Saturday, June 23, 2007

Rebel Bliss

What a thrill it is to see the FedEx man!!
Of course, he was pulling in as the ice cream man was driving by, so I had background music while my new digital rebel was being delivered! Nothing like a little extra drama in a house of 5 women....( its the little things!)

The girls had fun outside while i played with my new camera~~
Savannah did some cheer leading tumbles & Caroline just goofed off!
Happy day!

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Kristin said...

YIPPEE! I am looking forward to all the new images that we can play with. So exciting. I have to say that some times I am taken back by how much Caroline can look quite simular to Corey's wife Cindy Lou. The picture with the sunglasses on her head looks just like this image I have of Cindy from the Christmas business. At any rate, way to go Savannah on the back flip and thanks Dan for the spotting!