Monday, August 20, 2007


We are absolutely smitten!
Meet Brinkley, our newest member of the family.
For quite sometime I have talked about our future golden~~
we were going to name her Lucy.
We decided it was time...we contacted a great organization here in Atlanta that places goldens. These dogs have been turned in for one reason or another. Surely this guy's former owner labored over the decision to turn him in.
they are placed in a foster home,
given a clean bill of health,
all their shots, spayed/or neutered
& given lots of love until the perfect family comes along.
You first fill out an app, have a phone interview, & then if you make it through that- you have a home check.
The super sweet lady in charge of placing us with a dog called Thursday night to tell me she had a wonderful dog that she felt would be a perfect match for our family.
Well after meeting this precious boy , we were all completely smitten. His name was Snickers but after much family deliberation we decided on Brinkley & it really seems to fit his personality.
Lucy who? Well, maybe one day. But for now, we are head over heels for this boy!
He has such a sweet soul.
His fosters have never heard him bark.
He doesn't jump ...oh my!
When we sat down the first night for dinner, he gently laid down beside begging!
No accidents....
I mean if we could find these characteristics in future son-in-laws for four girls we would have it made! HA!
Anyway, we feel so fortunate. Thank you Lord! Emi & Brinkley on his first night.
She laid down to pet him & fell asleep.
Slept right there the whole night- both of 'em!


Lisa said...

Just adorable! Those are the best dogs! You are so lucky!

Kristin said...

I just love Brinkley. Now I can rest in the fact that if I have a son I don't have to tell him why I his name is the same as my kindred friends dog...tee hee hee. Brinkley is perfect and oh so handsome and I know is going to be so happy in your sweet home! Welcome home Brinkley!

Robyn Haas said...

OH I love your pooch and little girl! And they didn't move at all?! That is so cute! I also wanted to post...that I just adore your blog/site. I hope you don't mind I have put in my favorites so I may come back and enjoy it! You have lovely photos and posts. Many hugs to you!

Linda said...

She is so pretty. I love dogs. We have a lab and though she is big she is so loving.

Linda said...

Meant to say He is so handsome and I love the name.

Swede at Heart said...

Oh what a lovely dog! I want a golden so bad. They are beautiful and have such sweet dispositions. :)I'm so happy for you and your girls!

Jen @ The Cottage Nest said...

What a handsome guy! As the proud mama of a sweet golden girl I congratulate you on your very wise decision to be owned by a golden.

eclecticjoy said...

What a sweet dog. We've been thinking about getting a bulldog, but maybe we'll get a golden. I'd love the info on the organization that you used (we live just outside of Augusta). Great pics!

charlotte said...

o, how lucky he is, and you are to find each other. so happy for you.

Rita Weiss said...

Gorgeous dog and such a great breed for a family!!! Love the name Brinkley :)

Sophie Honeysuckle said...

What a beautiful photo of the two of them!

jennifer lanne said...

what a cutie-pie!
Animals always get to me...congratulations on your new addition!

jennifer Paganellli said...

Brinkley will bring you so much joy miss Paige!!! It is so wonderful hearing your life's story and your love for the man upstairs I am always moved..thank you love, Jennifer

Melissa said...

Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting! Congrats on your beautiful new dog! I know he will be such a blessing. Goldens are just such wonderful dogs. I tell my dog every day how "smitten" I am with him also! Funny, we almost named our dog Brinkley as well. Its a cute name!

Lisa Kaus said...

What sweet babies!