Thursday, February 05, 2009

i hope we can still be friends....

Several weeks ago I was tagged by the most gorgeous pregnant woman---ever---Jen & then the other day by cutie~pie Amber.

I have loved blogging & meeting some of the most wonderful , encouraging women. Seriously, just the little notes or comments you leave make my day & leave me feeling like we really are all out there together; just trying to do our best & coming along side each other with cheers, cyberspace hugs, & even tears.

Jeanne I am so glad I found you & thank you for the Sisterhood award. You are precious.

Sweet Jennifer thank you so much for the Lemonade cute is that!

I love reading these from ya'll but honestly hate to do these on myself, but here goes.
I hope we'll still be friends! :)

oh & one more thing....not a blog award but i did win claudine hellmuth's latest scrapbook book over at rhonna's kickin blog!!!!! & just how cute is her little digi thingy she made? i really could use a settee just like that one! she & heidi swapp (the original inspiration to my world of scrapbooking) have teamed up with janet hopkins & have a new gig. I think i see a blog makeover in my future.

so anyway~~

25 random things about me ( snore)

1. We adopted a golden retriever about 2 years ago. He is my running partner every day. He's the perfect dog.

2. I watch little to no tv & really dislike reality tv. I watch Grey's Anatomy so I can hang with savannah and Idol to spend time with my girls because they love it.

3. I went to nursing school specifically to become a pediatric oncology nurse.

4. About 20 years ago, I told one of my best friends that I wanted four little girls, just like "Little Women". She thought I was crazy.
Turns outI had three of them within three years & then fourth was born almost eight years ago. I've certainly been blessed with my little women.

5. My birthday is april fools day which is such a shame as i am not a great joke teller. In fact i'm not even a funny person.

6. I can't watch any movies where an animal gets hurt or heaven forbid dies....old yeller & marley and me...not a chance.

7. I have a tattoo ( gasp)

8. If i didn't color my roots every 2-3 weeks my hair would be completely white.

9. I have a terrible memory.

10. I have run a half marathon, or maybe two.....i can't remember.

11. I'm an extroved homebody who loves spending time in my home, especially on a rainyday, in my jammies.

12. I am currently reading through the bible in chronological order & I love it....who needs reality tv when you're reading the Old Testament!

13. I have an unhealthy relationship with salt.

14. Just prior to Caroline's birth, I had two miscarriages both around 12 weeks. I was completely strung out stressed during her pregnancy.

15. I don't give people the benefit of the doubt--i wish i did though. I usually take things at face value. I really am working on this as things aren't always as they seem.

16. I drove a minivan for a few years & while I was trying to be greatful for a new car, I hated every minute of it. I'm much more comfortable with my Suburban innerself. But my dream car is a convertible Volkswagon Beetle .

17. Dan sends me cards, usually in the mail. So many in fact, that they fill up the entire box my beloved anthropologie boots shipped in.

18. I collect dishes & love setting the table. I have about 35 different sets of plates ( some are only about 6 of each style, but still.....)

19. I am blessed with wonderful godly parents. Growing up I woke up most mornings to find my mom downstairs having her quiet time & in prayer. My dad is one of the most loyal forgiving men I've ever known.

20. When I was in highschool ( which i loved by the way) the guys put together their 'ultimate girl' using different ones of us all combined ( if that makes sense) .....i was the legs! I'm still proud of that today, 25 years later.

21. I struggle terribly with fear of illness or becoming a burden to my family.

22. I was a widowed when I was 30--this has greatly shaped who I am today. Gregg was extremely healthy, ran full marathons, didn't drink or smoke & loved organic food. He was diagnosed with metastatic melanoma and passed away within 8 months. Ironically he passed away in the very hospital on the very floor I had worked years before , taking care of adults with cancer.

23. Dan ( the wonderful man I am married to ) had never told another woman he loved her until we met. He was actually one of the groomsman in my first there's a story for you!

24. I cut out all caffienated drinks 3 years ago, went cold turkey.

25. About every third day, I'm sporting a ball cap & a pony tail!

26. & just for fun.. ..this precious child ( the fourth of my said little women) asks me to come eat lunch with her just 'bout every day...tell me how on earth am i supposed to resist that face?


Lissa said...

What a fun read! Thank you for sharing. :)

jen from windy ridge said...

Yes, what fun! And you are hilarious! and wonderful! I agree about tv and the old the stories, you just can't make that stuff up!

coco said...

What a great list! I think you will still have all your friends...they should be honored! :) Thanks for sharing!

Heather said...

Thanks so much for the nice comment about the hockey chairs :)

Molly said...

Thank you for sharing. You have no idea how much your blog inspires me each and every time I read it!

Jennifer said...

I admire you A LOT.

Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

What a great list!!

That little face would be hard to resist....she is so sweet and very beautiful.....just like all your little women:)


Kasey said...

this is one of the best lists i've read.
i too have to color constantly.
i did used to drive a vw beetle, a new one, then had kids and van just sounds so darn sexy. say it slowly....minivan.

you deserve every award my dear..

Heather H said...

NOT A SNORE!! I love reading those about you. SO FUN! 15 years later, I still remember that I was the face of the 'perfect girl' that the boys put together. I can still remember where I was in the DCA library when I found out that I got to be the face ... sure, I'd have liked to be the BODY! ... but nah, I'll take the face.

Love that Coach K sends you cards. How romantic is that?

Beth Quinn said...

hi sweet paige !!! i loved reading about you !!! and i am so glad you got the necklace !!!!!!! thanks girl !!! and of course you can use my photos !!!!
big hugs !!!

Anonymous said...

girl, i thought you were going to say farewell to blogging. i was ready to slam the laptop shut...and probably re-open...but for the drama. i'm glad it was 25 random things. you are such a neato mosquito. i enjoyed reading every word and feel the same way about rainy days and a whole buncha other stuff you said. many blessings!!!!

Wendy @ The Shabby Nest said...

I really enjoyed that! And you know what...I'm one of the least funny people I know. So I guess we're in good company, you and I. ;-)

melissa said...

We have a lot in common, Paige :) Of course, I would love to be a member of the 'little women' club! Love all my boys, although they don't include me in any guy club, that's for sure! ;)


Jboo said...

So fun to learn more about you! And I loved Little Women -- how sweet that you wanted 4 girls! And yeah, it would be next to impossible to say no to your cute Caroline!
Have a fun weekend.

Kristin said...

OK you know I can go on, but will try to make it short.
1. I am so glad you are back to running. Always was a part of who you were. So glad you have a running partner in Brinkley.

4. You have this great thing about you. You live for the future and I love that and always have admired that quality about you. Especially noted when everything was going on with Gregg. To people reading this blog, even then in the midst of hard trial she stayed radiantly beautiful and postive.

5. You are to this day one of the funniest people I have ever met and I am certain that not a phone call has gone by in our lifetime that we have not been laughing out-loud..., yep, even though hard stuff. You are amazing!

7. I wish I had the guts to get a tattoo.

9. You remember the things worth rememberin quanties g and that matters much.

13. I do as well with salt and i think people are either salty or sugar, but we all have a propensity for one or the other in large quantities. don't even put me in front of a bag of lime Tostitos, or rather even a salt block! HA.

14. Again, tenacious through sorrow always pressing through in grace! I learned that from you during this time in watching you live it out.

16. I think I am allergic to minivans so take that, smile.

17. Your husband is truly the perfect man and best friend to you and father to his girlies. People, I have seen this in person and it is true!

18. You should see the interior of her house. Likened to drinking the best warm white hot chocolate in the world and always leaving with a smile.

22. Always in my prayers for you that don't feel fear or experience anything less than great hope. I am speaking that girly.

I just wish the bloggers knew you in person. The would adore you even more and say as well that you are very, very funny soul and warm to their hearts.

Jennifer said...

Love this post! Funny...I see alot of myself in some of these!

Shawn Seay said...

Paige-I get all excited when I see that you have blogged. I always hop over and read it a.s.a.p.! Everything you share is always so sweet and inspiring. You have been richly blessed. Thank you for blessing our lives with your words.

whoopsadasie said...

That was anything but BORING! It was soo touching...I could feel your sweet spirit as I read.
Thanks for letting us get to know you even better.

Jennifer Paganelli said...

I love who you are on the inside!!!

CJ, the Purple Diva said...

I sent my twin to ya! I see she's here!
I loved reading this! We have several things in common! I am glad to learn more about you!
I've been wanting to come for so long...but I've just been so busy! I am finally here to catch up on all I've missed! ♥

Carly said...

I loved every bit of this! You are such an amazing person and have touched me in so many ways. I admire your strength and your unrelenting love for your girls. Thanks so much for sharing!

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