Thursday, December 18, 2008

my vintage christmas shots

One of my most treasured photos is of my mom with Santa in 1953. I copied & printed it on canvas & added a little dusting of iridescent glitter. I love taking it out each darn precious!

So do my photos that date pre-digital- camera-days need to be referred to as vintage...probably so. Please excuse the blurriness & funky color of my scanned (gasp) images of the past.

Definitely the winning Christmas shots are of Caroline loosing her mind on Santa's lap the first 2 years of her life. I especially love this one with big sisters who seem to be blissfully unaware of the screaming ( albeit matching) baby sister.

& then her repeat performance the next year. I'm pretty sure we brought him cookies that year & in hopes that he would have fond memories of little missy.

moments prior to the Santa visit...see that cute red & white checked floor!

The first time I took all 3 girls to see the Nutcracker at the Fox Theatre in Atlanta. Savannah had been the year before but this was the little two's first time....this was the day Madison began to dream of dancing one day on stage-priceless

See, she's recovered & now adores the jolly ole' guy!

Christmas tree farm where we chopped down our trees for a few years. Loved their wonderful sleigh & the cute red wagons.

She still misses this too stinkin' cute Grinch sweater & fab green suede boots.

How can you not love a Santa who sits on a striped settee each year, combined with the red & white checkered tiled floor.

Makes for such a great shot.

God love 'em.

my sweet emi~

Christmas Eve performance at church, with none other than the beloved red cowboy boots

...of course

Sweetheart Madison~

Caroline as an angel in preschool...

i think i might need to print this one on canvas too & add a little glitter

i especially love her little tattered wing

no one's perfect after all.

ps-a must read for the holidays


Jennifer said...

Love those hats. Pretty Girl just rips them off....she loves headbands.....too cute really. And that neat that they actually see the same one every year....

Kasey said...

I love the one with the kids in the sleigh!! darling...

Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

Oh my gosh...I loved these pictures of your Christmases past...The girls are so adorable in their matching cute and so tiny!! And you know I loved the red boots and that zebra have the best taste!!

Happy Holidays to you and your precious family!


Wendy said...

Love the vintage picture, I have one of my mom, I need to dig it out and display it. Love the red cowboy boots, and the angel picture is too cute. Beautiful girls!

Cathy Louise said...

All these images are just so, so gorgeous my friend!!!!! You take amazing photos of your girls..What a sweet mum you are...Love ya heaps Cathy xxxxxxxxxxx

Wendy said...

Those pictures are all precious! And I just love "You Are My Miracle!"

Jboo said...

Oh my -- those are all so lovely!! Your girls were such little cuties -- fun to see them through the years!


Chris and Deb said...

What classic treasures each of these photos are fun to see your girls through the years.....