Tuesday, September 09, 2008

trick or treat...definately a treat!

I always know I"m in for treats when I drop by Linda's blog, Restyled Home. She does a fantastic job of keeping us in the loop, doesn't she?!
For her latest scoop....drumroll please...

Calling all Matthew Mead fans....this is your lucky day!
His new Matthew Mead Halloween magazine is here--& it can be with you too by purchasing at any local news stand across America & Canada too!
Can you stand it!!??

Wouldn't it be totally fab if he would create and publish a monthly magazine....life as we know it , would never be the same.
Go check out his website for a gazillion super duper cute downloads, templates, style ideas, etc.

These little do it yourself glasses are some of my fave from his creations.

Thanks Matthew for always being an inspiration!


Pixel Fairy Princess said...

Well you must be feeling better to post such a wonderful post :D I hope that is true! Love all the little tid bits today! Everything is so cute.
Ladybug hugs,

restyled home said...

What a great post, you followed all the rules perfectly. My fingers are crossed that you end up a prize winner!!

Can you believe the magazine still hasn't arrived in my neck of the woods??!!

Jennifer said...

Thank you, thank you! I hate to admit it, but I've never even heard of him. Checked out his sight and I'm a fan. Blog on sister.....

Southern Sugar said...

i've got to get this magazine! thanks for sharing.