Thursday, May 21, 2009

first day of summer vacation

I love summer
I really do
but truth be told.....come late July, I'm ready for a little routine

I know you think I'm a bad mom, but let me explain

if i lived in some precious coastal cottage, driving my light blue convertible bug,
sportin' my perpetual tan, my havaianas & i would be loving this first day of summer break
but as reality would have it
we have no neighborhood pool
and sadly i live hours from the white sanded crystal blue water that i love

so at 8:00 am when Caroline asks me , for what I'm certain will be the first of hundreds
"can we go to the pool today"
"no sweetie, its supposed to rain"
I begin to wonder how my compulsive self who loves a clean tidy white house (insert this confession= i honestly feel if my home were on the beach I'd be completely contented having sand on my hardwood floors and perpetual smudges on my white slip covered furniture) but since i have neither the hardwoods nor the white slipcovers, i exist in this conflicted state of wanting to enjoy having kids and teenagers constantly in my home and my insatiable desire to have order! ha!

then my witty hubby emails me this morning to ask how my first day of summer vacation is going
he very cutely asks~
What is your plan for the day?
Since the girls are all home, I guess its something like.........
1. make a hot breakfast for all
2. have a 'family clean the house' morning
3. help Caroline set up a kool-aid stand to raise money for the missionaries
4. eat lunch consisting of grilled chicken ceasar salads and homemade lemonade
( from the said lemonade stand)
5. take a trip to the park
such a funny boy
I'm sure he'll enjoy his leftovers tonight

So here's to summer~~
I promise to try to let things go
play cards and games at the drop of a hat
not vacuum every day
enjoy pbj's
welcome any and every teenager
count down the sleeps until i get my 7 sacred days on the gulf shore
and come September when I'm knee deep in carpool commitments and football games,
I'll be wishing it was the 'first day of summer vacation'

a few of my belated April showers bringing may showers post
cracking up at caroline's buff -horsing around self during my attempted photoshoot

ps-- i'm so proud of how all you girlies finished up your school year.
SMK-- GPA 96.17--all advanced , honors and gifted classes
CEK--excelled in reading and being a teacher's helper
EAK-- honor roll & class award in math
MGK--honor roll & highest gpa for language arts
ya'll rock!!


Heather H said...

Tuesday and/or Friday ... you and whatever girlies want to come .... it's an open date at my neighborhood pool --

I'll be there.

(and Christy too) -- so, join me.

Jboo said...

Yay -- and so summer begins! Have a wonderful and busy time. Love your photos -- that Caroline -- the camera loves her! Of course, it loves your other beautiful and sweet and SMART girlies too!


Jeanneoli said...

Here is to the beginning of summer! Maybe you are getting a pool this year:-) Your girls and their beautiful eyes!!

Julie said...

Your girls are beautiful. Great pictures.

I am torn about summer. Ready for the end of the school year rush to end, but not sure what our days are going to be filled of. We still have a few weeks to go though. And I will miss the break once it's gone. Isn't that life. :)


Janelle said...

Always love your pictures. Beautiful girlies.

I use to dread summers when my oldest was younger cause he needed to be entertained and stimulated through out the day. But now I love summers cause he is older and helps me. But the main reason I love him home is that there is no homework. Can we say...FREEDOM!

Lisa said...

You have such a beautiful family, inside and out. Some of my favorite pictures of your girls are when they're on the beach jumping :)

southernjoy said...

Can't believe y'all are out already! Congrats on a good school year for all of the girls. Enjoy the summer... even the moments when you crave the routine. It will be over soon enough...

the wild raspberry said...

love your list....hope you stick with it cuz it sounds like a lot of fun memories!
here's to summer memories...cheers!

debra said...

Hooray for summer! I hope I don't wish it away - it's so short and the more relaxed schedule is always welcome. :)

Tara said...

Summer!! wow that came quick and I am sure it will leave quick too ~ Enjoy it, all of it, take it all in! your girls did wonderful in school, so important! and they are all so beautiful, wow those eyes..~ Happy Friday Paige.

Lissa said...

Happy summer my friend. We are so much alike its crazy! Love seeing sweet caroline's personality shining through in those photos! How fun!

Farmgirl Paints said...

I feel the same way. Mom's definitely deserve a pay raise during the summer months;) But I wouldn't trade it for anything. What a blessing to be able to spend time with my girls. Before long I'm sure I'll be remembering these days wishing I could go back in time!

Kasey said...

i wanted to start singing "walk like and egyptian...".
here is to pb and j's all summer...
and yes....smudges on white slip covered furniture is SO overrated.

Jen Kershner said...

I also have a hard time with the lack of balance and schedule but I'm going to try to go with it. Mostly! Our summer doesn't officially start til next Friday. I hope yours is wonderful.

Buzzings of a Queen Bee! said...

Happy Summer to you and your family! I agree with your summer's to not vaccuuming every day! (Not that I ever did.)

Gaia said...

summer finally has begun in Italy too. Hot and very humid days but the sun, the flowers the ice cream make my day everyday!
I'd like to live near the will be so much better.I like to find the sand in my shoes back from the sea...

cammy said...

It has been such a fast school year, hasn't it! Beautiful pictures of the girls. Caroline looks so grown up in these photos!
Happy Summer!!

3 Peanuts said...

Oh I hear you loud and clear....I LOVE summer but I usually dread summer vacation with the kids because I feel like a short order cook/camp counselor/maid. This is the first summer I am actually really looking forward to it because my boys are at a perfect age and I have help for Kate most of the summer.

I am going to try to just enjoy this summer (and may even close the blog) so I don't waste my lazy summer days on the computer...still pondering that one.

Hope yours is GREAT and congrats to your brilliant, helpful and beautiful girls on a successful school year:)

mimi charmante said...

What? Wait, what? Summer break? In May??? What???
We don't start for nearly a month.

Have a fabulous time enjoying all the joy that comes with endless days with no agenda, lazy afternoons by the water, and picnics with loved ones!

Kimberly said...

These are the most precious kids in the world. Means, a lot because I thought my three were the greatest!! thanks for the inspiration!! Are you still wearing your red, Texas boots???

Auckland Jobs said...

Hope you enjoyed your first

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