Tuesday, August 04, 2009

orange crush

things in my life that i'm loving
some of which are orange!

the orange pompoms all over our home
we now have

not one

but four cheerleaders

my mom agenda
can't do life without it

the new fall line from miniboden
ridiculously cute
& since our school colors are orange
i'm thinking little bit should sport these boots

she wants this jacket

except that here in atlanta it'll probably never get cold enough
but darn cute

but she could wear this one....

my fun orange bowls from pottery barn

they're all gone
but they fit in with my orange theme

i'm very picky when it comes to fragrance indoors

spray room freshners...usually gag me
glade plug ins...ugh
please tell me you don't have a scented candle on your kitchen table....


archipelago madagascar--blend of white orchid, vanilla, freesia & jasmine
insanely yummy

i'm usually more of a salty girl when it comes to treats
pizza, french fries, chips
all those healthy things
i can usually turn down sweets for a greater .....oh who am i fooling

i love homemade icecream,
i really love homemade carmel cake....
i digress

who knew?

i stumbled upon this the other night when my girls, yes they, not me ,needed an icecream fix
in my local grocery store none the less
they're packaged in these cute little portion controlled containers that look so cute lined up in your freezer
of course "lined up in your freezer" implies that you need plural

since we had been on a highcaloriefasttraintohell all day
i decided the best way to end my day was to try the java chip frappuccino
heaven girls, heaven
& if you open up this little linkie you too can meet the new flavors & grab yourself a $1 off coupon

for the kids of course

what does it say about me that the longest portion of this entry is about food?

american eagle boyfriend chinos are now marked down from $45 to $14.99
& ever so comfy
i'm more of a one larger cuff girl than a double roll
just in case you wondered

orange...school colors, so that was a no brainer
& the pink is so soft & looks almost white
another no brainer
super spot velvet mini from boden has my name all over it

as does this one

one of the few i can wear without giving myself a migraine
no kidding

jennifer lanne's artwork
the reason i started taking oil classes
no she doesn't paint in oil
but she was my inspiration

brooke white's new cd
love it love it love it

love her too

curently my hugest crush
is jewelry

one of my girlfriends creates amazing pieces using sterling, freshwater pearls, crystals & religeous artifacts-crosses, peace signs...oh so beautiful
i love layering her bracelets and necklaces

these below are some of my fave's from bittersweet designs

i'd love to place several of these in our unused fireplace

still crushing on sugarboo designs frames
i've seen a few wannabe's
but these are just amazing in person

& i realllllllllllllllly
love their new line of antiqued signs

I also love Dee's work
you can check out her new online shop

probably wasn't the most optimal day to post on my crushes
being that we met with our financial planner yesterday for two hours

not that i was counting or anything, honey......


Firefly Hill said...

Love all the orangy things Paige! And four cheerleaders wow!!



Jeanneoli said...

I love so many of these! I have been drooling over the teal and gold skirt from Boden. As soon as I saw it I explained to my husband, "Look at this skirt! Isn't this a Jeanne skirt?" He just looked at me like I was mental...again:-)

mimi charmante said...

I so love this post - you have inspired me to collect my wish list!

PamperingBeki said...

Holy cow, what a great list!! You can be my personal shopper from now on, okay?

Kasey said...

i am loving it all...
but orange reminds me of fall...
and i'm just not ready yet.
oh...and my "finance manager" told me to tighten the reigns...

Lemonade Makin' Mama said...

I love orange! I also love boden and mini boden... I am so addicted.

I am feeling that fall gear up where school is about to start, and you begin pulling out the warmer colors. I love that feeling! (not that I'm rushing Summer away, I just know Fall is around the corner somewhere)

Farmgirl Paints said...

Love your list. Orange is my favorite color, so you got me there.

I'm going to have to check into some of those lovelies:)

Alison Gibbs said...

Great post. Orange - souds like you are getting ready for Autumn/Fall

Lissa said...

As usual... you've given us such a fun post! I too LOVE the mini boden catalog for fall! I can TOTALLY see you in that polk a dot skirt! LOVE sugaboo! love, love, love it al!

Jennifer said...

Yea for your cheerleaders!! I love so many things on your list!

Kristin said...

Now that is just a bunch full-oh yummmmm! I kept reading through and was like....oh I so need that lovely and this yummy item and that pretty thing. You know all those frames and candle things would look lovely in your home...You can tell your financial planner I said so...smile!

Lastly, a salty girl myself but you know girly I would come eat ice cream with you girls any day or night!
Hugs to you all today!

Clare said...

what a fun post!! i love all of your picks and your orange crushes!!

julie said...

hey paige! i am loving all your "crushes"! thanks!


melissa said...

LOVE all your orangy-ness! My older boy's highschool colors were orange & black, so I wore a LOT of roange during those 6 years of football & lacrosse game.
I also live for my mom agenda and I have that Boden polka dot skirt marked too :)
...wish I had some little girls (or big ones!!) to buy cutie-pie outfits for. I live my non-girl life through all my girl mom blog friends :)
Thanks for sharing Paige

Susan said...

Well now that was just a whole bunch of fun. Thanks for sharing all the goodies with us. I believe I'm now adding some pumpkin colored pillows for a surprise for my couch for fall. Inspiration orange we'll call it.

Julie said...

Lots of cute stuff. I love my Mom Agenda too. :) You're totally tempting me with the mini boden dress. I'm supposed to be done back to school shopping for the girls...and those boots...too cute.


Jboo said...

Love this post Paige! Not usually a fan of orange (red is big here), but all that orange looks so very tempting! You have such a good eye -- so many beautiful things!

I would need a lot of ice cream or chocolate after a financial planning meeting - oy!

Have a great day!


Heather H said...

you are the cutest thing.

i love all of your crushes.


Tracey said...

What a truly wonderful list...and those little orange boots are so stinkin cute!!

:) T

Jo said...

Where to begin ~ you've listed so many goodies! Even though summer just began here on the east coast, I'm starting to eye some of the fun fall clothing ~ perhaps I should add a little orange to my wardrobe.


Jen R. said...

I love that orange jacket and that polka dot skirt!

the wild raspberry said...

lovin that orange coat...i wonder if i could find one in a woman's size 8?
and that jewelry....aaahhhh...

Amanda said...

The candle sticks for the firepit are AMAZING! Those are a must :)

SoSoBella said...

what a fun post. love all the items. i need to go back and look at them again. mini boden, one of my fav's.
have a great day :O) thanks for the all the goodies to look at :O)