Wednesday, January 28, 2009

pictures & walls

Our home was built about 30 years ago....old enough that it has older home issues yet not old enough to bear the charm of an older house.

The girls & I bought this home the year after my first husband Gregg passed away. The girls at that time were all under the age of 4. The area was known for its top notch schools. My parents had also found a wonderful home in the same neighborhood with a pool! We have loved this area....we are just minutes from our church ( which we love), both our parents live within 10 minutes, savannah is loving life at a huge high school, dan is the assistant principal at a high school that is just around the corner, and our friends are here.
I'm not so sure this is our forever home, but for now i am content.

The house needed many cosmetic touches. Over the years I have personally painted every room in the house, including all the hallways. As much as i embrace my ocd tendencies...they fall short when it comes to big projects. I am one of those who 'wants it done yesterday'. Once I make my mind up to do something, i become completely impatient. Therefore my painting skills leave much to be desired. But hey, I'm cheap labor!

Just as everyone else, my style has changed dramatically over the years. When I look back on pictures of my home from years ago i think--why didn't someone stop me? I surely was the most manic decorator with clutter everywhere....tidy yes, but totally overwhelming with stuff. I'll never forget the day I walked into my home (about 7 years ago) and thought I must get rid of some of this. I needed calm surroundings that flowed from room to room. Well, what I need is a beach cottage, but that's another story.

I started painting many of the rooms more creamy whites. Bedrooms with white down filled duvets & oversized fluffy pillows. Hung a few chandeliers. Took almost everything off the walls. I have a huge clock face in the family room, a few large antique clocks here & there. Instead of using wall space I have chosen to prop things up like the large mirror over my bedroom dresser or portraits leaning up against the wall and some old chippy white frames grouped together over my mantel. This allows me freedom to move things around & avoid the dreaded 'nail holes everywhere look'. Now don't think its plainarama...we have lots of windows & i have chosen the no-window-treatment look. I love the sunlight.
We had a large scripture placed on my living room wall similar to the ones featured by wonderful graffiti. I would love to add maybe a large monogram over my bed someday too.

Don't get me wrong....i love homes and shops that are filled with eye candy... my eyes going from thoughtfully placed item to the next. But personally for me, keeping all these treasures dusted & in their proper place just took up too much time , so i chose to simplify.

I've jokingly referred to myself as a former clutter queen ( who saved everything & collected even more) turned minimalist~ but its really true. I have way pared down objects & have tried to have things in my home that are both functional ( snore) and lovely ( to me anyway). If it isn't being used, worn, or provides some strong sentimental value, than I've tried to sell it or give it away ( or at least store it in an organized fashion). When I shop I try to visualize where i will place the item before I get home with it.....if i really can't think where I'd place it...then i usually leave it at the store.

I love my girls. I love taking pictures of my girls. I love looking through those pictures over & over again. I print them, place them in photo albums, scrap book them, make things with them, play with them on the computer, print them on canvas, etc. Which brings me to my current dilemma. Since minimizing clutter I now have only a few shots framed , mostly in our family room. Most of my frames are from dry-ads dancing ( especially the wide molding ones). There are picture frames scattered here & there and some portraits hung in our foyer and up the stairs hallway. But I no longer have the plethora of photos on display ( sigh).

During the holidays I covered a 36x24 cork board with tan linen & placed in the kitchen. I have a couple dozen snap shots that I will change out seasonally. This does give me a great area to peek at my fave shots.

But I'd love to take maybe a 5x7 or an 8x10 of each of the girls and place each one in an individual over sized dryads frame and group these together---on the wall ( gasp)! I love this dramatic look but just trying to decide where I'll place them.
I have chosen my four fave individual pictures of girls that seem to flow well together, each similar but taken in four different years. I thought about ordering them each on a 16x20 canvas, but the frame gig will allow me to change them as I desire. Goodness, dare I say I've become practical :)

Which brings me to my second frame issue.
Years ago upon entering one of my beloved shops at Seaside, I saw these frames & they nearly took my breath away, seriously!
Honestly, the pictures do not do them justice. They are absolutely fabulous in person...I mean absolutely fabulous. You can find them in many great boutiques & shops, and even on ebay ( found some today 10% off plus free shipping). Sugarboo Designs has greatly increased their awesome inventory. Go immediately to the website & check out all the wonderful options. Anyway, the entire line is incredible. pick your colors & choose from the most amazing quotes. I would love this one, in cream-duh. Of course, i must first figure out exactly where it's going to hang, errrr I mean prop !

doesn't this one make you all teary?

this one is so me & dan~~

"An invisible thread connects those who are destined to meet, regardless of time, place, or circumstances. The thread may stretch or tangle, but it will never break. May you be open to each thread that comes into your life - the golden ones and the coarse ones - and may you weave them into a brilliant and beautiful life."

So turns out, she now has a few items, a little less pricey through Pottery Barn kids..
don't you just love these!!

Oh , by the way if we ever sell our home, I'm sure the future buyers will be completely disappointed with the quality of my interior painting....shhh....maybe they'll be so distracted by the great frames they won't even notice!


Jen Kershner said...

Paige- I love that art and those frames at the website are yummy. Not to friendly on the wallet though! I didn't know your hubby was an asst principal, so cool! I'd love to see more pics of your house soon. Jen

Shawn Seay said...

Don't know if you have a Gordmans( in your area...but, they have those beautiful frames for about $30. That is one of our local favorite shopping stops.

coco said...

I love the sugarboo frames...I bought one for my daughter when she graduated from high school. It had a fabulous quote that made us all cry and I put a family pic. in it. A gift I know she will keep and cherish forever. Oh, I need a beach house too...and I like the same beach as you! :)

Jboo said...

I always think you have the best taste and this post again confirms it! And the photos of your girls -- simply gorgeous!


Kasey said...

I love those frames, and just emailed you a pic of the one i have.
I just took some photo's of the boys from Florida, blew them up to 11x14 and framed them next to thier beds.
looks fab.
I'm sure your house is just lovely, and next time i'm down your way, i'll be stopping by!

Moonlight Hollow Musings said...

Thanks for the links to these great sites! Wonderful stuff! I am jealous of your decluttering! I am in the slow process!


3 Peanuts said...

I have one of the sugarboo frames in aktes room..."You are the masterpiece I dreamed of writing....

Oh how I LOVE it!!!!

Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

I love those frames....and the pictures you picked are beautiful!! I can only imagine what the inside of your home looks have incredible taste....I always love everything you post, pictures, decor, clothes, boots....all of it...gorgeous!


The Golf Widow said...

They are so simple. I love the idea of 4 pictures hanging together.Frames would be practical but I would have a hard time changing them out.I only hang what I love and as time passes I find I love them more.

Wendy @ The Shabby Nest said...

I just love your photography! Those photos will be lovely framed. From the pictures I've seen of your home, it looks lovely. I'd love to see more if you ever feel like doing a home tour. I love white on white...and because I am the daughter of a "collector" I'm a little more into the minimalism thing myself.

The Golf Widow said...

Thanks.I actually made the window treatmants. If sewing premade panels together and adding fringe counts as sewing.
:) Heather

Jeanneoli said...

I would love to see more pictures of your home. I also wanted you to know that I have a blog award waiting for you on my site. Hope you are having a good week sweet friend.

Zoe's Art said...

I'm so glad I found your blog....beautiful pitures!

littlebyrd said...

Your girls are beautiful! I know what you mean about one day just needing to clean out the clutter. I feel the same way. When my house starts to get cluttered I nearly panic! And when I clear it the surroundings feel so much calmer.

southernjoy said...

I also would love to see a home tour!

Anonymous said...

i think i speak for the majority of your fans, myself included...we need to see this home of yours with the horrible painting...because it sounds dreamy. so...?

CJ, the Purple Diva said...

First, I need to simply. I'm just saying!
Next, I love the pictures of the girls! TOO DANG DARLING for words!
And lastly, love the frames! Precious!

Honey Bend Vintage said...

Love those frames, what a great find!