Wednesday, June 02, 2010

well i'll be darned

so for about a year now
i've tried to respond
to each comment
that is left
on my blog
each one

i try to answer any questions
or maybe just say thanks for
taking the time
to not only read my blog
but to leave a sweet comment

i try to reply back
just to show you
how much it means to me
& this is usually pretty easy
its not like i'm the pioneer woman getting 800 comments
or anything crazy like that!

many times though
i email back a pretty lengthy reply
i may ask you a question
or 12

& often times
i never hear back
eh s.

only to realize the other day
when i was responding from a different computer whose email format is set up differently
that a whole bunch
of the comments
actually connect back to

not in all caps
& i don't think it has the word flippin
in there
but you get the point

many of you
never have seen all these
of kind
& dare i say
lengthy responses i've sent

& i just thought you were
blowing me off all this time!

who knew?
all of you knew this
but not me

millions of emails
all floating around
out in the
for crying out loud
i felt like such a dork

so i'm here now
all schooled in the situation
& just wanted to let you know
1. kim & i are all good
she had no clue
& now she has about 2 dozen photoshop, vitamin supplement & parenting
questions to get back to me on!
2. for all the times you left a sweet comment
or asked me a question
& never received an email
i really did respond
pinkie promise

& since i'm getting all this blogger etiquette all squared away
i must ask
you a question
do you know how google reader affects site meters?
if i don't actually go on to someones blog
but just read it through reader
does the site meter still pick this up as a hit?
just curious

i'm totally not saying that comments all need replies back
or that i think that there is an unwritten rule
out there
but i'm wierd like that
& love the contact
the blog world has brought many a sweet priceless friend my way
& its just my little way of saying thank you :)


Johnson Party of seven! said...

I always get your sweet messages! I love you, Paige! You are THE SWEETEST!

katieb said...

I wish I could help you Paige, but....sorry, I can't~

I did want to tell you that your photography is stunning. I love the pink~

Courtney Walsh said...

Oh NO!! Paige, that's so sad!! I am glad, however, that I have seen your sweet comments! :)

Are these more Florabella textures? :)

Jackie said...

I get your sweet responses. And, thank you very much. I love it & it means the world to me to have you respond.

Your flower pics are gorgeous !

xoxoox Jackie

Martha said...

love, love, love your pictures...and I have no clue about google reader...I'm one of the lucky ones who has gotten your reply backs and you are the sweetest EVER to do that by the way:)

Martha said...

And by the way you aren't the only one who didn't know others didn't receive reply-backs because I've tried that too because I thought everyone got them since I did just made me feel not so bad about not knowing that:)

Flower Patch Farmgirl said...

The No Reply comments. Ack!! This totally cracked me up, by the way... And I am way impressed that you comment back to every single comment. I think I'm inspired to start making my comments to you extra random, just to see what you might possibly say in response! ;)

Your pictures were pure eye candy on this rainy morning. Lovely!

ps- No clue about the Google Reader thing. I had never thought about it before...interesting!

pss- Random comments start tomorrow. ;) ;)

psss- You rock!!

Kristy said...

have no idea about the google reader, but had to tell you, your pictures are b.e.a.u.t.i.f.u.l.
happy day to you :O)

Jerri said...

Love the you sweet bloggin' friend!

Feather said...

ha! laughing WITH you because I did this for the longest time, too! i don't understand the noflippinreply when we all have to insert our email addresses to comment!

mimi charmante said...

as always, you totally crack me up. but just think - now you have probably helped someone else who had no idea that some people didn't have an email linked to the blogger profile (which drives me mad by the way... what if I need to contact them???).
big love,

Dawn said...

i do not know the google reader answer :) the roses are so beautiful! i love a littl response here and there... makes me smile! and i try too... but now yo have me wondering if mine go to nowhere-ville, too...

Flower Patch Farmgirl said...

PS - I just noticed a "Google Reader" link under my referrals section on Sitemeter. I guess they count!

Lissa said...

Beautiful pictures paige. I've done the same thing before. Although we both know I'm not very diligent lately.

You make me want to learn photography. I'm more of a learn and show me as I go kind of girl. that's my problem. Maybe I should just come to your house for a tutorial. :)

3 Peanuts said...

Sweet, sweet Paige...I wish I could copy and paste this on my lil blog (including the STUNNING photos!!!) because I have done the SAME thing. I wish I had gotten every one of your questions and e-mails because as I said I adore you and you inspire me and I wish we were Bff's. Maybe some of your cool factor would rub of on me.

Now, I have a question for you (and you know where to reach me). Where did you get that DARLNG white vase/urn thingy. I am planning a fancy soiree for a bunch of 4 year olds this weekend and I have been looking for such vessels for the princess tea pasty table:) I have a feeling it is some cool vintage vase you found at an antique store or something.

Farmgirl Paints said...

Oh girl you are just too funny. Poor thing writing all those responses and sending love out there and no one read them. That's horrifying! Well I got lots from you, so I feel blessed:)

I really wish people would add their email addresses. I really feel annoyed by the nonreply thing. It's so much harder to contact them. Especially since I'm on my blackberry all the time.

As far as the site meter thing...not sure how it works. I have a rss reader subscription thing and since they don't actually come on to my blog I don't think it counts on the site meter.

Ellie said...

First things first: my mouth dropped out of it's socket when I got to that last photo/piece of art. AMAZING!!!! GORGEOUS!!! INCREDIBLE!!! you rocked it. And I have gotten sweet comments from you - and thank you very much - I've loved them :)

Love Being a Nonny said...

So funny and so sweet!! Love your blog. Love your pics. And I think I would love you in real life!!

Susan said...

Hmmm, I'm so not computer savvy at all. I know how to turn the computer on and that's about it. I don't even know the lingo, so I'm of little to no help.
I will say that I have received all of your replies and messages and if I failed to respond then I'm the "dork". I'm so so so big on blogging etiquitte (if there is such a thing).
Thanks you for all your kind words and well wishes.

The Flying Bee said...

First of all, these pictures are FAB-U-LOUS!

So funny about the no comment reply thing...I was doing the same thing. I was sending replies to comments and then I realized one day that not everyone has their email linked. Oh well! I have always gotten your sweet emails though, thank you so much! :)

Jboo said...

I think I have rec'd all your sweet emails and comments back to me. And I've always thought -- that Paige is so sweet to write me! :) Have no idea about google and sitemeter or any of that complicated stuff!

Love, love love your beautiful photos!

Jo Jo said...

Um... I didn't even know that, as a blogger, you could respond when people commented on your blog. Now I'm wondering if peole think I'M rude! Not that I get that many comments but someone did ask me a question the other and I had no idea how to respond to just them. I guess I have some blog etiquete to learn too.

P.S. I love the photos, as usual :)

Lemonade Makin' Mama said...

Oh you are so funny. I always (or at least I THINK I always) get your messages.

I guess there's no way to really know! LOL

Shawn Seay said...

Wow!!! Paige, you are a busy lady! I love getting your responses! You have such a kind heart!!

Ann-Marie Boyles said...

I love it! Blogging is not easy for those of us with tender hearts! We think everyone will get hurt feelings like we do! I have gotten your responses and I sooo appreciate them. You're a true gem!!

Cstargel said...

I love your blog even though I don't leave a comment all the time! And I love you for praying for my friend's child (still waiting on pathology reports), for leaving sweet comments AND for always brightening my day when I read your blog!!!

Simone said...

Oh no! Well, at least you know now!

Gorgeous images Paige :)

Privet and Holly said...

Gorgeous pictures from very sweet YOU! That's a sinking feeling when you realize that you thought you'd connected with someone only to find that they never HEARD you....yikes!
I have heard from you recently and really appreciated your kind words. I also like to visit back : ) as it just feels right. Thanks for the roses!! xx Suzanne

debra said...

I always appreciate your comments about my comments. I am always thrilled to get a comment or even have someone read my blog. Thank you.

I can't help you regarding the Google Reader issue. I need some training there.


Anonymous said...

i have gotten your sweet comments and love them! they make me feel like we are bloggy friends! keep them coming! xo

ps. those pictures are gorgeous!

Donna said...

I love getting your sweet comments Paige! Thanks so much for all your kind and encouraging words. Hugs!!

Heather said...

um ... your 'blog ettiquette' has turned me into panic mode more than once :) i never knew that was the expected :)

i still can't figure it out, i would never be offended ;)


Jodee Leader said...

Oh my word! What a hoot! I always get your sweet comments!

Sorry I can't help with your question. I am totally "Blogger" challenged!

Cate said...

You have truly inspired me with your wonderful photography skills! I actually ordered a new lens (like your new one) after I read your post AND after seeing your beautiful flower pictures. I really enjoy reading your blog!

Erin Butson said...

what if i don't even understand the question?!? i don'tthink i can help in the answer, but i'm always amazed by your thoguhtful, quick responses

Tina said...

Oh you sweet girl:) I love receiving your messages, thank you!! Oh and I still get caught out sending a reply out into the wasteland that is noreplyblogland, so I guess that makes me a dork too;) Oh and I love your photos of the roses, just beautiful! Hope you are having a lovely week ~ Tina xx

Christina said...

oohh, these roses are love, sheer love~
and as always, i adore hearing from you. ; )

Tracey said...

The same thing happened to my friend, so you're not the only one Paige! I have given up lately on responding to everyone's comments...I feel terrible guilt about it, but I just can't keep up lately...hopefully I'll be caught up on life someday soon :)

I love that one texture you used with the it! Your photos are fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!

Hugs ~

:) T

traci said...

that is too funny. i think i used to do that too. live and learn. your photos are just gorgeous paige. aren't ya lovin' that nifty fifty!!

Jo said...

You are too sweet! I always appreciate your kind comments and answers. I wish more bloggers were as thoughtful as you.

The photos are just beautiful!


Allison said...

I agree with the other ladies..I love that you respond to all the posters. So kind and thoughtful:) I don't know about the Google reader counter thingy....sorry!

Amy Coon said...

I just recently figured out the "non-comment" thing on my blog as well.......ugg!!

Love your photography and the blog!

Wendy @ The Shabby Nest said...

Hi my dear Paige...

First, must comment on the previous post...because I have always thought that your photography was that you are learning all of the
"manual" stuff I think you are goig to be brutally dangerous (and by that I mean AMAZING) with that thing. The photos on this post are GORGEOUS!!!

And as for this post...I hate those no-reply emails. You're a trooper to answer every comment. I need to try and be better that way. And I don't think that google reader appears as a hit. (But don't quote me on that.)

Okay, 'nuff said for today. As always, you're an inspiration. (And now I think I HAVE to have a pink laptop...and is a NEED not a WANT. ;-) LOL!)

Anonymous said...

Beautiful photos! Well, at least you know why no one was replying to your comments! I am your newest follower. ~Debby xo

LLH Designs said...

Love what you did with that last photo. Perfection!

Happy weekend!

LouBoo said...

Oh Paige this really made me smile! I think it's just lovely that you respond back when people comment and well done you for taking the time. I wish I was as disciplined! Comments are like little gifts each day so the way you acknowledge them here is touching! Louise x

Anne Marie said...

I've seen your comments on my blog - but never a response......which is good news! because now I can stop my therapy sessions about how dejected and depressed I have been that you didn't e-mail me

HA! totally are the sweetest commenter and everything's cool on the farm front

Comeca Jones said...

How sad .Because as a new blogger I have left several messages and now I know that they are in a blogger abyss a place where other bloggers don't even no they exist.How sad because like you I responded to them and maybe they responded to me :(.from now on I will go directly to the sight to be sure my comments get there.)I love your blog by the way and I will be back to visit.

Anonymous said...

Dang it! All those messages are probably off playing hooky with the SOCKS that disappear from the washing machine. At least you finally figured it out. Just found your site from Artful Blogger mag and will be back. thanks! Paula