Friday, April 17, 2009

Treats for my senses

Between mid February and the beginning of April, we celebrate 3 of our 4 daughter's birthdays, Valentines Day, my birthday, our anniversary and sometimes Easter sneaks in there too.

My sweet guy is truly a most romantic man....he puts great thought into gifts , hides a multitude of cards throughout the house for me to find & usually sends a few in the mail too. He always way out gives me.

So, not being one who can appreciate a surprise, a couple of days before my birthday my curiosity was about to kill me...what had he done this year?

The whole tanked economy issue & our depleting stock portfolio combined with the fact that we really need a new dishwasher ( snore) and our pitiful carpets
( that truly wish they were hardwood floors)
are in dire need of cleaning,
I was hoping he'd play it down
......... oh , who am i kidding...

so i was busily trying to guess what the gift was.
my only hint was " I wanted to buy you something you would never ask for.
I wanted to buy you something you'd never want to spend the money on for yourself"
Well, that could easily have been the dishwasher.
why would i ask for one of those or certainly spend the money on one--right?

He leaves the room & comes back in with a large silver box from Nordstroms.
This clearly isn't an appliance
I open the box and take in the most amazing aroma.........italian leather.
I then see the Dooney label on the bag.....oh my....
inside was this beauty!!

I buried my face in that dreamy brown bag of perfection
" It smells incredible!! just like a horses stable!!! I'm in love!"
He looks at me a little bewildered---" a horse stable? do you mean a horse saddle?"
"yes --yes--that's it!! of course!! a leather saddle"
( see, i have this whole inner-cowgirl thing going on)

Oh my, let me tell ya girls
I have never owned a fancy bag but he has created a monster out of me now. I am so in love with this--
I do apologize
i realize this post is horribly materialistic
but just picture my vintage dishwasher and a home with shabby carpet
& you'll be slapped back into my real world :)

Will she always smell this wonderful?

Is it like the aroma of a new car--intoxicatingly wonderful for a few weeks and then slowly fades away?

As if that weren't enough to send me into a blissful state of living
he also bought me one of these
in yellow if you were wondering, with a great speaker dock for my kitchen
I love to have music on in our home ( & yes i know, welcome to the 21st century) but i've used my cd player (gasp) and greatly tired of listening to radio talk and the same songs over and now i have 586 of my fave songs on shuffle at all times!

and for more fun.. a gurglepot ~~ which makes a wonderful whimsical little gurgling sound--(truth be told, you too can play that little gurling sound if you open their site..what a riot...) as you pour water. surely this will help me drink those 8 8oz glasses a day...just to hear that cute little noise.

I sure do love that boy!!!

Have a happy weekend
I'll be the one listening to James Taylor, Elton John, Taylor Swift, Norah Jones & Keith Urban and smelling my gorgeous bag while drinking 64 oz of h2O!

ps--on a real life serious note--several of you have been so sweet to email me your thoughts and prayers for my precious father in law. He is slowly improving after having major organ issues ( heart, lungs, pneumonia, gallbladder, intestinal problems, enlarged prostate, and the list goes on). The cardiologist told him if he had 9 lives, he surely used 5 of them recently. His spirits are better and he is finally able to eat (its been a month with no food!). Sweet precious man , we are so grateful for you!


Janelle said...

Happy Birthday to you. I think every woman can relate to getting a new purse and how divine the smell is. Men can really pull through can't they? I was smiling the whole time I was reading this.

Lissa said...

I love everything! What a great birthday! I've never seen a fish pitcher like that before but its so adorable! One time Neal surprised me like this for our 10 yr anniversary and it was the best! Those purses can be addicting.... You can never go back now....

oh, and my boring old white Ipod just isn't the same anymore....

Rox said...

How cool is that? Happy Birthday :) I wish you many many more :)

Tonia Hobbs said...

Yay! I am happy for you! Happy Birthday!

Wendy @ The Shabby Nest said...

What a great hubby! What fun gifts!!

Heather H said...

happy birthday!!! i love all of your gifts. gift giving is not one of my things ...although it means a lot to my husband. i have to REALLY REALLY think hard b/c i know that he likes a good gift.

that is so fun that he is so thoughtful ... you are one blessed gal.


Jboo said...

Oh my -- you DO have a wonderful guy there! Very cool gifts! Have a wonderful birthday weekend.

Glad to hear your Father-in-law is doing better.


Kristin said...

Here is what I wish people to know. I wish people to know the grace of God behind your Dan. I wish people to know that God had you in the palm of his hand and sweetly said all will be well, yes my daughter even after the loss of your husband and daddy to your girls. I will renew you like the eagles. You will run and not grow weary and you will walk and not faint. To walk this walk with you my friend and see God work incredibly to give you the gift of your soul mate, best friend and well, to give a daddy to your girls that there is not words to describe! So, beyond the bag and cards and love is this story of God's amazing love for us in the details to bring good and hope and true again.

Oh how grateful I am for Dan too. He makes my kindred friend sing smiles and for that I could not be more grateful! What a gentle soul is he!

xo my friend, k.

3 Peanuts said...

Okay...first I am so happy that Dan made you SO happy! it brought a little tear to my eye...THEN I read what kristin wrote and the tears lid right down my little face. So glad you have so much sunshine in your life. you deserve it!

Jen from Windy Ridge said...

Happy birthday! What wonderful gift and you story had me laughing LOL.

Petit Coterie said...

Happy Birthday! Your husband should write a book for other men on how to do birthdays right. Great gifts!

Jackie said...

Happy Birthday !
As I said in a previous post/comment, you are blessed !

And, the comments your friend, Kristin, devine ! Her words brought tears to my eyes.

Jackie Carl

Jen Kershner said...

Wow, what a guy! I'm so glad you are enjoying your loot and the lovely guy that gave it all to you too.

I've never seen the gurgle pot. I think I'm in love. Did he buy it locally or order it online? Did you get the blue? I think I need the blue. Or the white. Love them. I think I'll go have some water now.

Great news about your father in law. I'm so happy for all of you.

CourtneyB said...

What fun! Dan did good! LOL! So nice to be splurged on every once in a while! Happy birthday my friend!
*smiles!* :o)

Cathy Louise said...

You deserve it all sweet friend of mine...I think we need to clone him lol!!!! Love to you Cath xx

littlebyrd said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! What wonderful gifts you received and he picked them out all on his own! He's a keeper! I am happy to hear your FIL is doing better.

Tara said...

Morning Paige~ Wow wee girl those are some great gifts, I am in awe of how romantic your hubby is! Happy Birthday to you~ I am glad to hear your FIL is doing better, isn't it amazing what the human body can go wishes for a full recovery~

cammy said...

Oh good Lord above, that bag is gorgeous, and I think the gurgle pot is just what I need to get me drinking more water. That man of yours is a keeper my friend!

So glad to hear your FIL is feeling better.

Happiest Birthday Wishes!

Kasey said...

o.k., i'm here;-)
love the little bday goodies, but i didn't see a pic of the c.d. anywhere.
maybe i'll order you a cake from Wally world!!!

the wild raspberry said...

congratulations on your wonderful gifts and a big happy birthday to you!
what a great guy you've got there...
that fish pitcher is really really cute.
i loved reading what your friend kristin had to say...that is very special!
have a good thoughts continue to be with you for your father in law.

Jeanneoli said...

Horse funny. Good thing you clarified!!! Sounds like such a wonderful birthday!

Rebecca Frame (soon to be a Clark-) said...

I'm thinking your guy deserve the greatest hubs award. How fun and thoughtful for you!! Hope you are loving that bag...its FAB!!

Anne Marie said...

I can see that it's not just the purse (even though MAN! what a gift)'s kind of like baking the best cookies for that special neighbor...or sewing a quilt for a daughter......sometimes, that is exactly how we can show people how much we care for them...kind of like a really feel good blog does :)
like yours~

debra said...

Happy birthday! What a wonderful bag. Your hubby did a great job. :)

Glad to hear your father in law is improving.

whoopsadasie said...

Happy Birthday sweet Paige! What a wonderful husband you have there...think you should keep him! That pitcher sounds soo cute! How funny!

Glad to hear that your father-in-law is doing better!

Anonymous said...