

Anonymous said...

Wow ... you may be tapped out, but this post blessed my socks off! I am so grateful that you took the time to write it when you probably would have preferred to crawl back under the covers. You were used today in a BIG and MiGhTy way. Thank you for that! Destiny

She did not let her fear affect her faith in God's ability to deliver. This I will not soon forget!

Privet and Holly said...

Lovely words...
loved the idea
that your MIL
had read those
same lines and
taken notes....
Hope you got
some rest, sweet
xx Suzanne

Lemonade Makin' Mama said...

I love that story so much! Have you ever read the Francine Rivers short story of Rahab? She wrote several shorts of other famous women of the word... loved them! Just for fun yo know... :)

Susan said...

I'm feeling like Brinkley looks.
I so LOVE LOVE LOVE this post.
I remember an elder of our church once said, "NO MATTER WHAT YOUR PAST, YOUR FUTURE IS SPOTLESS". I use this frequently and it's so true.
Love ya my friend. I'm praying for ya and your family. Hope you make it through these rough spots as painlessly (is that a word)and as quickly as possible.

Wendy @ The Shabby Nest said...

A beautiful post Paige. Thank you for sharing.

Thank you also for your sweet thoughts on my blog, and messages on helps so much to know someone cares!


kasey said...

just being honest here:
i first heard that verse when i was in high school on that oh so fabulous movie Fried Green Tomatoes...when Idgie came looking for Ruth to take her back.
Don't know you if you ever saw it or not.
anyways...sweet post...
but you probably don't even know who i am....
let me introduce myself:
but i have 3 kids....a husband...
i write sometimes...and we are on FB together...but maybe you didn't know....cuz you are eating chick fila. We get our first chick fila in 10 days.
I'll be one of the 100 first customers.
okay...gotta run....nice to meet you.

Ellie said...

beautifully written. thanks for sharing - we all need The Redeemer, and to know how far God went to show us that no sin is too large . . .

sending hugs & prayers.

ps can't wait to see a photo with you wearing that lipstick :)

Lissa said...

best post I've read in a long, long time. That's EXACTLY what he does! He redeems for generations to come! Thank you for sharing this page! It's amazing what God will do! Love this so much! feeling all fired up now! I love God so much!

Jboo said...

Great inspiring post! Thanks for sharing!


Farmgirl Paints said...

love you sweetie. thank you for that post. i'm having a week too. my oldest is having friend DRAMA for the first time and it's ripping my heart right out. oh lord please take this from me. i've dreaded it forever and know it's finally here. i need to crack my bible and get lost in rahab's story.

Anonymous said...

Loved your post today. God uses the unlikely to do his work. I tivo a show for my grands called Great Heroes of the Bible and the one about Joshua and Jericho tells the story of how Rahab helped to hide them at her own risk. I love how I can read the Bible again and again and find things that I hadn't retained or hadn't "gotten" before. God continually shows us and enlightens us. Hope you have a good day.


Tracy is ... Loving Pretty Things said...

How I love your witness, Paige. Your fearless voice of truth and how Truth of ages ago still apply to our crazy lives of today. Thank you for sharing this precious story with us, and Thank the Lord for His Word for meeting us where we are with His Truth!!


LeeAnn@Encouragement Is Contagious said...

Your post touched my heart today. Tears dropped as I read about Rahab and how God used her with flaws and all and made her part of his lineage.
Beautiful writing Paige.

Anne - Fiona and Twig said...

I absolutely love how you reference the scriptures and weave them into your blogging.
You so inspire me to be a better Christian myself, Paige. :-)

LuLu said...

thank you for being such an inspiration of faith and parenting.
You always write the most beautiful posts that hit home and close to my heart,

Flower Patch Farmgirl said...

Love this post, Lady! You are a gift. I found a hand watercolored print for $3 in a junky, crap frame at a flea market a few years says "Redeemed - By the Precious Blood of the Lamb".

It's ALL about the redemption. Thanks for sharing your day and Rahab.


Tricia - A Rosy Note said...

What a beautiful post Paige. Thank you for telling Rehab's story and giving us something important to reflect upon.

Best wishes :)

Mrs.B said...

No words to really say what I felt when I read this~NEEDED to read this! THANKS!

Louise said...

I love your blog. I found it over a year ago via Cathy Penton design blog and have been visiting ever since. I don't comment very much. Just want you to know that I am always so happy to see a new blog post from you. You are inspirational to me.

Biz said...

Thanks to Humble Pie I was introduced to your blog. This posting was beautiful & insightful! Thank you for educating me this morning! Have a blessed day!

Kelli said...

You words are always to elegant and TRUE! Thank you for sharing the Word of God and for the encouragement that I absolutely needed today. I need to print this (she did not let fear
affect her faith
in God's ability to deliver) off and hang it as a reminder. I love the picture of the Bible and all of the notes, the time vested in the BEST place. Thank you.

shelley said...

thank you for your beautiful thoughts. just what this momma needed today.

Suzann said...

Just found your blog through Lissa at Humble Pie and I'm so glad I did. Awesome post!!!

Alecia said...

I LOVE the story of King Jesus! It's great to be able to relate to him in the fact that His family tree had some interesting branches...just like mine! Thank You Lord for being our Redeemer!

jAne said...

"she did not let fear
affect her faith
in God's ability to deliver"

i needed to read that today.