Thursday, February 12, 2009

things are looking up!

well i'm sure you could hardly sleep last night just wondering about the outcomes of both my ailing 7 year old & the status my computer.

so it turns out little missy had a "severe" case of strep--didn't know there were levels but apparently the doctor thought she was pretty sick with a "horrible case of strep"--which , at least, is much better than the flu! just this afternoon she has finally been fever free . for two days she has been significantly pitiful, only eating a few dozen pretzels & keeping raging high temps & chills. i've explained before she has ectodermal dysplasia and one of the issues is that its very hard for her to cool her self down. she perspires much much less than the average person....her fevers were over 105-so scarey. last night dan asked her, why are you still so sweet even though you feel so bad, she replied "i just can't refrain from kindness"--HA!

this afternoon two very CSI-esque forensic ( i'm talking complete with bald head and very cool shades) guys show up to copy my hard drive & do many other computer savy things to try to locate the "infection sector", "infection point" and diagnose exactly what's going on....they drove 8 hours round trip to come check out my little ole' computer virus thingy and i'm certain now they are using the term 'thingy'...... as they left i told them good luck & i hoped they catch the bad guys. remind you that at this point i've probably been online or on the phone with these 'corporate fraud investigative service' guys for close to 5 hours total in the last 3 days. i also jokingly asked them to let me know if it was linked to the russian mafia. in a very serious matter of fact tone they informed me that if indeed this was a criminal issue there would be federal investigation launched....holy cow!

my brother , a "computer guy" congratulated me on my quick response & being part of the solution--are you cracking up or what?!

so, temps near 70 degrees today--linens are currently bleaching & the windows are open to get a fresh breeze, taco soup is in the crock pot & beyonce and i are headed out for my 3miler.

despite the current physical infections & computer virus....the excitement is definitely building around here with loads of fun plans for the sweet 16 birthday weekend!!

oh yes, to answer a couple of ya'lls question--the shot of caroline from the previous post is about 5 years old. that hat--the cutest one ever--was my friends & she just loaned it to me for the little photo shoot. it may have even been a little 'one of a kind'.

pss---go check out jeanne & her fab give away!!


Jboo said...

So glad to hear that your little sweetie is starting to feel better!

Sending good wishes the computer thingys to be all figured out.

Can't wait to hear about all the sweet 16 happenings at your house!


Jeanneoli said...

You are so funny and it is funny that you don't think you are! I am so sorry that Caroline is sick! You are so sweet to put my giveaway on your blog. I am very jealous of your lovely weather and meal already ready.

whoopsadasie said...

I am so glad to hear that you sweet Caroline is feeling much better.

And the computer story is unreal! Who knew that little you could have so much drama with your computer! ;-)

Rachel said...

That is CRAZY about your computer! But, definitely a good story!!

Glad Caroline is getting better. Poor little girl!

3 Peanuts said...

Darn---I wanted to buy that HAT! Oh well. not that ate will wear a hat anyway! Glad Caroline cutie is feeling better and let us know what the feds find out.


Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

Glad to hear Miss C is on the mend....that strep is nasty!!

Good luck with the whole computer "thingy"....that is so will have to keep us updated!

I can't wait to hear all about the sweet 16 this weekend....I know you will have a wonderful time!


Lissa said...

i'm so glad to hear things are starting to settle back down! That paragraph about the open windows, bleaching sheets, taco soup.... Oh, that just sounds wonderful! Its snowed here twice this week! Open windows sound like a dream right about now! Lissa

littlebyrd said...

Oh - how scarry that she was so sick. I am happy to hear that things are improving. I giggled about her comment on kindness - my little one was sick last week and not so sweet :)
Hope all of your computer woes are soon solved - that just ins't fun to deal with. Have a great weekend!

Cathy Louise said...

Wow, what a week you have had!!!! Give Caroline a hug from us and I hope she is feeling heaps better and as it is already Valentines day here in Australia, tell Savannah Happy Birthday from us!!! Love to you all\
Cathy xx

Kasey said...

70 degrees, really?
well, here is to a happy hopefully healthy weekend, My oldest is turning 8 this weekend, so it's going to be busy!!

Rebecca Frame (soon to be a Clark-) said...

hi paige...i've followed your blog for a couple of months now...not even remembering how i stumbled onto it in the first place...i think your writing is lovely and your girls re gorgeous (bet you knew that!)...thanks for sharing...look forward to reading on.

Holly said...

I'm glad your daughter is feeling better. Having sick kids is never fun.

sexy said...
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