Saturday, September 08, 2007


Before any of my girls were born, I had two dogs~ a sweet yellow lab named Chelsea & a great dane mix named Bailey. My girls grew up with the dogs & loved them so much. We lost them to old age over the last two years.... a signifigant loss for us. We all miss their sweet souls but especially Caroline.

Brinkley is the perfect dog...sweet sweet doggy who we hope to train to be a therapy dog. When I worked as an RN on the pediatric oncology floor the puppy visits were definately one of the children's favorite things.

Anyway, this morning I found Caroline at the art station. She was journaling & drawing a picture of Bailey & Chelsea.

"I mise my dogs baley and calse- rillie rille mise them".

She loves Brinkley but something this morning stirred up a tender memory in her heart.

For those who aren't pet lovers, you just can't understand how one can miss an animal so much. A companion who gives unconditional love ---daily!!

Its hard to watch your children try to learn & comprehend the circle of life. My older girls have learned this through the heart breaking experience of losing their biological daddy. While its not the same, loosing the dogs for Caroline was still a loss.

Brinkley has brought much love into our home--he has been such a blessing!

Here are a few images of Caroline with Bailey & Chelsea.

Caroline's art work this morning...she gave me the ok to share!!

Cute Nicole tagged me the other day.

While i love reading these on other ladies blogs I doubt ya'll will be interested but here goes....
these are a few of my favorite things~~
sound-my husband pulling into the driveway
late night snack-don't do those- honestly!
smell- a salt water breeze
color combo-i love tone on tone-anything cream & white. i love vera bradley peacock.
time of the year-fall
author- beth moore
books-the life application bible & harry potter...great combo i know!
vegtable-home grown tomatoes in late july & my grandmothers fried okra
actress-audrey hepburn, julie andrews & meg ryan
flower-peonies but i love a huge sunflower farm
vacation-would love to go to paris but fully content in seaside
pizza-tomato, mushroom & onion
tv-listening to the braves game , food network & hgtv
music-my all time fave is james taylor, however third day is a close runner up. kenny chesney's "be as you are" cd, martina mcbride, nora jones, corrine bailey ray, michael buble
shoes- my unattractive crocs, jack rogers, or cowboy boots. but i dream of monogrammed clogs
holiday-all of them but especially valentines day ( savannah's b-day)
candy-candy corn & jelly bellies
clothing-lilly pulitzer...duh!
thanks nicole--too fun!


Kristin said...

I couldn't agree more. From one dog lover to another family of dog lovers....TENDERNESS!

Little Town Big Life said...

I totally know the feeling of loosing a treasured furry family member--2 years ago we lost our Sadie to stomach cancer. I still miss her & could weep thinking of her. We got another last year, a corgi, Abby, who needed a home. I'm learning to love her, but feel like I am betraying Sadie!! Isn't that fodder for a shrink???
Love your blog and I too love Beth Moore--attend her events as often as possible. I just want her passion for the Lord!!

Robyn said...

Lovely story about tenderness. I am a dog owner of my fur baby. He is a 131 pound Alaskan Malamute named Glacier! So sorry about your 'babies'!

Stacey Steimle said...

Pets are a big part of a family, they become our other kids. I too have a puppy, he is 10 months old now and we hope to have him become a therapy dog.

BB (The Silver Lining) said...

I'm not a dog owner - but I am an pet lover... Your daughter's art is so touching! I love when their hearts shine through so clearly.

velvet brick said...

OH, what a sweet post. What I would give to have one more day with my husky, Moki. Just one more day.

Thank you for honoring our pets. They bring us unconditional love and have always been there - loyal, steady, true to the end.

Southern Sugar said...

haven't had fried okra in ages! can't say i miss it though. i love james taylor too!

Lisa said...

We just lost Latte this Summer, 3 years ago, I lost Murphy to kidney failure. It was very hard as he was my older childrens pet for a long time! I wanted to share my last post with you. You inspired me to share a part of our life. Blessings to you.

jennifer Paganellli said...

We do love our animals they are amazing creatures just when I'm in the heat of the moment he brings me back to today by just being his big furry self with a mini football in his mouth ready to go!! It's delicious...