Friday, May 28, 2010

my new toys

say what you will
about me
but i want to share one of the things that will make this summer
at our home
more enjoyable

these babies!

we've been a family of 6
sharing ONE desktop
now, i'm not complaining
i am very grateful for our ONE desktop

but seriously girls
one place to check emails
one place for four facebook updates
one place for working on projects & writing papers

one in pink & one in red
have made for bliss at the knudsen home

since these bad boys have arrived
i have yet to hear
"i call computer!!!!"
as we pull into the driveway

they are worth their weight in gold
i tell ya!

the last month for me has been a total
information overload

let me roll it out for you

i upgraded my antique flip phone
to my uber cool touchscreen rogue
which i now tweet from

(not that i have a twitter worthy life, but it is fun)

with a keypad for rapid texting
my girls didn't think i'd convert easily
they have no faith

figured out the new laptop

downloaded ( which just about caused me to loose my salvation)
& figured out
how to use florabella actions
and textures

upgraded from photoshop elements 4 to pse 8
so that i could run said actions & textures

attended a photography workshop
& made the big move....
flipped the switch on my canon from auto
drumroll please
to manual

why did no one tell me?
or did you?
what a world of difference that makes

learned ( sorry...learning)
how to shoot in aperture priority
play with white balance
figure out the best iso
& shutter speed

slapped on my new 50mm f/1.4 lens
& i swear i heard the angels sing
& my life was forever changed

i've taken over 1,000 photos of florals
in the last couple of weeks

much easier to play & learn on
still life
than running & jumping little cuties
here are a couple
( straight out of camera)

and a couple post-processed
with florabella actions
& textures

this texture was actually a freebie
that i found on flickr

the only downside
to all the new toys....
gotta be careful not to spend all day


LouBoo said...

Ohh that jamjar shot just got right to me. I have a thing about posies in jamjars! Lovely post and well done you for embracing the technology! I always like your posts Paige as they make me see what life might be like when my kids are teens. 'I call the computer' has not hit my house! Louise x

Farmgirl Paints said...

That's great! My neighbor just brought over a huge vase of peonies for me. They are so pretty. Wish you were here to take a fancy picture of them;)

traci said...

those are gorgeous shots paige. sooc - awesome. i can honestly say i see the improvement in your photography. keep it up girl. possibilities are endless. have a wonderful weekend sweetie!!

mimi charmante said...

see, there are the odd moments when you can buy happiness, or at least, peace... :)
LOVE your peonies! They are gorgeous (and my favorite flowers!)
have a divine weekend my friend,

Darby said...

Woo hoo.. you deserve those laptops for having to share one with 6 people for so long! Love your peonies... absolutely BEAUTIFUL! Wish we could grown them down here... I've never seen them anywhere! You're rockin' that new lens! Happy weekend!

Feather said...

how muvch excitement can one girl experience in a week?! dual laptops must be divine...good call! and your photos are fantastic! isn't that so much fun to have all that control? beautiful results!

Little Blue House said...

Those peonies are faaaabulous! Makes me want to purchase a new camera and learn more. Happy Weekend!

Lissa said...

you've come a long way baby! I need to get my but in gear with the photos!

3 Peanuts said...

Congrats on the computers:) I spent a lot of last spring shooting florals too. It is so much fun playing with the photography. I would love to get back into it but I just have no time. I need one of your sweet teenagers as a Mother's helper so I can play with Shana's actions!!!!

Love your gorgeous peony shots. You are rocking that new lens and MANUAL! It is so much better and not too hard either once you figure out shutter speed and aperture and ISO. You have a natural gift for framing as shot so you will be a super star once you get all the details in manual sorted out.

Sweet Grace Farms said...

I am seriously excited,proud and amazed by you. Nothing excites me more than seeing a woman push her limits, stretch and reach for the stars! A big huge attagirl to you!!

Kristy said...

love the lap tops. i am hoping to get one for my bday. love floral bella, love, love, love. but i have yet to take a class. i need to. your photos are beautiful. your peonies are wonderful. i think i may need to plant some :O)
have a great weekend.

Ellie said...

kay. all I can say is. you make me laugh. you know what they say about laugher??!! so does that redeem your salvation??!! again. you make me LAUGH! I shoot manual occasionally. I really like aperture priority :) Your peonies are amazing. Have a fun summer with your new (seriously pink & red? how fun!) laptops. I have 4 children also and my older are 14 & 12 and they have laptops for school, can't imagine having to call them. yikes, when we move back life could get tricky . . . .

The Flying Bee said...

Gorgeous shots, Paige! I love peonies..they are one of my faves! I need to take a class so I can learn about all the bells and whistles on my camera...maybe in the Fall. :)

Oh, and yay for the two new laptops!


Shannon said...

Amazing photos, someday I will take the time to learn photoshop and florabella looks like fun too!

Lemonade Makin' Mama said...

Those photos are darling and I would go crazy having to share the computer with that many other people. My hubby and I *almost* fight over the ONE we have! (And he has to use it because he works, based from home!)

GOod for you for being so techy-minded. Have a great weekend!!

Martha said...

just beautiful!!!! I always love your pictures...and someday I would love, love, love to learn all that you have too...have a great weekend:)

Jboo said...

WOw -- love your new toys! And your peonies and photos -- so beautiful! I have a vase full in my kitchen -- my fave flower!

Have a great weekend!


Susan said...

Okay, what are the cute pink flowers in the mason jar? They are very pretty.
I got a good laugh out of your lap top post, especially the "I call computer" comment. That is so my family. Six of us share the computer as well. I told the kids I would buy them lap tops as graduation gifts, so we are going to have to hold out longer.


Your pictures are so beautiful Paige!! You are inspiring me to want a new camera. The peonies are absolutely beautiful!! Have a wonderful long weekend!!

Suzanne said...

That's it...either I need a new camera or those peonies...or a photo of your peonies:-) So pretty Paige!
And you are a saint to survive as long as you did with one computer. Good for you...and they look amazing on the white sofa!

Tara said...

Wow you have been a busy bee!! good for your for learning all this new stuff! your photos are amazing sooc...I love love love the second one!! doesn't need a thing! you go girl, enjoy your looong weekend!

kasey said...

i *love* your new toys.
my toys are not nearly as fun as yours.
have a great weekend!!!

Ann-Marie Boyles said...

Mercy! Those floral photos...!!
What can I say but BEAUTIFUL!! I so enjoy your blog and I definitely relate to the whole techno thing. My boys think I'm a techno-ignoramous! But I am quite proud that I can use my env touch to recieve updates on facebook and check on my blog on top of texting and talking. No matter what they think, I feel like a technology goddess!!

Kristin said...

Yea, yippee, red laptop - yumm, pink laptop - even more yumm, now I need a new phone... and a new apple laptop while I am at it, savannah is my beautiful girly as always - mom thinks she is the spitting image of you in high school which =beautiful, the images are oh my goodness yummy and will be on my office wall as soon as I get to pick my choices out of the 1000 pretty please and whew all your learning girly...I knew you could do it and can't wait to see more of the angels singing over your new lens...,take a breath...whew...saying all that was like a workout! I wish also to say you are precious to me and quickly smiles gather and possibly some pools in my eyes to how grateful I am for your friendship. It has proven its weight in gold, silver and much more than any diamond or riches. I am blessed and smile to the heavens and say thank you my Daddy for her. You bless me. Praying I can bless you back that much and more.

LuLu & Co. said...

Electronic F U N!!! Yippie
Oh my goodness your photos are stunning!!!!

Jeanneoli said...

Glad you are having fun with all your new toys:-) I can't imagine all you girls fighting over one computer...good purchase.

Rachel said...

Beautiful shots! Teach me how! These are all gorgeous!

Also, I added you on twitter, I'm @erchla :)

Rebecca said...

so...would you reccomend that lens...i am just beginning to think about a new the captures...

Montye said...

Love your blog... and love the pictures of the flowers. Would you mind if I use some of your photos sometime? Beautiful!

Thanks for all your support Paige... excited about reading through your blog tonight :o)

Think said...

First off, I have the same laptop in blue and I love it! Secondly, I am at present, downloading new actions (and NOT enjoying it at all.) I am starting to understand why people use swear words. THOUGH...I've done this before! I have several on my computer already! Why do I forget so easily?? ack.

So. Where was this photography workshop? goal for me is to learn to shoot completely in manual and to understand why something works. Usually if it works, it's just complete luck.

:) beautiful pics!

the southern hostess said...

Beautiful photos! Love your blog.

fleur de lis cottage said...

Enjoy your new toys, and I love your photography and use of actions/textures! B-Utiful!

Privet and Holly said...

I am just enamored of the gorgeous
images. I have yet to flip the switch, as you so eloquently phrased it...still in the taking a photography workshop stage...BUT...
this gives me GREAT hope for my own
images. I am so excited for your whole family with the new laptops! But, you are SO right about the play-time....and we all DO love to play! Hope you have a lot of it this long weekend. Happy day!
xx p&H

Christina said...

smart girl! yep, you just made life easier. : ) mama knows best!
and these flower shots, oh my, they are beauties.

daniela rota nodari said...

hugs <3
Daniela "DREAM SHABBY CHIC" Milano

Jen Kershner said...

How fun for you guys! I can't imagine what a relief that must be. You are on quite the roll. Next thing you know you will be buying a Kindle or something crazy like that. Love your photos. You make me long for a good camera. I just keep remembering that by the time I get one I will appreciate it even more having had to wait so long for it. At least that's what I'm telling myself.

I hope you and your family are enjoying a lovely sun filled weekend.

Dawn said...

peonies? beautiful :) i can totally understand about the computers! since we added a netbook to our desktop this past winter, life for this family of 4 has been a bit sweeter all around. and i am loving that while i am deep in the bloggy world i can stillbe sitting with my family :)

PS~Erin said...

You go!

Those two new colorful cuties will surely add some peace to your summer!

Happy Memorial Day to you!

Stephanie said...

Love your pics! Florabella actions ROCK!! I love mine! Nothing better than 50mm prime! Couldn't live without mine! And what a feeling to be in control of your camera! The best thing I ever did was take a class!! Keep up the beautiful work!

Jackie said...

I always love me some new "toys", too. Who doesn't ? :-)
Glad things are better at home w/ the new lappies. Anything to keep peace, right ? HA !
I will admit that I still have a flip-phone. I still love it & I can text super fast on it !
I'm looking, shopping, researching for a new "smart phone". I'm having trouble letting go of "familiarity" & branching out into something new that will cause my brain to have to work soooo much harder. HA !
Wish me luck !!
Have a good day ! xoxoxox

Anonymous said...

girl! all that camera talk is way out of my league! i have been thinking about you because i too just upgraded my free flip phone for an iphone! i gotta try to keep up with the hip young ones! hehe! your pictures are beautiful! i so wish you were near to help this girl out with a camera! xo

Anonymous said...

What program do you use for photo management? I'm a big fan of Adobe Bridge now that I have a Mac. Our neighbor could always tell when my June birthday was coming because her big peonies were blooming. Thanks for the gorgeous snaps.

One Woman's Thoughts said...

You are a woman after my own heart. Smiles. You are not afraid to venture outside your CIRCLE (outside the BOX, sounds so harsh to me). I feel like we could have some great conversations and lots of laughs. Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to comment.I really smile when I look at your photography.