Thursday, January 31, 2008

She did it!

She's been talking about cutting her hair for some time now & yesterday she did it! The stylist cut off over 10 inches to donate to locks of love and left her with this super fun sassy bob!! Way to go Madison--we love it!! a few more pics from our snow days last week ( give or take a lollipop or two!)

I love this last picture of Emi--she usually doesn't prefer me to take many pictures of her. I love it that i captured her anyway
with her sweet little smile & hair all fallin' down....precious girl of mine!


Tesha said...

Beautiful girls-awesome contribution! Your blog rocks!!

jackie carl said...

OH ! I love the haircut !
How adorable !

All of your girls are so beautiful !

If you haven't already, you should go to this blog :

and read the posts about donating hair to Locks of Love, in honor of her precious baby boy who is no longer with us, here on earth.
There are 3 posts w/ pictures of the haircuts & more story along w/ the pics.

Amber said...

How precious.I love the haircut.What a beautiful family. Maybe some day our paths will cross. I live in Warner Robins and we have family in Alpharetta.You blog is so inspiring to me.

Jboo said...

Great haircut -- she looks fabulous! And what a great girl to donate her hair! Your little one is a cutie too! Love your blog.


Cindy B said...

Hi-Are you the family that vacations in Seaside, Florida, every year? If so, I love to hear the ins and outs of planning a trip there. My e-mail is BTW, I enjoy reading your blog! Thanks

Kristin said...

Called last night to get an update on the hair from Emi last night. Tell MGK that I LOVE IT!

Kristin said...

Tell MGK more than the haircut that she really did something amazing for someone that has a great need.

Also, comment on your last entry.....Love your painting of Caroline. Way to go creative friend of mine! It is definitely worthy of making a wall!

Heather at Grace303 said...

Oh, those are such terrific pictures. I love her new hair style too - so cute!

janae said...

TO Madison:

I LOVE your new haircut!! My daughter Maya and I did the same thing last year! Way to go - you look very stylish!!

Rita Weiss said...

What a fabulous haircut and so so awesome that Emi donated to locks of Love. She (and you) should be very very proud :)

Heather H said...

I lurk around your blog all the time! Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy reading about you and your family.
Coach K was my teacher at DCA and I am a graduate of Prov.
I love seeing pictures of all of your girls ... since I am one of 3 girls --- it is fun to see the sisters. I'm best friends with both of mine!
Please tell Coach K that I said hello!!!
Love your blog!! You are the inspiration for mine!!!!

Heather (Ohly) Heaton

Kimber said...

What a giving heart your Madison has! I love her sassy new bob! So cute. All of the girl look adorable (as always) here. Have a lovely weekend.


Jake and Taryn said...

I love this post! Emi's hair looks SO GREAT!!!! I just love it! That is so wonderful that she is donating her hair to locks of love!! I too have thought about doing that..she just might be my inspiration!! :)

Robyn said...

Just stunning photos of your girls and love her bob! Just darling!

Cathy ~ Tadpoles and Teacups said...

Cute haircut! My girls also donated their long hair to Locks of Love, in honor of a sweet 2 year old from our church who has cancer.
Blessings to you~

Cathy Louise said...

Your photos are amazing, so very special. What a lovely blog you have... Thank you so much for dropping by my blog...
Take care Cathy

Merci-Notes said...

your daughter looks lovely in her new bob! what a beautiful donation she has made at such a young age:)

(i liked writing this comment in your style

with kindness,