Wednesday, September 19, 2007

a cool breeze, cleanliness, & my compulsions

today we have a wonderful breeze!!
i have the windows open & the attic fan on. the little birdies are outside my window chirping & i can hear the trees blowing in the wind....lets hear it for fall!!

i need these ...
why am i this way?

actually- the diagnosis may be more than i can handle-ha!
i have always needed order before i can relax. even as i child my room would be completely picked up before i could sit down & focus on homework.
this phase of life i am blessed to be home most days of the week (ususally work at the hospital on saturdays) & i do consider that quite a blessing.
but before i can sit down & read
have a quiet time
or for goodness some scrapbooking with my phlethora of supplies,
i need all the laundry done,
the beds made,
kitchen clean,
& some idea of whats for dinner.
& i obviously don't get these done everyday so....that means my creative time is suffering.

remember in "when harry met sally" , billy crystal is telling meg ryan about a movie star on tv who is the worst combo---she was high maintainence but believed herself to be low maintainence...that's me!
so conflicted!

i would love to have a relaxing calm home, but for crying out loud that takes work>
can i get an amen!?

what i'm really tying to accomplish is a home that is a grace filled loving home
where people feel they are welcomed & accepted
a safe place for my girls
free of distractions & clutter
a peaceful retreat from their crazy busy days....
that's my goal anyway...

i am also another terrible combination....i need a place for everything & everything in its clutter....however i am quite a collector. everything is nostalgic & i love to see all my treasures--all the time.
crazy , i know.
several years ago i did begin a massive declutter in our home... the attic is now in ship shape order, we save no junk mail, if you don't wear it -give it away.
my family harrasses me because i keep our email inbox tidy. read it , file it, or delete it.
yikes- now i sound militant!
as far as shopping, i now really try to picture where i might place an item before i buy it....i know many of you are thinking-well duh...but for this impulse shopper, that was a milestone.

the other day, cammy shared a great tip. she throws a cotton ball saturated with lavender essential oil in the vacuum before she runs it. i'm sure that leaves a wonderful aroma!
i'd love to hear if anyone else....confessed clean freak or not...has some wonderful tips for organization or cleaning around the house.

as far as these photos...

they have nothing to do with a cool breeze or cleanliness

except they were taken on a wonderful early fall afternoon & the brand new comfy cozy pillow had just been bleached.....yes another aroma i love!


Rita Weiss said...

Gasp, that little girl is soooo gorgeous. and those photos!! wow. Paige, your description of tidiness, cleanliness and order has me drooling..... Please come live with me.

Lisa said...

I am the same way! I just can't relax until everything is neat, clean and tidy! Are you by chance a virgo like me? Your daughter is breath taking as are your pictures.

Southern Sugar said...

I love everything neat and tidy too. Unfortunately I am the only one in my family with that passion. Many times I go through a period of time where I just want to give up. The only tip I can offer is that I love baskets. Every child has their own laundry basket and there is a basket by the garage door that holds shoes. Everyone has a basket with their name on it that I keep through the week to put stray things such as headbands and sunglasses left in the main part of the house and at the end of the week I put the basket on their bed, if they don't put everything in its place I take the basket and put its contents in my "hold" basket in the closet and they can't have it even if they want it for one week. If they haven't claimed it at that point I either throw it away or put it in the good will basket in the garage. Needless to say, they put everything away most of the time. Same rules for the shoe basket. With four kids you can be taken over by clutter. I spend more time taking care of clutter than cleaning. I'm really not the basket nazi. Things usually go very smoothely with this plan. Your daughter is adorable in these pictures. I wish I could take great pictures like that. Do you mind if I inquire about what camera you use and if you have taken any photography classes?

restyled home said...

I hear you loud and clear!! I struggle with the same things. I cannot truly relax until everything is in its orderly place. I clean my way out the door, and make myself late because of it. I feel at peace when everything is "perfect" which is a crazy goal for a family of five. It's not often that way when we're all at home, but it is my dream. Crazy, I know, and it is a lonely way to be in a house with three out of five slobs!!!

I attempted some semblance of order by having my husband build wodden lockers for our mudroom. It was a huge help!!


Kristin said...

What I really want to inquire on is where did you get that wonderful pillow! Ha. This next item has nothing to do with your blog, but a big hug in thanking you for walking through and helping me find hymn songs for baby Raegan's funeral. You are the very best friend I have ever had and will ever have. You are my sweet blessing right from the hand of God. You are such a light to me and I want you to know that. Shine on sweet friend of mine. Oh yes, this week has been crazy and this house that I live in is a mess and my kindred friend, I love the smell of bleach too. No I am not kidding. Love to you friend!

Robyn said...

Darling! What a breath of fresh air!

Ok now on to the cleaning and decluttering! AAgghhh! This is one area I need some direction. I just moved into a bigger house...way bigger. Coming from a 1 bedroom to a 3 bedroom...I am lost on where to start. I am so pooped by the time I finish the chores...Gotta be an easier way!

KLKinFLA said...

I am sooooo the same way. I think order promotes peace. Our first house approached "clutter charm" but in recent years I've found myself wanting less stuff.

I went through our entire house top to bottom before our oldest started kindergarten this year. I like to think it was because I wanted everything in order for our school year, but I actually think I needed the mental peace of knowing everything was in its place before this major change.

I go through toys just after Christmas...before I integrate the new, I weed through the old.

Check out this great blog which covers this topic in depth...

Great pictures of your little lady!

Britt- Sparkled Vintage Charm said...

gorgeous pics!!!!what a cutie!!! love the fabrics in the outfit!

Jennifer Froh said...

Are these your daughters! WOW .. they're gorgeous! Beautiful photographs!

Abbie said...

ohmy~! I am so glad I stumbled upon your blog! For a moment I thought you were writing about me with the compulsive cleaning, love of vintage and 'mostly stay at home mother of many'! wOnderfully put.. and I too LOVE the smell of freshly bleached linens.. do you iron your bed sheets when time allows?? that is the most delightful thing in the world! To climb into crisp, slightly bleached, ironed bedsheets.
Your photography is wonderful and your daughter is devine!
:) Abbie

velvet brick said...

I can totally relate to what you speak of!! And being a single mom taking care of a big house, my work is never it is VERY hard for me to simple relax and goof around.... true confession time... I have about 35 magazines from the last two/three years that I have yet to read!! (hangs head in shame)... siggggggggggghhh...

oh, to be twirling in a prairie skirt, tank top and scarf on my head and then to plop down on a lucious pillow!



Sheree said...

Hi Paige!

Just stop by to see what you have been up to. What a great post. I am the same way. I need the order, but I am always doing way more than I should, trying to juggle too much, so the order doesn't last long, sigh. I need to figure out a good method, because I am soo much more productive when things are in order. I just have trouble stopping to get things back the way they need to be.

Love the lavender in the vacuum cleaner tip--smart, smart!

And of course I love seeing pics of your sweetie in that set! :) She is sooo beautiful. :)


homedaisy said...

omg, i feel like i was just reading my own words. i was the same way as a child and i have the same conflicts you do now! love stuff - hate clutter!! i have to have everything in order before i do anything, but by the time it is all in order - i'm exhausted! i also love the smell of bleach. haha :) your girl is gorgeous.