Tuesday, September 15, 2009


{{needed to give ya'll an updated image of kasey in all her glory
rumor has it , her crown is indeed front & center on the mantle}}

The other day I received this fabulous necklace in the mail....made by Mimi Charmante given away at one of the plethora of blog giveaways over at Kasey's.

& I got to thinking~~

our favorite blogger, Kasey truly is the Blog Homecoming Queen.

So I officially nominated her & i'm pleased to tell you that at friday's home game

she was indeed crowned!!

Four Reasons why Kasey will make a fabulous homecoming queen

~First of all she takes fabulous photos....therefore our yearbook this year will be like none before!

~Secondly, she is an incredible party planner ( or thrower of soiree's as she likes to refer to them--which basically means there's a greater ratio of fine wine to beer) .....therefore we will have a rocking junior senior prom!

~Thirdly, with her finger on the pulse of current hip fashion, she will represent us with style & flair.

~& Finally & most important, Kasey is a generous friend to all.

even the varsity parkview cheerleaders got in on the excitement & support of Kasey.

{{ KC/ Kasey--please tell me you get it

we didn't have enough poms to spell kasey}}

In all seriousness

I wanted to just take a second & thank Kasey.

A couple of weeks ago I was having a really yucky day

Kasey & I got to talking...ie--emailing like we frequently do

her tongue in cheek humor had me laughing through my frustrated tears.

i've told her before that i think she's a rock star

that if she lived closer i'd hog her & make her hang with me all the time

& even though she currently drives a mini -van,

she's still super cool since at one time she did drive a bug

she's even ok with the fact

that i have an unhealthy covet thing working towards her home and her wardrobe.

that's my girl kasey

i know its so much easier to re-create ourselves on our blogs
to put on our make up, smile pretty, show our best side
photograph our homes when they're tidy
share our children's accomplishments
we should enjoy these things
nothing wrong with this


how we appear to our online friends can
sometimes differ from how we appear to those who see us every day
who see us when we drop the ball
miss the meeting
say the wrong thing
forget a friend's birthday
underdress to a formal wedding at high noon ( yep, that's very embarassing)
gain 10 lbs

who see us when our mascara is smeared because we're teary after an argument
or are dealing with a husband's infidelity
who hear that our teenager was drunk at a party
or didn't make the squad because of grades
who know what our home is really like

who see how we handle life's challenges
who see how respond
right there
on the spot
live & in color

my goal is that who i say i am online
is the same person you run into at target
the same person who has fears & insecurities
who does need to loose 10 lbs
whose hubby hasn't cheated but will hug you & pray for you if yours did
who doesn't want to judge others but honestly does struggle with it
& is praying for mercy
who does have a critical spirit
but praying that it softens
who has lonely days

who is desperatlely trying to be real

thank you for being real

you are my homecoming queen


A.Love said...

this is a beautiful, perfect post!!
i completely agree that Kasey truly is amazing. She has a way with just making you shift through the poo to find the truffle ;)
you, my new friend, are so awesome and so very not-alone in the desire to be the best of who you are wherever you are :)

Jboo said...

Though I don't her in real life or blogland (am definitely going to fix that asap), she sounds wonderful. . . a lot like you! :)

Hope you're having a great week!


The Nester said...

What a sweet, sweet post. Kasey is lucky to have you!

Gaia said...

what a beautiful post. You are very lucky to have Kasey as a friend. I know her blog and I really love it.

But she's lucky too for having you as friend, your words moved me..
Thanks for sharing...

if you come to visit me you will see the real me...

Kasey said...

Paige. Knudsen.
you are the fiber to my oatmeal.
I am {honored} to have a friend like you.
I love reading your beautiful blog and hearing about your beautiful girls and that dan the man.....wish i had a santa like him;-)

Simone said...

I LOVE the way you write Paige....you really.really.really.good.at.this!!!!

Thank you.....that's all I am going to say.....apart from it's so funny how both you and Kasey (who live thousands) of miles away from me....both wrote posts today which REALLY really spoke to me.....how do you DO that?!

Thank you.....and PS....how cute do you look in Mimi's fabulous necklace?!

Simone :)

Kasey said...

you are the raspberries to my ice cream.
{just thought the oatmeal thing was funny because i spit it all over my keyboard...}

AshleyR said...

Kasey is surely a homecoming queen!! But so aren't you! Thank you both for sharing your lives with us and being such an inspiration!

Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

WOW, what an awesome post....so perfectly said!!

I don't know Kasey, but she sounds like an amazing woman and friend!

I am going to hop on over to her blog:)



Chez Zizi said...

That is so awesome. I too enjoy Kasey. It is always nice to meet someone you connect to. I have a few of those online friends who I consider the best of my friends.

Jill said...

What a delightful post!! and lovely necklace too!

the wild raspberry said...

love your necklace ....

and love your writing...

have a wonderful evening~


Farmgirl Paints said...

Love Kasey! Her blog is amazing, but you've got to admit you are pretty amazing too Paige. Your posts are always real and personal and your comments touch my heart to the core. I identified almost with everything on your list.

Need to lose 10 pounds - yep
Forgot my best friend's birthday (last week) - yep
Say the wrong thing...daily - yep

So good to be able to share those things and have people love ya anyway.

Anonymous said...

ohhhh...i LOVE THIS! if kasey's homecomin' queen...YOU are SO president of the student council or chair of the prom committee...or something super important like that whom all underclassmen look up to! ; ) many blessings...

The Flying Bee said...

Couldn't agree with you more about Kasey! Love her. Love her honesty.

Sweet post!

Tracey said...

LOL! Paige this is such a wonderful post! Kasey IS a rock star! And I consider myself extremely lucky to get to hang with her on a regular basis! You know what though kiddo, you're pretty special too and we all love reading your blog and being friends with you too!!!!!!!!

:) T

Shawn Seay said...

What a wonderful, thoughtful post! I read both you and Kasey's blogs daily, as you post. Kasey always has me smiling. What a fabulous friend, you are! Thank you, Paige for sharing your mothering wisdom with us.

Teresa said...

I got the pleasure of meeting Kasey at the Farm Chick show this year. She is very real, just as she is on her blog, and very kindhearted and beautiful. I loved your post, and your blog, you yourself are full of inspiration and goodness. :)


Jo said...

I so agree and appreciate that you are "keeping it real!" Life is what it is ~ some days are good, others bad or indifferent ~ we have them all.

While I've never had the pleasure of *meeting* Kasey, she sounds delightful!


Kristin said...

My favorite post ever. Kasey is a smile to everyone and just a joy and so, so very everything you stated. So glad you have found true friendship in her.

Love your real my sweet friend!

Lissa said...

You were truly clever with this post! Yes Kasey for homecoming queen. Now we just need a picture of her in her formal for the royal court. (can you get on that Kasey) I LOVE your honesty! You're a dear blogger! AND YOU my dear are homecoming queen to me??? Should I get out my pom poms???


traci said...

what a wonderful post paige. kasey is an amazing person and will represent our school well.

Jennifer Paganelli said...

what an incredible tribute..Paige your writing is amazing..I am so touched by your words.

3 Peanuts said...

Kasey wounds wonderful....I will look at her blog but Paige...I love what you wrote and it is so true. real friends see the real us and love us anyway:)

Jerri said...

Yay I also vote for Kasey as Homecoming Queen!!...But she will be jealous as I nominate YOU for her "coveted" MOTHER OF THE YEAR award that seems to keep alluding her(maybe it was when she left the kids that time, you know at Trader Joes...ha ha) Anyway, Paige, even though we haven't met in person I think you are a sweet amazing inspiration and you deserve the above award! You should so come to the Country Living Fair, if you not already! :)

susan said...

That was one of the best, sweetest, most indearing, heartfelt blogs today in blogland! Thanks!

PS~Erin said...

You're so sweet, and I agree. I love Kasey and her blog. I'm always finding myself nodding in agreement.

mimi charmante said...

Alright sweet Paige - how much did she pay you?
Is this how you *won* the necklace...? :)

She is indeed one of those special girls that although I have only met her once, I wish she lived closer as I know we would spend far too much time together, our children would be neglected, and we would be broke from spending our days shopping for things like purple boots. Sorry, plum. Plum Kasey, I meant plum!

Great post Paige - once again you have proven that you really are the best friend out there.


Julie said...

So sweet...and true.

I think both of you are the bees knees...(that's a good saying right? I don't really know what it means)... I am inspired by both you and always have my day brightened. Thank you!


Kasey said...

I just got word that the crown patrol is on it's way over to my home to take away the crown.
I sent Fin to school today all drugged up on medicine..and it was leaked to the press.
gotta run....
have to hide the prize.....

Lissa said...

okay, you are having to much fun with this. I remember when kasey tried on this crown but I didn't think she bought it.

Jeanneoli said...

You are so funny!

Ellen D said...

Hello Paige!
Kasey sent me over to say a quick hello.
You have a wonderful little blog here and a beautiful family.
Take care.
Ellen D.

Opran Winfrey said...

Ellen sent me over ....wow what a beautiful blog you have.
Hope you catch my show today!

Kristin said...

No one else could wear that crown so beautifully and with a gleam in her eye as to the next funny thing that Miss Queen is going to post. Love it that you are such great friends with a precious and funny soul as Kasey.

LuLu said...

Kasey is the perfect prom queen!!This is the cutest post! I love it. Your necklace is beautiful on you!!!
Blogging has been such a blessing, and you are a blessing to us all,

Brenna LaPray said...

I couldn't agree with you more....I love that girl too. What a sweet post for Kasey.

Wendy @ The Shabby Nest said...

I adore Kasey! But you know that already....and you know, she really would be a great Homecoming Queen...

domestic bliss said...

so sweet! I love this post- what a true friend you are.

Tracy is ... Loving Pretty Things said...

I couldn't agree more. She is fabulous - and your writing...I adore it. You are such a treat - and I can't wait to read more and more about your blog! (see I've scrolled all the way down to see this!!)

Happy Saturday - i'm off to read more!

- Tracy.

Anonymous said...