Wednesday, January 21, 2009

speaking of love

a things that are making me love life today

starbucks grande non-fat vanilla rooibos tea latte

"Full leaf African rooibos tea(naturally caffiene free), also known as red tea, paired with Tahitian vanilla and cinnamon. Sweetened with classic syrup and topped with steamed milk and velvety foam." ...starbucks

girls i'm telling you....this is insanely yummy & weighing in at only 160 calories you can't afford not to have one!!
i think maybe now i'm feeling sorta sassy & sophisticated
now that i can say that i "drink tea" ..right?

my latest thrill from anthropologie, second only to the boots, is my new skirt :)
i must tell you , for the first time in my, albeit boring, fashion life, upon entering anthro the other day, i turned left.
do you know what this means?
it means for the first time ever, i went straight to the clothes side, not the home decor side.
huge milestone for me
for years , although i loved everything they have, i just never felt i could wear their clothes. i mean for goodness sakes, most sizes they feature are 0-2. i mean really.
but after working my tail off for the last year & thankfully being 30lbs lighter, while still far from a size 0-2, i finally feel i can put on a couple of their items. big thrill i tell ya!
my nike running shirt
mine isn't black , although i guess maybe if i was trying to keep up my newly defined sassy & sophisticated self, i would have picked out black.....but mine is a wonderful blue--actually the same blue as all these link highlight things.
i love to run is this-thus making it easier to fit in said anthro skirt.... it keeps me dry & warm plus it has these totally wonderful long arm thingies that my hands can fit into. means i don't have to run in my gloves & i love this... much easier to whip around my ipod to find beyonce's single ladies...which i highly encourage you to first pause my playlist, open the link up , turn your volume up, learn that dance & just try to tell me you don't also love this song

my new beth moore bible study
love her....well, both beth & esther

vera bradley's new spring line
hope garden, definitely too cute

this i don't have yet but i think i'd love to try it
anyone think its worth its weight in gold?
would it make me look as young as i think i am when i attempt beyonce's dance ?

i don't have this either
i'm thinking maybe its only cute if you too are a size 0-2 which she most definitely is & i've already confessed i'm not

& for my final item i must tell you i've stumbled ( i know, where have i been) onto big mama's blog. she seriously makes me laugh out loud.
go check her out, especially this post


Jen Kershner said...

Oh Paige! I heart your list of stuff. That skirt? To die for. They only have it online in a size 8 and I'm thinking that might be a bit ambitious but I am feeling empowered since I just got off the treadmill after doing my 3 miles for the 4th day in a row.

So does that tea still taste like tea? I'm so trying to find a coffee drink that's not saturated with fat and calories and doesn't actually taste like coffee so that I can be a part of the coffee movement. I feel like such a baby ordering my cocoa!

I hope you'll post a pic of you in your skirt. I'm sure it will be completely gorgeous on you.
Hugs, Jen

Jennifer said...

Ok, let me tell you a funny little thing about Vera Bradley. It is designed here in Fort Wayne Indiana. Now, every spring they have a HUGE sale and I mean HUGE. People campout on the steps the night before. Everything is marked 30-60% off. It is crazy. Once the doors open, everyone rushes in and starts grabbing like mad women. I've never experienced anyting like it. People grab as much as they can carry and run to a corner to sort out their stash. Whatever they don't want, they just leave on the floor. It is a true feeding frenzy. They actually have stuff set out on tables and pilled in garbage cans. People are digging and rooting around like their lives depend on it. Then, before you make your purchases, you have to sign a paper swearing that you won't sell on e-bay. People just go crazy....I've only been once. But, when the sale is going on, it is all people can talk about. A true experience for Fort Wayne women. When my friend goes this year, I might give her my camara and see if she can snap some photos for the's a real stitch.

Kristin said...

Look at you getting all fun on your blog! How fun is all of that with all of your fun descriptions and pictures. Yes, I love my nike running shirties too and great for weather just like today. I know you are adorable in that skirt and you know that is not normal for me to say as much as I just love the color black with a little more black. I am so happy for you that you are in that place that you feel good about taking a left once entered into heaven also known as... Anthropologie! Just a very fun post and makes me smile for you!

Kristin said...
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Felicia said...

How cute are all of your loves? I absolutely heart the skirt and coat!!

Dawn said...

OOH I am going to try your tea choice...I have been addicted to the Grande Non-fat London Fog Tea Latte...I am an earl grey fan, but will now try your fav!! Thanks for sharing!

Kasey said...

for some reason my long post didn't post.
love the new latte's, they rock.
and no need to tell me about the left side of anthro. it's the only side to enter.

Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

Oh Paige....I LOVE that skirt and I am sure you will look fabulous wearing it!!

Have a wonderful week:)


Chris and Deb said...

i love all of your new favorites paige! i tried one of those tea lattes last week....and i was hooked too~! i will be heading back to starbucks soon! i love the new VB hope garden.....i have not seen it yet.....but will certainly be keeping a look out for it! after this post....i now have a serious case of spring fever!! :)

Buzzings of a Queen Bee! said...

How exciting that you are wearing Anthropologie clothes! I wish they did maternity wear...bummer! And now I am going to have to try that Starbucks tea you mentioned! Thanks for the tip!

3 Peanuts said...

I love Anthorpologie's clothes and YEAH for you that you worked hard and feel good about buying them---you should! I went to get that skirt because it is so darned cute and they do not have my size. BUMMER!

I joined Beth Moore's current Bible study with her in person here in Houston. It was overwhelming in person. Not sure it is for me....I am pretty subdued but I love her and I love her message.

I love all the things you have lovely taste.


Jboo said...

What a great list!! Heading straight to Starbucks and then to Anthro (if only there was one in my city!). Am definitely checking out the hope in a jar -- know I need that! Great list!


Rebecca Frame (soon to be a Clark-) said...

hi paige...i stumbled onto your blog sometime ago and i really love stopping by to read your posts...i find you both inspirational and just a joy to read...thanks for sharing...i look forward to stopping by again...cheers!

Southern Sugar said...

You are too fun and fabulous Paige!

Jen said...

You have such great tastes. I'm going to have to try that tea latte.

mommyinmi said...

I have to say that Philosophy's Hope in a Jar is much better when used after their Microdelivery Peel. And if you're weird about scents, the Hope in a Jar is a little strong, I think. The one for dry/sensitive skin is a little less potent.

Run out and grab some!


Wendy said...

I absolutely love Hope in a Jar and the face wash ever. Even my husband uses it...shhhh...don't tell anyone. And, that jacket from Boden is the cutest things ever...I saw it in their catalog this week and wondered if it would be cute on someone who isn't a size 0

southernjoy said...

You have such great taste. I stop by here often.. just don't always comment. But, you often make me smile and give me great ideas!

I'm going to try that new tea. DH is out running a few errands right now. Maybe I can talk him into bringing one back for me...

janae said...

Paige, this post has us seperated at birth - LITERALLY! I am digging the new Vanilla Rooibos tea latte (non fat of course) from S*Bucks AND I just bought Hope in a Jar today!! That is just too fuuny!! I'll let you know what I was reccomended to me by a girlfriend and I bought the jump starters kit that comes with the face cream, eye and lip cream, face wash and face exfoliator. Congrats on the weight loss too! Keep up the good work....I really should learn the single ladies you think we'd look like Beyonce if we did?

andyann said...

Paige, I so love your blog.
Your photography, especially of your beautiful children, is wonderful. Your kind, caring spirit is obvious.
And I love the music.
Thank you!

Jeanneoli said...

What a great list. I haven't tried the new lattes yet, but I have been eyeing them...why I am I being so lame and always getting the same thing. I know how you feel about the clothes took me a awhile to lose the weight from my third (still have a little more to go actually) and I was always sticking to the home side:-) You look so beautiful...and I know that it is hard work. I am also doing the Esther study with some friends at church. I am really looking forward to it. Have a great week.

Firefly Hill said...

Hi Paige,

Thanks for visiting me and your lovely comment...

I love all the things on your list too!


Anonymous said...

Hi Paige! Thanks for stopping by my blog. It's so nice to see another GA face on here.

I blogged post called "Where are my GA girls" a week or so ago, and I would love to have you join in if you were interested.

Basically I'm trying to get a group of girls together about once a month for lunch and talk antiques, and fun girly talk.

Anonymous said...

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