Wednesday, August 18, 2010

beach love & a new crush

my first love is and always will be seaside
however my latest crush
is rosemary beach

with a completely different vibe than seaside

where seaside is casual and picket fences
rosemary is sophisticated and serene
seaside is charming and colorful
rosemary is subtle and neutral

the community is just a few miles down from seaside
so we frequented there several times this summer

took little bit & her rockin jcrew dress and jeweled headband
for a little photo shoot early one morning
while 3 teenage sisters slept in

the little town of rosemary is also the home of my favorite store
in the whole wide world

with their luxurious line of skin care & bath products
scrumptious soaps
divine candles
i'm completely convinced Heaven has the same amazing aroma

crystal chandeliers
lovely music
& call me a weirdo, but honestly their restroom is gorgeous too!


& of course the apple
fell right beside the tree
caroline loves pish posh patchouli's almost as much as i do

good bye rosemary beach
until next year...


Courtney Walsh said...

adorable photos, Paige! She is a doll and that dress is perfect! :)

Jodee Leader said...

What a fun photo shoot! I also love her dress!

Anonymous said...

You saved the best for last. That last picture/pose is to die for... It's absolutely perfect! Destiny

goddessof4 said...

Looks like a great place!!!!!

lisa sweeney said...

i wanted to see a picture of the bathroom!! :-)

Lindsey said...

these pics are SOO adroable! Look how cute you 2 are!! And her dress is adorable!!!

Amber said...

Yeah, so I'm going to need that dress!! Does it come in big girl sizes?!?!? Off to check it out. Looks like y'all had a great time. It makes me so excited for my beach trip next month! Too bad I won't be close to Patchoulis. That looks like a place I would love!

Hillcrest Acres said...

Your daughter is absolutely adorable. Love the photos.

Love, love, love Rosemary Beach and I also love Seaside. One year, we rented a house along the beach right in the middle of the two towns. It was heavenly and was my favorite place to vacation.

Seaside is so adorable with all the cottages and little shopping area that is very family friendly. We loved hanging out there. Rosemary Beach is exactly how you described it. I loved shopping and dining and day dreaming in Rosemary Beach.

Wendy @ The Shabby Nest said...

Um...yeah! That is a seriously rockin' dress. Wonderful photos as always!!

Jerri said...

She is soooo cute! I love all the beaches there...from Destin down to Seaside!! soooo pretty! Hoping Ash & I get to come to the CL Fair in Atlanta...:)

Razmataz said...

Ok, the dress is blue, then it's brown. How did you do that.

We are going to look for a place in Florida and I will certainly check out Seaside and Rosemary Beach.

Your people pics are so lovely!

Between You and Me said...

okay. cutest girl ever. cutest dress ever. for real.

it looks brown in some shots and blue/purple in other shots....two different dresses or photoshop or different angles in the sun?

lots of questions, right?

sorry...just LOVE the dress. do they make it for mamas?

Martha said...

she is just beautiful and so full of life!!! I love the pictures:) and sounds such a beautiful area

Raining Pearls said...

little miss just gets cuter in each photo! her litle (big) personalty just shines through your lense :)

drooling over that shop, can't wait to get to seaside and the surronding communities one day. thanks for sharing!

Debby said...

Such fun pictures. Your little girl is so pretty and she just seems to full of happiness.


Paige...Caroline is such a beautiful child! Pleeeease come take some pics of my kids!! lol!!

Anonymous said...

Paige, Caroline is such a beautiful child!! I need you to come take pics of my kids!! ha!!

Alecia said...

Ok....I am LOVIN' that dress! It's like a Camelion...the door was brown & it matched, at one point it looked blue and then gray...It's sooo pretty...perfect for a photo shoot!

Rosemary looks beautiful...I wanna visit that shop...sooo CUTE!

I like the close up of the pic with her arms up...Uh-Dorable!

Shannon said...

Great pictures and love the ruffles on that dress!

fairmaiden said...

BeaUtifUl!!!! I even love that name Rosemary Beach. So glad I finally found your blog.

LuLu & Co. said...

Charming!!!@@@!!! Oh my goodness I can see why you have this crush! She is just the cutest!!! and her dress :) has me wishing for 3 to fit my daughters!!! Just darling. I can just imagine what the store must smell like ... beautiful!

Jboo said...

Oh my -- what a great photo shoot with your little cutie! That dress is perfect on her and those blue eyes of hers -- gorgeous! You look pretty cute too! :)

Hope you're having a great week!


Anne Marie said...

Paige...she's a mini-you I swear! just as vibrant and alive with her can totally see that...

what a great place to visit for the afternoon......the shop too - wow -

Julie said...

You and your daughter are so beautiful. Goregous pics, sounds dreamy. :) xo

Anonymous said...

some friends of mine just took their first ever family vacation (six people) to rosemary beach and loved it!!! also...i wanna know how down below somewhere you put an overlay of script/words/poetry whatever over your pictures...i know how to do it manually...but did you buy and overlay from a digital image site? cuz i love it. are so tan. goodness. i'm so envious.

christan said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I read your story and have tears in my eyes. I am speechless. I am sorry for the pain you've experienced, thankful for the growth, grateful that God's Word has become so real, blessed that your Maker has seen you through and continues to bless you despite the storms you have gone through.

Thank you so much for sharing.

hometown girl said...

Paige she is so sweet and that dress is darling! your photos are beautiful, sounds like a lovely place, nice that you can go a few times a year.......i love the pictures of the two of you too, you pretty girls!! susan

needin to take a trip to jcrew said...

great photos as usual. perfection.
I can't tell if you have two different dresses for her or it's just the coloring in the actions that you added?
Love that dress...

Pearls and Grace said...

Goodness Gracious!!!

How precious is little bit? I can't stand it!

You need to send in these shots to J.Crew!

p.s. I love Patchoulis too:) It is heaven on earth isn't it?

Miss you so,


Privet and Holly said...

How wonderful that
your Lil Bit is
still happy to
get up early and
pose for her mama!
And WHAT a model
she is : ) Awesome
pics and I laughed
about Patchouli's
restroom! Sounds
like a dreamy shop.
Loved "going to the
beach" with you this
year, Paige!
xx Suzanne

Love Being a Nonny said...

I love this post...the pictures, your music, the darling shop and the PRECIOUS daughter!

Henley on the Horn said...

She is gorgeous!! ! I love the ones where she is reflective. We'll have to visit Rosemary Beach!

Farmgirl Paints said...

Love the one of both of you. Could she be any cuter??

1 Funky Woman said...

I just love her dress, she is just precious! Looks like a lot of fun in that store, I'm drooling!

Christina said...

she is love~ sweet love.
i would love to vacation in both lovely places.
your beach photos always remind me of my childhood spent with my grandma in the islands.

melissa said...

LOVE that dress ... and Caroline is just adorable as ever in it!! Fabulous photos of your little model!!

melissa said...

P.S ... you know I am determined to visit Seaside /Rosemary Beach this year ... I think I have been to most Florida beach areas, but not here!!

Lissa said...

Paige! I don't think there is anything I wouldn't like about those little towns. These pics of cmk are sooo cute. How do you ever decide which ones to display in your home! You're not so bad yourself. :)

Clare said...

she is starting to look more and more grown up!! that store looks fabulous!!!

Leslie said...

Ok, I love Seaside too, you know that, but that whole stretch of 30A
was amazing, going from little town to little town, each with their own personality and style! I want to be able to spend time in each one! Rosemary was beautiful, I have many photos from inside my car!!! I will have to take my time next time and stop into this gorgeous store, looks like it is right up my alley!!!!
And the dress, love it!!!!! She is such a cutie pie and a good sport at the same time!!!

DaShannon said...

gorgeous pics and love that dress... 14 is hard but keep on keepin on. she'll see~

Blissitydoodah said...

Man what a doll!!!! She has a unique look and she also looks kind of like Lucy!

Jillian, Inc said...

What a precious girl! I one had a home in Seagrove and spent many wonderful times there. Have you also seen Alyce(sp?) Beach further east up 30A from Rosemary Beach. Pure white architecture everywhere. *swoon*