Tuesday, August 11, 2009

a little intimidated

at the risk sounding cliche,

where does the time go?

the girl's summer break began may 22 & that break came to a screeching halt yesterday morning between 6 & 7 am .

back to school....here we go again!

as much as i love a break from all the carpools , homework, committee meetings, etc, i really function much better with a schedule. i hear the collective sighs. i know....i hate to let you down. i'd love to be a carefree hang-out kinda girl, but truth be told, i'm just not very productive in the summer.
i feel like our household runs more efficiently when we know what's on tap for the week. i'm better about getting well balanced meals on the table, my quiet time gets rolling again & for crying out loud, my neglected blog visiting can get back up to par!

i feel like i need to drop by about two dozen blogs & cut and paste the ole'

" sorry i haven't been by for a visit the last 10 weeks. life is good. just not much time on the computer when there are 6 of us here bidding for time on. please forgive me. i missed ya though!"

on that note, i must be honest....i've been a little intimidated lately. there's a handful of bloggers (some i've recently stumbled upon) that i am completely blown away by.

if i have the same 24 hours in my day as they have in theirs,

why don't i get as much done as they do?

let me clarify

~interesting entries....sometimes i just don't have anything fabulous to say. actually i rarely feel like i have something interesting to say. meanwhile, there are so many of you out there who just ooze wonderful entries.....frequently, like every other day!

~amazing homes.....trying to live somewhat on a budget ( yes, its hard for me to even choke out that word) these days means that i don't often--or ever have new fantastic decorating to share.

honestly, i struggle with a little discontent with all the projects i'd love to do around my home. then i stop, feel guilty, & remind myself how truly blessed i am, even without the beloved sofa & chairandahalf from pottery barn......sigh

~beautiful photos....when do these fantastic bloggers upload & edit all these fantastic photos? i have recently purchased some textures that i'm dying to get my hands on, but my resident computer geek ( aka--busy 16 year old) isn't home enough to give me an inservice.

~inspiring words...i don't think my mind works that way. i'll just leave it at that

~projects....heidi swapp, rhonna, & jenni bowlin are my fave scrapbook artists --they are completely insane. amazing projects, daily! do these women sleep?

meanwhile, back here at the ranch i have an entire 54" table set up with loads of papers & ephemera, just waiting for my creative juices to get going. well, they got up & went because i haven't done a thing...in months...ugh.

so my hat's off to you ladies who inspire me out there.
you have a voice in your blog, whether you realize it or not
& there are so many voices i love to come by & hear
even if i haven't 'said hello' in the last several weeks.

ok, back to the original question

where does my time go?
what am i spending my time on?
what am i investing in that has purpose?
what are my priorities?

i don't want my days to go by in blur, looking back & wondering what do i have to show for how i chose to spend my day.

yes, i'm a girl who needs order
yes i have a busy household
& yes, i really do want to do many things well

i've spent some time the last several days thinking about just that.
the new school is a great time for me to start over if you will

i feel like the Lord has put some things on my heart that i want to get into play in my household.
& i want to share them with ya'll.

but since my littlest one will be running in the door any minute, i gotta go.

but we'll talk soon!



Tracey said...

I'm with ya girl, where do these women find the time! On "post" days, I have to skip lunch, leave the dishes for my husband to do, and walk around with no makeup on...there's just not enough hours in the day for everything! Gorgeous pictures BTW!!!

:) T

Tara said...

Hey Sweetie, first off, I love coming here for your WORDS...you always have something so profound to say and you write so eloquently and honestly...and I love that about you. SEcond, you have some great eye candy, your photos are always lovely, and third, I love the mother you are your children and the wife you are...so don't change a thing and don't ever feel like you have to compete...your blog is for you, it is who you are and that is why people read it!

Lastly, i can relate though! HA! I feel the same way about how inspiring some people are and talented and amazing...not sure where I fit in, or maybe I don't..never did in high school either!

Anyway, sorry, rambling...to sum it up..be you...cause you are amazing! :) XO

Brabo said...

Beatiful girl... love from Norway.

Jboo said...

Your littlest is such a cutie -- such lovely photos! You have such a good eye!

But hey, you are one of those bloggers who inspire me -- your photos, your words, your sweet family! I think a lot of other bloggers (not me) must drink a lot of coffee and stay up really late! Love reading their blogs and only wish they would pass along their secrets to getting it all done and making it look so beautiful!


Farmgirl Paints said...

I feel exactly the same way. I need a schedule to avoid feeling chaotic. So in that sense I look forward to school starting. See you're not weird:)

I also know how you feel about other bloggers. It can be a little intimidating. There are so many talented people out there, escpecially those DIY bloggers that redo stuff. I'm just amazed at how much they get done. Where do they get the time??

BTW I love when you post something. You are amazingly gifted at touching me with your words. You connect with the reader and definitely have something to say. Don't forget that!! So there...don't doubt yourself again.

Remember we are all are unique and your gift of being you is what sets you apart from everyone else. There is no other you out there:) Does that make sense?

Molly said...

Paige, you ALWAYS inspire me! Whether you've posted pictures (especially the ones from Seaside, since it's one of my favorite places too) or merely written a few words, reading your blog is always like a breath of fresh air. And although there are literally thousands of bloggers out there, I truly count you as one of my fave's!

Take care, Molly

Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

I feel just like you do!! I cannot wait for school to start again so we can all get back on a schedule!! The summers are so footloose and fancy free....and I have really taken advantage of it this year. I am behind on EVERYTHING!!

You crack me up.....do you realize how many people you inspire?? You are simply amazing....and don't you forget it:)

Miss Ya,


Lissa said...

PAIGE!!! What is going on? Why do I sense insecurity? Must I butter you up again??? You know that you're in my top 5 favorite blogs of all time! I try to even begin to fit in with a blog like yours. But I try to keep it at a hobby and not worry about it to much. Although I ALWAYS notice when Paige hasn't been by to visit me for a few days. and when you posted your amazingly, beautiful, DREAM home didn't you get like 50 comments?!?! That should tell you a little something about your amazing taste and what a smart girl can do on a budget! You inspire me dear Paige. To be a better mom, a good friend, more creative, to read for enjoyment... Don't you ever stop blogging. I rely on this awesome blog of yours... It's part of my daily life! And I can't wait to see how you add those new textures on your photos!

melissa said...

I LOVE schedules and routines. I start tomorrow with my son going back to school ... but then just in time for my older 2 to come home from college summer session :)

I too am completely 'blown away' by other bloggers. Don't even get me started with the scrapbookers - and I use to be one, in a huge way!! SO sad that I can't get my mojo back :(.

Paige, your posts are always SO beautiful, SO inspiring! And your photos always blow me away! The fact that all 4 of your girls will pose and cooperate for photos in amazing. Not so with my 3 (boys - ugh) ... thus all the photos of 'whatever'. Lately, I have become a foodie photographer, for lack of human subjects! ;)

* Let me know if I can help any with the textures


Firefly Hill said...

First of all...the perfect song is playing from your list...Landslide..which is the perfect where did the time go song. But also, I agree with the schedule thing...I do better with one too! The summer makes me a little crazy...with the kids all around distracting me. Not that I dont love it...but I also have to say that you and your blog are extremely inspiring with your beautiful daughters, home and well, just everything! Sometimes the blog world just makes us all a little crazy with everything out there to see and compare ourselves to. I do it too...



Cathy Henry said...

Paige, I am so with you, I love having my guys home with me in the summer, but I think I function better with some sort or a normal routine! :) I do get better meals on teh table during school time, that is for sure! Paige, you inspire me, seriously! Seeing you running, your beautiful home, your amazing camera skills and the ability you have to write such beautiful, thoughtful, encouraging, Godly blogs...please don't change a thing!! xoxo

Kasey said...

please don't hate me...
but there are 14 days left till school starts.
and i feel like my children will be better off there than here with me..
because while i was off playing with my friend at the flea market their NEW babysitter was making playdough with them. yup....i got home and they were raving about this awsome sitter who played games and make playdough with them.
This was the point where i decided...
i am a better blogger than a parent.
and you know what....
it's going to be o.k.

Kasey said...

can i come live with you?

Heather H said...

you inspire me everytime you open your mouth.

remember that where you are ...someone may be looking at YOU wanting to be where you are.

i love your house - i love your pics of your house ... my goal is for mine to look like that someday.

i always think about this while i'm in the gym ....looking at these buff women who's arms i covet. then, i look down the line of treadmills to the 300lb girl who just got there for the first time today ... and i think she's probably looking at me and I'm HER goal.

you keep on inspiring friend. who you are is amazing...

(and i read some blogs with all the crafts and such - but i don't think those women have as much fun as you .... you have to give somewhere - and you are just not willing to give in the 'fun' department!)


Kristin said...

And for all of your ways of needing order and happy and peace are all the things I adore about you my friend. You are humbly creative and don't even see what others see creatively in you. That makes it our secret that you just don't know about so we can be thrilled when we see this or that. Your words.....Always true and inspiring. To be your friend has made me a better person in every way. So, for you Miss Paige I am grateful!

debra said...

You have just summed up what I have been feeling the last few weeks. We started school on Aug 3 and I am still trying to get back on my 'school' schedule. I miss having my daughter at home but I am happy to have my little routine back.

I have to agree with what others have said - your blog is wonderful, you are inspiring and your pictures are fabulous! I wonder if we don't just expect too much from ourselves sometimes...

Have a great day!

Lemonade Makin' Mama said...

Oh my gosh, I feel this same way sometimes... there is so much talent out there!

Also, every single time I visit your blog, I'm blown away by your photographs... and I count you in that talented group I just mentioned!! Don't sell yourself short girlfriend!! I always enjoy yours.

I think it's always good to remember that blogs are not the same as "real life" cause you can make anything look or appear any way you want on a blog... I always think that when I feel intimidated.... Who knows what the real life part of that looks like? :)


3 Peanuts said...

Oh Paige YOU are so inspiring...your photos, your decor, your faith, your parenting and life words of wisdom....your beautiful and REAL life....that is why I have been coming here for as long as I have....I look at you and think YOU have it all going on....

I know that I have NO time..NONE because I have a very messy, busy sweet 3 year old shadow who does not play independently. I am DYING for a few minutes to myself (if you lived closer...I'd BEG one of your gorgeous, sweet daughter to babysit). So, I canot wait for school to start. I am with you there. I love the carefree days of summer for a little while but then I begin counting the days until school starts again:)

Hugs friend.
Oh and I can help you with texture anytime.....if you want, e-mail me and I will give you my phone number...I have taught a few people by phone:) They are easy-peasy.

PamperingBeki said...

My thoughts exactly.

I stand firm in my belief that even if everything seems to be perfect, *something* is missing *somewhere* in those lives. Whether it's a messy house behind the camera, or an unhappy marriage because husband doesn't get enough time with the blogger wife, or kids who watch Spongebob all day because mom is blogging, or mom runs on no sleep and is secretly unhappy, lack of real life friendships... *Something* always has to give.

There are only so many hours in a day.

I miss my kids terribly when they're in school, but I agree with you about the schedule. It's nice to have a routine.

Clare said...

Ok, first I LOVE your blog, your photos, and hearing what you have to say. I cannot imagine the balance it takes to be the involved and fun-loving mom that you are!! your projects and decorations inspire me! Please know there are lots of people that come to your blog for the inspiration!!

And I hear you about a schedule. I am a little excited for Bradley to go back to preschool and so we can have some structure to the week!

Rachel said...

Paige...I don't think you know it, but I, like many of your readers, LOVE coming to your blog to read what you write. Your words are so beautiful and I so often leave wishing I could write like you or have your outlook on life.

And I really feel you when it comes to looking at others blogs. I often become so envious when I see pictures of new decor or clothes or trips on other people's blogs. But like you said, I have to remind myself how blessed I am. No need to compare. Glad to know I'm not the only one who feels that way, though.

Keep writing and sharing. I love stopping by here :)

JerriR said...

Just from stopping by your blog I can tell that you are a wonderful mother and I was immediately taken by your story. When I got to meet Kasey in person last month she asked me if I followed your blog as she said it seemed we some things in common and I told her I was a follower. You keep writing and we'll keep reading and enjoying!! I can't even seem to find time to start my own blog so there you have it!

hks said...

dear paige... you are so sweet... thanks for the compliment you mentioned- i am touched by that. summer is the best time to lose track of everything 'normal'. it's the time to be less productive and more casual, and make wonderful memories... it's a great time to neglect the computer and the schedule and bed times. that being said, what a relief when the big, long party comes to an end, and structure can resume.

it's amazing how we always look at what we offer- and consider it less than that which someone else does or gives. just that pesky human nature i suppose! but i know what you are sayin'.

blessings, my friend!

Simone said...


Sometimes you know the minutes you open a blog that you are going to like it....and yours is fabulous :)

Love the little girl photos (those white dresses....divine!).....but I love your writing too, you seem to express things perfectly.

I spotted you on Kasey's blog where she was writing about the school holidays :) We are only halfway through our hols in England, I made "a list of things we would like to do this summer" and I am trying SOOOOO hard.....it's a challenge though isn't it. I love the freedom from routine (to start with) and don't miss the morning rush, but then by September I am so ready for the routine again.

I have only been blogging for a few months but LOVE it....and I have to confess to being one of those bloggers who browses gorgeous photos forever.....and then does all my housework in 15 mins!!

Finally, you must read (if you have time), my blog post "brown in beautiful" which I wrote yesterday....you have my hair :)

Queen B. said...

great post.

Simone said...

Hi Paige

Thanks so much for your lovely comment on my blog :)

PS Just wanted to say that your girls are just beautiful and also, I love MiniBoden too....was just looking through the new brochures, those orange boots are FAB-U-LOUS :)

Julie said...

I feel the same way. :) I don't know how some bloggers come up with all they do (beautiful pictures and words) while keeping up with the house and kids, but I sure like looking and reading them. I'm hoping one day it will rub off on me.

I always enjoy reading your blog. It makes me smile and inspires me.


Southern Sugar said...

You inspire me with every post! You are very creative and have much to offer. We've never met, but you are my friend and I love your blog

Anonymous said...

I am so excited to have found your blog! I was in high school at Providence when you and Coach K got married. It is so wonderful to see how great your family is doing. You have beautiful girls and I look forward to reading godly wisdom from you as I am a new mother!

Mrs. G said...

Paige - I "stumbled" onto your blog while looking at others and I wanted to let you know that I have really enjoyed it. This post especially spoke to me as I often also wonder how do people find the time to ... Thanks for writing such words of wisdom and I look forward to reading more!