Saturday, June 02, 2007

I lost a friend today

I lost a friend today.

Marilyn Purswell died this morning after battling breast cancer for 4 years.

I have heard people say someone "lost their battle with cancer". I have heard people say someone "won their fight" or "earned their wings". whatever. I'm not sure what the correct terminology is today.

bottom line
a husband lost his wife
3 children lost their mother
a grandson lost his grandmother.
& friends lost a great friend.

Maryilyn & her husband were friends of my parents. However she & I developed a friendship too. She gave me a wonderful bridal shower before I married Gregg. Her home was amazing. She lived in an old farm house-even had little chickens whose eggs she would gather in the morning. I always admired her & her sense of style. She was shabby chic before anyone had even heard of shabby chic. Anyway, that shower she gave me crabtree & evelyn scented drawer sheets & a laura ashley gown. I thought the gifts were wonderful.
Our first christmas together she gave me pink victorian ornaments- some of my most favorite treasures today.

She opened a little shop in the village where I grew up, named Friends & Daughters. It featured Mary Engelbreit cards & gifts. Before she moved she sold her shop to her best friend, another precious friend of mine. I bought the shop from her. My little baby- I loved it. Unfortunately when Gregg was diagnosed with cancer I could not keep it up & had to sell it myself. But I loved her vision & retail flare. When I asked her why she chose the name "friends & daughters" she told me that she hoped her beautiful twin girls would grow up & not only be her daughters but her kindred spirited friends as well.

She & her family moved to Exeter New Hampshire- a picturesque coastal town filled with political history. Dan & I went to see them a few years ago while the leaves were turning. If I wasn't such a gulf coast lover I think I may want to live there......gorgeous town! We arrived to her well over 100 year old home late that fall evening. I remember she had a candle lit in a pumpkin faced galvanized tin at the the entrance. ( As soon as we got back to Atlanta I had to find me one too!) She had the largest cinderella heirloom pumpkin sitting by her stone fireplace. Thus began my love affair with pumpkins.
She had re-opened her shop up there & filled it with wonderful flax clothing & gorgeous home decor.

She was soft spoken but had strong opinions.

She was a beautiful woman with timeless charm.

She was an entrepreneur.

She was a strong supporter of the Republican party.

She loved George Bush.

She was a wonderful mother.

She had style & elegance.

She was loved.


junk2jewels said...

Oh Paige, Im so sorry that you, her husband, kids and grandchild will miss her terribly. Dare I even say that she has lost nothing, only gained. We are the ones wondering along in a lost place, waiting for our Saviour to take us home. What a grand reunion it will be. Tracy
PS. I know you know all of this but it is so easily forgotten when our hearts are breaking. Hugs to you !!!

laura said...

i'm so sorry for your loss. she sounds like an amazing woman.

Rita Weiss said...

What a wonderful post. It brought a tear while I was reading. She sure seems like someone you were lucky to have in your life. I don't live too far from Exeter. I wonder if I've been to her shop? I'm so sorry for your loss.

Jeanie said...

Stumbled on your blog from the Silver Bella site. So sad to hear of this loss. It is just heartbreaking. But Jesus has her now :)
Looking forward to meeting you at SB in November :)
Another Gal from the south~

gillian said...

God bless you and your friend's family. I am so sorry...

Kristin said...

So hard to swollow and makes my heart hurt and I did not know her. I know God is holding her gently by her right hand. I know He is catching every tear that falls on her behalf and bringing to mind sweet memories of smiles to life that would have not been spoken of on an average day. I am so sorry you lost your dear friend Marilyn. My heart hurts for her family that are missing her presence too. I pray that God will shine his ever sweet light and hold each heart that knew and loved her close.

So, on an average day. I want you Paige to know that I value you, I value your creativity, your love of smiles, your love of God and your family and your just being one of the best friends a person could ask for. I love you friend, Kristin

Helle Greer said...

She sounds like a wonderful woman, and put up a long fight.
She was very lucky to have a friend like you, who could write such a lovly post, so many of us could get a glimse of her life as well.
I'm so sorry for your loss.

Donna said...

Paige! I found you. This is such a sincere and heartfelt tribute to an obviously extraordinary woman. I'm so very sorry that you and so many others are faced with enduring this loss. She sounds so much like one of my dear friends who is 15 years older than me. I want you to know that I will be adding you and Marilyn's family and other friend's to my prayers. It sounds like you have suffered more than your fair share of loss. My heart goes out to you.