Friday, September 17, 2010

fall etsy faves

while its still hitting 90+ degrees here in the south
our morning temps are teasing us that fall is indeed just around the corner

this morning i have the windows open & a little crisp breeze is blowing 
 i've had fun perusing etsy
finding some fall-like treasures

this little lion hat is so stinking cute
almost makes me wish i had a little one to wear this on halloween!
can you stand it!!!

gigantic cinderella pumpkins
oh how i can't wait to bring a few of you home

love the colors in this image
& her funky fun skirt and tights too

felted acorns....sweetness

my current jewelry crush = leather cuffs
love these handstamped with scripture
very cool

everything in her shop looks fabulous
my personal faves are these

all my girlies are currently smitten with headbands
silk rosettes = perfection

her shop is filled with items that all sound heavenly
lovely images too

in all honesty
i would love every piece in this charming shop
(located in vermont, which i'm certain looks like heaven right now!)
persimmon earrings....charming indeed

super cute melamine plates

gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous
would love for this to be the view from my front door!

 i hope your weekend is beautiful
& filled with all the wonders
of autumn
even if only in the early morning hours


Jo Jo said...

Oh Etsy, I love you!

hometown girl said...

paige, thank you so much for the mention :) i am in really great company here! i love all your picks and that lion hat is way too cute, makes you want to have a little person around! have a beautiful weekend! hugs, susan

3 Including Me... said...

That little lion head dress is adorable! I wish we had fall here in AZ... we miss out on that season.. its hot then winter!

Tammy said...

Love that last photo...pure heaven! I can't wait for fall. The mornings here in Charlotte are teasing too! I was at the beach the last few days and it was pure bliss!
Tammy :-)

Ellie said...

what a fun post - It is in the 90's here too but I need to think Fall soon!

Shannon said...

Great items, I am going to go check out those shops and probably end up buying more things I don't really need ;)
I hope the temps go down soon for you guys, our mornings and evenings are feeling like Autumn as well it's just the in-between that is way too hot.

Jboo said...

Thanks for sharing -- so many cool items!

Have a great weekend!


Kelly said...

Oh my goodness what happened to your music player? I always loved your selections! I hope it isn't gone forever and maybe just my computer malfunctioning?

Lolo said...

I love fall! That last picture is heavenly... I have a bunch of fall faves on my blog too :) Cant get enough Etsy!! Have a wonderful weekend :D

Ani said...

Thanks for sharing these finds... I'm a huge Etsy fan, but had never seen these adorable shops before!

Tricia - A Rosy Note said...

Oh my...I just love everything you picked out. That little lion hat is sooo adorable :)

Susan said...

I wish Fall would hurry up and get here, along with some much needed rain. We're still in the 90s.
Our leaves don't seem to be changing yet either.

LLH Designs said...

Ah! Those cute little acorns! Have to gather me some of those! Happy Friday!!! xo...Linsey

LLH Designs said...

OK, you so inspired me. I took a minute to look at t a few of the etsy shops (love etsy) and did you see the felt nest with three acorn eggs??? So sweet. And then in the bracelet shop, love the one that says, "Trust your story."

xo (again!)...Linsey

jenniferjohnson said...

Fall!!! I love fall. Here in Charleston all of the seasons are unique but I love them all!!!

-Have a great weekend-

Alecia said...

Love!!! Thanks for the info...I'll have to check out this lovely Etsy shop! :-)

Happy Fall!

mydesignchic said...

The lion hat is absolutely adorable, and the view down that driveway is stunning!! Gets me excited for fall...

LouBoo said...

Hi Paige - Etsy is just a treasure trove isn't it? I ordered some lace necklaces from Whiteowl - can not wait for them to come but postage takes longer across the Atlantic! I could get lost just browsing... Lou x

Martha said...

love all of your finds on etsy:) that lion is soooo cute!

Ashley said...

Hi Darlin'- Love them all. The leaves here in VT are just starting to change, however, the temps have definitely changed... in the 40's at night. I'll take some pics of the leaves to show you when we meet up in a month!! :) So excited.

Lemonade Makin' Mama said...

I hope your weekend is LOVELY too! :)

Lissa said...

i love the crisp air that fall brings! Those top 2 pics are to die for!

Auntie Bliss said...

Bergamot and grapefruit is a really good scent too. I get candles like that.

DaShannon said...

last festival year i purchased earrings and a necklace that look just like those felted acorns. i checked not the same lady but aren't they just beautiful?!

Wendy @ The Shabby Nest said...

Love that last photo...makes me really miss living in New England. There is just NOTHING like a New England autumn.

Feels like it's been forever since I visited's been tough finding enough time to blog it's been fun catching up on your blog! Beautiful always!


traci said...

I knew that was Susans headband. Gorgeous. Thanks for giving me more ways to spend my money. Wait, I don't have any left. This weekend has drained me. Xo!

Courtney Walsh said...

oh, some awesome stuff there, paige! I can't wait to check it all out! :)

Anne Marie said...

those cuffs are going on my wish list now! how cool are they??

and that lion head...I might just have to torture my youngest 2 yr. old son this fall with that - lol

anne marie

Privet and Holly said...

Paige, you
would have LOVED
the events I went
to this weekend,
where there were
a bunch of Etsy
many FAB bloggers!
I went to one with
Becky {Farmgirl Paints}
and YOUR name came the very
best way, of course : ).
You have really found
some lovelies, here,
and the last picture
is just heavenly....I
can almost hear the
crunch of leaves beneath
my boots!!
xx Suzanne

Jen Kershner said...

Oh those acorns...they are calling out to me! Love your Fall picks!